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Airport-icon Airport SAAT logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon1,500 · Building Modules 10 · Tools 12 · Carbon 12
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -10 ·  Balance -60 · Energy -10
Size 6x14
Hitpoints 4000
Produces Aircraft-slot-icon from Building Modules and/or Carbon and/or Weapons and/or High-Tech Weapons
Unlock 100 Lab Assistants

The Airport is a Tech Building used in the production and maintenance of military aircraft.

New aircraft are built at the Airport with full tanks of fuel as part of their construction price. Further refueling requires Kerosene (Fuel) to be present in the Airport's storage. You can create Kerosene with a Fuel Factory, or buy it from certain NPCs. Once Kerosene is on the island with the Airport and the Airport is connected to a Depot, Warehouse or Port Authority, the Kerosene will be transferred to the Airport's local storage and be available for use by your aircraft. Airports have an internal storage of 50t of fuel, which starts empty.

Each Airport provides docking, refueling and repair for up to 6 'slots' of aircraft, with the FireBird requiring 4 slots, the Hawk taking up 2 and the Chopper 1 slot. Like the Repair Dock, each Airport can repair only 1 unit at a time, at a very slow rate, but does so automatically at no extra cost.

Tearing down an airport is extremely expensive on all game settings, since even if the aircraft are moved to another airport, its 50t of fuel will NOT be refunded from demolishing the airport. If your strategy involves using temporary or thinly spaced airports, do not let them stockpile more fuel than your craft need. Control their access to Depots with roads, and demolish the road when fuel is no longer needed.