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Academy-icon Academy SAAT logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon10,000 · Building Modules 15 · Tools 12 · Carbon 20
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -12 ·  Balance -100 · Energy -7
Size 6x5
Hitpoints 2000
Influence Radius 20 tiles
Unlock 1 Researcher

The Academy is a special Tech Building.

The Academy is used to to produce a wide variety of advanced Items, mostly Ark upgrades. It has a catalogue of formulas which are the recipes for the modules. These formulas are divided into categories based on their effects. There is a special category named "Basic Research projects" which in contrast to the other categories does not contain formulas, but the basic research for the other categories. These basic research projects can be used to invent a random new formula in the relevant category, by spending credits and time. As of 2070 2.00 there are 241 formulas, 274 in the Deep Ocean expansion. A successful basic research also rewards licenses and it has a possibility to grant an extra prototype item by luck.

Check the Academy Research Projects page for a mostly completed list of available projects as well as the basic area/item/unit that they improve.

Any formulas researched in the Academy become permanently unlocked and available for all other maps.

Some formulas are also rewarded by reaching career levels. By selecting or rolling over a formula, a detail box shows up with the list of the required ingredients for the production of the item. These can be credits, all kinds of goods, other modules which can be produced by the Laboratory or the Academy itself (if that formula was already researched) or prototypes.

There is a special category in the academy tree for fertilities and underwater resources. There is no basic research for this category, all the existing formulas are already included. The underwater resource (Chemical) items can be used to stop a black smoker on an underwater plateau and opening up a preselected resource which can be mined in unlimited quantities by a Metal Converter. The Deep Ocean Expansion changes black smokers such that they don't have a dedicated element, so the chemical items are replaced by extremely high output versions of the resource development items that let you restore depleted reserves on an island.

The speed at which the Academy performs research is entirely dependent on how many Tech residences are in its area of influence. An Academy's research speed can be increased to 500% with 1200 Tech inhabitants within its influence radius, making it necessary to advance to Researchers in order to get maximum efficiency.