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Add-On icon A Serious Incident Medium
Serious Incident
Escalating firefights between the Eden Initiative and Global Trust bases. Arbitrate between them, and then get both parties to the negotiating table.
Objectives Use some Diplomats to increase their influence on the warring parties.

Focus Influence, Diplomacy
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Trenchcoat
Multiplayer not available

A Serious Incident is the second mission in The Nordamark Border Conflict Global Event. Conflict mediation will be required to resolve strong differences between the quarelling factions.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

The Nordamark Border Conflict
  • ▶ Train at least 4 Diplomats.
    • Diplomats trained: 0 / 4
  • ▶ Use Diplomats to increase your influence over Rufus Thorne:
    • Influence: 10 / 70
  • ▶ Use Diplomats to increase your influence over Yana Rodriguez:
    • Influence: 10 / 70

EVE To settle the dispute between Rufus Thorne and Yana Rodriguez, you will have to prove to them that peaceful coexistence is possible.

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 150 Career Points
  • Orca icon Vehicles: Orca
  • Achievement Achievement: "It is getting warmer"

Primary Quests[]

These quests constitute part of the Main Objective to train 4 Diplomats and are not optional.

Icon 27 342 Diplomatic Training
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Eco Employee Eco Employees 0/50
    • Tycoon Employee Tycoon Employees 0/50
    • in this sector.
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 10:00 minutes.

EVE "This is the minimum population required to guarantee that you will find qualified candidates for training."

  • Reward:
  • Diplomat 1 Diplomat

Further Diplomats may be obtained by completing additional quests:

2nd Diplomat Diplomat Maintain this condition for another 10 minutes.
3rd Diplomat Diplomat Eco Engineer 150 Eco Engineers
Tycoon Engineer 150 Tycoon Engineers.
4th Diplomat Diplomat Eco Engineer 600 Eco Engineers
Tycoon Engineer 600 Tycoon Engineers.
Diplomats must be delivered to an NPC Warehouse and provide Influence +10 Influence, but -2 Influence with their rival.

Secondary Quests[]

End of hostilities
  • ▶ Deliver the following Goods to the marked Ship:
    • Diplomat 1 Diplomat

Yana Rodriguez icon "Both ships are unable to fight, but nobody is willing to back off."

  • Reward:
  • Influence 15 Influence
  • ▶ Mr. Thorne is also interested in the Goods and asks you to deliver them there instead.

Rufus Thorne icon "We will not withdraw one millimeter unless the Initiative does the same!"

  • Reward:
  • Influence 15 Influence

This quest will result in a -5 Influence penalty with the opposing faction.

Supplementary Quests[]

  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Mr. Thorne's Warehouse:
    • Wood 10t Wood
    • Fish 10t Fish
    • Liquor 5t Liquor

Rufus Thorne icon "Global Trust is highly committed to resolving the conflict, and we cannot focus on other things at this time."

  • Reward:
  • Credits 2,508
  • Licenses 108 Licenses
  • Influence 10 Influence

  • ▶ Deliver the requested Goods to Yana's Warehouse:
    • Sand 20t Sand

Yana Rodriguez icon "Surely you'll help us? Only if things here escalate, of course. "

  • Reward:
  • Credits 2,641
  • Licenses 113 Licenses
  • Influence 10 Influence


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Global Trust (Tycoons) / Eden Initiative (Ecos)[]



Hidden scripted triggers in this mission, which grant +/- Influence Influence (there may be more).

Rufus Thorne[]

+10 notes approvingly that you are using the Media channels to your advantage.
-10 cannot understand why you do not use the Media channels to your advantage.
+10 congratulates you on your positive Balance. (May be obtained multiple times)
-10 is not thrilled by your negative Balance.
+10 is impressed by your prestigious Merchant fleet. (4 Trading ships)
-10 criticizes you for not protecting your Trading ships better.
+5 congratulates you on the founding of your new City. (requires Employees)
+35 Influence which may be earned from triggers.
+15 Influence which may be earned from quests and Trade.
+50/60 Total Influence earned from available sources.

Yana Rodriguez[]

+10 is very pleased that the environmental conditions in your City of [City_Name] are so exemplary. (+50 Ecobalance on Main Island)
+25 is impressed by how much of the Energy used in your City of [City_Name] is generated from Eco-friendly sources. (No Coal Power Stations allowed)
+10 likes your new Green Boulevard. (Place one Green Boulevard tile)
-10 is disappointed that you are paving your Island over with Roads. (No Highways allowed)
-10 is sorry to see that you are in a difficult situation. (unknown; "Warehouse destroyed")
+45 Influence which may be earned from triggers.
+15 Influence which may be earned from quests and Trade.
+60 Total Influence earned from available sources.


+34 +15 Influence for "End of hostilities" quest, -5 Influence with rival: +10. (Delivered to either Ship)
+10 Influence per Diplomat, -2 Influence with rival: +8 x 3 = 24. (Delivered to an NPC Warehouse)

Note: Additional Influence may also be bought for Credits.