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Anaconda Westgate Security icon
Unit Type
Construction Cost Credits n/a ·
Maintenance Cost Balance n/a  · Fleet n/a
HP 10000
Cargo Holds n/a
Item Slots n/a
Attack Power 75/75/75 (?/?/? DPS)
Build Time n/a

The Anaconda is a battleship that Keto uses as her flagship.

It has the appearance of a classic battleship with two high caliber gun turrets at the bow and one at the stern. The port and starboard sides of the ship are equipped with several anti-aircraft guns. On the aft side of the deck, there is a helipad painted with the Westgate Security logo. However, aircraft cannot actually land on the Anaconda. The name 'R.A. GEARISBURG' is painted on both sides of the bow of the ship. This is likely the actual name of the ship before Keto took command of it.

It is capable of attacking Aircraft, Ships and Submarines and is very powerful. It's attack power and hitpoints depend on Keto's difficulty level.

This ship is encountered when Keto enters a sector, always accompanied by a large number of Sharks. Upon entering the sector a mission triggers where the player has to destroy the ship.

The ship cannot be built by players and cannot be captured with hijackers. Thus, the ship is unobtainable by players through normal means in the vanilla game.

If sunk, the Anaconda's wreck will be visible on the seabed as part of a mission to obtain Keto's technology. Upon obtaining the technology the wreck will disappear.


  • At easy, the ship will have 50/50/50 attack power and 4500 hitpoints.
  • At medium, the ship will have 75/75/75 attack power and 10000 hitpoints.
  • At hard. the ship will have 150/150/150 attack power and 20000 hitpoints.