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Major advance

A major advance is the second mission in the The Secret of the Ebashi Trench Global Event.


Build a Laboratory.

Produce the required Modules.

The Ebashi Trench runs through this sector. This limits the available Construction sites and Raw materials. Follow Prof. Devi's and Hiro Ebashi's directions.


  • Construct a Laboratory.
  • Deliver the following Modules to Salman Devi:
    • 2 Generators
    • 2 Filtration plants
    • 2 Worker drones (note that building these requires you to settle Researchers on your island)
  • Prof. Devi will then give you "Nanoscopic Materials Structure", which you must then deliver to Hiro Ebashi.


User blog:Ken.finkel/Ebashi Trench

Start with a city center and 18 eco or tycoon houses. Then build 4 building modules production chains. Upgrade 1 house to the employee level so you can make tools. Build 2 iron chains and 4 tool makers. Now build your tech houses. I built about 32.

Settle the undersea island and build 2 functional food chains. Use licenses from quests to buy the sugar seed from Devi and plant it on your island, then make 2 energy drink chains. You only need to upgrade 1 lab assistant to Researcher so you can make the worker drones, then deny the functional food and energy drinks to your houses so you can sell them.

Sell extra tools, liquor/tea and buy the carbon you need for the 1 researcher house upgrade, 2 labs and 2 energy drink chains (46 carbon total). Deliver the lab modules to Devi, take the Nanoscopic Materials Structure to Ebashi. Win.