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ANNO 2205  is the successor of ANNO 2070, offering more content and challenges than any other ANNO games. The game was released in November 3rd, 2015.

Like ANNO 2070 to ANNO 1701, ANNO 2205 features references to characters and events from the previous games. The factions of ANNO 2070 are part of history in 2205. Global Trust went bankrupt after it let a colony on Mars die for unknown reasons; Eden Initiative evolved into the Arctic Custodians after handling the long-term effects of the Ebashi Trench Disaster, continuing to promote renewable energy and their eco friendly lifestile.

These two world-leading factions are replaced by the Global Union as the leading organization of Earth.

S.A.A.T never truly recovered from the corruption of F.A.T.H.E.R. during the campaign, and were later forced out of the tech market by Ibarra-FoxCom .

ANNO2205 follows the tradition of the series, and introduces a new member of the Jorgensen family: Tilda Jorgensen 's descendant, Ville Jorgensen, plays a role in the gameplay of ANNO 2205. Ville is the fourth Jorgensen to appear in an ANNO game.


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