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Release Date: 13 February 2012
Main changes:

Additional changes:

  • Refined license balancing
  • Rebalanced diplomatic actions ‘Stock trading’, ‘Research money’, ‘Investment’ and ‘Shady deal’
  • Improved residence Interface
  • Improved rewards for Disaster Quests
  • Explosions caused by disasters rather than player actions do not destroy roads anymore
  • Considerately increased the effect of the media channels ‘Check Up – The Consultation’, ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and ‘Safety in Research’
  • Increased building costs of the ‘River sewage treatment plant’
  • Rebalanced energy and building costs of the ‘Deep sea warehouse’
  • Fixed a graphical issue in 1600x900 resolution
  • Fixed an issue where a Production Chain was still displayed in the Building Menu after the Ornament tab was opened
  • Fixed an issue where Keto reappeared hours after she was defeated
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the amount of inhabitants the Warehouse interface
  • Fixed an issue with the build blocker of the Offshore wind park
  • Fixed several minor text issues in tooltips, menus and achievements
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with the numbering of stacked items
  • Fixed an issue where two items that affect all buildings of a certain faction had no effect on some buildings
  • Fixed an issue where the the ingame chat of a previous session was occasionally still displayed in a later session
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not change the zoom from underwater to above water after clicking on a newsbar entry that related to an above water event
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue with mobile buildings that occurred when the player did not have enough resources to build them
  • Fixed a wrong mini map ping in one of Hiro Ebashi's quests
  • Pressing the ‘shift’ and ‘u’ while selecting another players residence buildings does not prompt the ‘Cheat discovered!’ message anymore
  • Fixed an exploit that let you infinitely stack item effects on a single ship
  • Fixed an exploit in the single mission 'Free Market Economy'
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong portrait picture of another player was displayed in Multiplayer mode
  • Fixed several issues in the Mission Ranking screen
  • Improved third party reactions to trading with foes and friends
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed unlimited gain of Influence with Tori Bartok by building and demolishing the same Academy building
  • Multiplayer stability further improved

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