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Hi everybody! Here are we going to put all our ideas for our Add-On. Please add your own creative ideas or expand the ones that are already on the page! To discuss some ideas, please go to Thread:15287--RayoOyar (talk)

Ideas we've accepted[edit source]

New Gameplay Elements[edit source]

Biofuel Power Station[edit source]

Biofuel Power Plant icon.pngEnergy cost.png Biofuel Power Station Eco logo.png
Oil Refinery Biofuel Power Station.jpg
If we can change some colours of this building, like NeoVonAlemania did with other ones in A.R.R.C., we could make a Biofuel Power Station from this.
Construction Cost Credits-icon.png5000 · Tools 8 · Wood 10 · Glass 7
Maintenance Cost Balance -50 · Energy + 50 / 75 / 100
Size 5x6
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Energy-icon.png from Vegetables.png OR
Durum wheat.png ORCorn.png
Unlock Defeat Siris Racter on the Insane difficulty level, then 1400 Eco Executives
  • The Biofuel Power Station produces energy using Vegetables (max. 50) or Durum Wheat (max. 75) or Corn (max. 100).
  • It's a special Eco Power Plant, only used by Siris Racter.
  • When you defeat Siris on the "Insane" difficulty level, you get the blueprints for the Power Station.

Third Layer[edit source]

  • The player will be able to settle his population in the air
  • The player will be able to make buildings underground on the islands. Such as big quarry projects, underground mines that allow you to seek our more resources or rare resources. Prehaps even underground building projects like train ways to other islands that scoop under the ocean.

Climate Zones[edit source]

  • The player will be able to settle different climate zones with different fertilities and different disasters
  • First Zone: Moderate - just the normal islands you know
  • Second Zone: Tropical
    • Fertilities: Herbs.pngHerbs - Hemp.pngCotton - Rose oil.pngRoses - Cacao - Acacia Flowers
    • Raw Materials: Basalt.pngBasalt - Coal.pngCoal - Diamonds.pngDiamonds - Brine.pngBrine
    • Climate disaster: with ecobalance scores below -200, droughts may occur. Production plants only run at 50% and farms cease working. If you've settled inhabitants on a tropical island, their highest satisfaction level will be happy instead of euphoric (so they can't upgrade anymore)
  • Third Zone: Ice Sheets
    • ​Fertilities: none
    • Raw Materials: Coal.pngCoal -Crude oil.png Crude Oil (much!) - Zinc - Aluminium Ore
    • Climate disaster: with ecobalance scores below -200, glaciers will melt and the waterslides will destroy every building in their path.

Deserted Islands[edit source]

  • Deserted Islands have to be made fertile before the player can build on them

Global Market[edit source]

  • Sell / buy items from other active (human) players on the Global Market

​Sector Market[edit source]

  • Expand your sector by buying more islands. This means expanding the map similar to the original campaign model where the sector size increases the farther you progress in the missions but your island progress is saved and carried on to the next mission

Sabotage[edit source]

Military Intelligence HQ
Construction Cost Credits-icon.png5500 · Building Modules 14 · Tools 17
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon.png -3 ·  Balance -40 · Energy -25
Size 6x6
Hitpoints 3500
Unlock 1 (Tycoon / Eco) Employee / Lab Assistant


Counter-Intelligence HQ
Construction Cost Credits-icon.png5500 · Building Modules 17 · Tools 14
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon.png -10 ·  Balance -40 · Energy -20
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 3500
Influence Radius 15 tiles
Unlock 1 (Tycoon / Eco) Employee / Lab Assistant


Construction Cost Credits-icon.png3000 · Building Modules 8 · Tools 6
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon.png -2 ·  Balance -20 · Energy -12
Size 2x1
Hitpoints 1000
Influence Radius 12 tiles
Unlock 1 (Tycoon / Eco) Engineer / Researcher

Sabotage brings three new buildings: the Military Intelligence Headquarters, the Counter-Intelligence Headquarters and the Quantum. With the Military Intelligence HQ, you can train sabotage units. With the Counter-Intelligence HQ, you can train repair units and protectors and you can use the Anti-Terror Team.​

  • Sabotage Units will carry out sabotage actions. 
  • Repair Units will undo sabotage actions. 
  • Protectors will protect a building or a place from Sabotage Units.
  • The Anti-Terror Team will try to catch Sabotage Units.

When a Sabotage Unit of one of your enemies within the influence radius of a Counter-Intelligence Headquarters or a Quantum comes, you get a message. Then you can start searching the area. When you've spotted the Sabotage Unit, left-click on it and the Anti-Terror Team will arrest them.

Notes: 1. The Quantum can be built on land as well as underwater; 2. There are several (non-)researchable items available for the three buildings and for the units. 

Sabotage Units (20)

  • Technicians - cause normal production buildings to stop working
  • Mine Technicians - cause mines to stop working
  • Cargo Experts - cause a Cargo Lifter to stop working
  • Eco Technicians - cause Ecobalance buildings to work at 50%
  • Bombers - blow residences (Virtual Facades will still prevent any fire)
  • Virus Experts - spread an epidemic (Ying-Yang Regulator will prevent this)
  • Criminologists - spread criminality (Persuasion Emitter will prevent this)
  • Manipulators - cause an Uprise (Anti-Escalation Equipment will stop the Uprise)
  • Tax-evasiors - cause inhabitants to stop paying taxes
  • Hackers - cause the special Media Effects stop working (the Need for Information is still satisfied)
  • Nuclear Experts - blow a Nuclear Power Plant (Virtual Facades will still prevent any fire)
  • Geothermic Experts - blow a Geothermic Power Plant
  • Oil Rig Experts - set fire on an Oil Rig (Virtual Facades won't prevent this)
  • Laboratory Experts - blows a Laboratory (Virtual Facades will still prevent any fire)
  • Missile Experts - let the missile explode in the Missile Launch Pad
  • Shield Experts - blows a Shield Generator (Virtual Facades will still prevent any fire)
  • Experienced Agents - cause a Monument to return to his Foundations
  • Poisoners - cause a Fishery to produce Rotten Fish
  • Road Blockers - block a Road / Highway / etc. with garbage
  • Exchange Manipulators - cause an Island Share to change owner

Repair Units (8)

  • Repairers - undo "Technicians"
  • Mine Repairers - undo "Mine Technicians"
  • Lifter Repairers - undo "Cargo Experts"
  • Eco Repairers - undo "Eco Technicians"
  • Assessors - undo "Tax-evasiors"
  • Data Restorers - undo "Hackers"
  • Anti-Poisoners - undo "Poisoners"
  • Blockade Removers - undo "Road Blockers"

Protectors (3)

  • Anti-Burglary Team - protect a building on land
  • Naval Protection Team - protect a building under water
  • Safety Management Team - protect a city (one per City Center / Monument)

New Disasters[edit source]

  • Volcano: occurs on normal islands. It is a powerful geothermal energy source, but it's able to erupt. The player is able to build his Geothermal Power Plants in there. When the Volcano erupts, the Power Plant is destroys in the process.
  • Solar Eclipse: causes the minimap and/or strategic map to cease working

Spaceships[edit source]

  • There are different types of spaceships:
    • Trading Vessel: has the function of an expedition item. You load goods in the ship and a capsule returns with other goods or items (prototypes maybe?)
    • Sattelite: can spy at your neighbour's. The Sattelite doesn't send a capsule back to earth. Instead, you can see also your opponent's statistics in your Statistics buildings
    • Mining Vessel: goes to asteroids and mines rare-earth elements, lithium and platinum. Why these goods? These are the only metals which are only minable in one way (gold / uranium: mine + black smoker; diamond: underwater facility + Leo's mine). The player first has to choose which asteroid he wants to mine on the map in the Launch Pad
  • The spaceships are build in a "Rocket Launch Pad" unlocked at 1000 Geniuses
  • When launched, you'll never see the spaceships again
  • Instead of returning to earth, the Trading and Mining Vessels send little capsules to your "Receiving Bay" where they unload goods or items. The Sattelite provides the statistics connection
  • There exists a superweapon, unlocked at 2000 (tycoon/eco) executives, which is able to shoot the Spaceships out of the air
  • There are several commands available in the Launch Pad:
    • Recall: destroys the spaceship
    • Change Victim: orders the Sattelite to provide another player's statistics
    • Abandon Asteroid: orders the Mining Vessel to settle an other asteroid
    • Order Resources: orders the Mining Vessel to send a capsule with resources right away

Personal View[edit source]

  • Allows the player to follow one of his inhabitants in the city

Canned Fish[edit source]

  • New good, available from 1 Employee
  • Produced from Fish and Iron
  • Canned Fish can replace Fish as requirement
  • That way, you are able to store twice the amount of fish in one warehouse...
  • ...which means less stress if your enemy destroys your fisheries.

Ministry of Information Technologies[edit source]

Info-ctr-icon.png Ministry of Information Technologies All logos.png
Construction Cost Credits-icon.png6500 · Building Modules 30 · Tools 25 · Glass 10 · Steel 10 · Carbon 15
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon.png -7 ·  Balance -70 · Energy -35
Size 8x8
Hitpoints 3500
Unlock 1 (Tycoon / Eco) Executive / Genius
  • Always been annoyed by the restrictions of your Ark?
  • It's pretty irritating that you're able to set only nine sector-wide upgrades in it.
  • Therefore, we have the Ministry of Information Technologies.
  • There, you're able to set 20 (?) sector-wide upgrades.
  • Of course, they only apply for the sector where the Ministry is located.

New Diplomatic Options in Multiplayer Games[edit source]

  • So you're able to add / withdraw influence from your human opponents.
  • Of course you also have to add a reason (which you can enter by yourself, of course).
  • There are also some new Diplomatic Actions to carry out with your fellow human players:
    • Request Military Support (peace) - Requests the other player to give up the control of a certain number of units and give them to the player who requests the military support. When the player requests, there may be a menu where the player will have to click on each and every unit he/she would like to request the other player to give over, and the price could change depending on the player's current economic status and how developed the city is.
    • Request money support (peace) - Requests a certain amount of money the other player should borrow to the player. The money must be repaid to the other player over the course of the next 60 minutes like the player would have to do if he requested a loan from one of the NPCs.
    • Request Goods (peace) - Allows the player to request a certain amount of goods from one or more of the players in the session, offering a given amount of credits / licenses. The other players can than choose to accept the request, or refuse. The player who first delivers the requested goods receive the reward offered by the requesting player.
    • Army Strength Limitation (war - The player can send a request to the other player requesting a certain Army Strength Value which the player can't recruit units above.

New NPCs[edit source]

Siris Racter[edit source]

expanding - Eco - profile colour: dark green - nickname: "the extremist"

Siris Racter is one of the largest supplier of Green energy. His company Racter & Co. only uses their self-invented "Biofuel Power Stations". He'll build many Vipers, Hovercrafts, Deep Sea Hunters, Choppers, Hawks, FireBirds and even some Orcas to protect his properties. He only uses Cargo Liners to transport his goods.

Trade: building modules (sell), tools (sell), vegetables (sell), weapons (buy), durum wheat (sell), bio drinks (buy), corn (sell), service bots (buy). Items: an eco ark item, a building's ecobalance upgrade, an eco seed, an improvement item for vehicles, an eco building warehouse item and an usable item for vehicles.

Diplomacy: he'll fight every Tycoon NPC.

War Triggers: settle 1 Tycoon Executive, let your ecobalance drop below -150, produce more than 250 energy, have more than 8 warships, buy one of her islands.

Ultimatums: get your ecobalance above -50, destroy your Arsenal, produce less than 200 excess power, have less than 4 warships, destroy your Financial Center, have less than 4 islands, stop buying her shares for 1:00:00, stop sabotaging her for 1:45:00, destroy your Missile Launch Pad.

Friendly Turns: destroy (the vehicles of) Tycoon NPCs

Gaining influence: sabotage / attack Tycoon NPCs, use "Anti-Escalation Equipment" items, build "River Sewage Treatment Plants", have an ecobalance above 225 (gain 30 influence when you build a Guardian/Keeper)

Losing influence: trade with Tycoons, produce many excess power, build many "Solar Tower Plants", make power using Tycoon technology, build a large army, build "Munitions Factories", have an ecobalance below 0, destroy ecobalance buildings, settle many islands, build "Oil Rigs", have an oil spill, buy her shares, make much money, be a Tycoon. She also blames you if a Tornado crosses one of her islands.

Dipl. Actions Peace: declare war - lobbying - stop expansion - increased demand - Biofuel Investments - diplomatic immunity

Dipl. Actions War: trading route writ of protection - shipping agreement - request peace

Sir Yance Langton[edit source]

non-expanding - Neutral - profile colour: white - nickname: "the mediator"

The neutral Sir Yance Langton's greatest wish is peace all over the world. He stays at his Ark, the Pax Gavin, where he is the leader of P.E.A.R.L.. The Parliament of Environmental Assistance is an organization which mediates during conflicts. Sir Langton will trade at your warehouses with his neutral Freight Ships. He is a very favourable trade partner, because he'll pay 4% more credits for goods selled at his Ark than the three spokespersons will do.

Trade: building modules (sell), tools (sell), iron (sell), sand (buy), oil (buy), microchips (buy), platinum (sell), exoskeletons (buy). Items: an usable warehouse item, a trade vehicle upgrade, a seed, a neutral ark upgrade, a neutral building warehouse item and a diplomat / mediator / negotiator (see "new items", below).

Friendly Turns: he'll ask many times to raise influence with the NPCs in the sector.

Gaining influence: have an ecobalance above 50, build all three City Centers, destroy your military buildings, use diplomats / mediators / negotiators, trade with Trenchcoat, make heavy use of Ornamental Buildings, accept a NPC's peace offer, build all three monuments (which'll give +80 influence)

Losing influence: build many military buildings, build a large army, declare war to someone, destroy a player, have an ecobalance below -200

Dipl. Actions (peace): lobbying - demand quest - take out a loan - diplomatic immunity (this will get you diplomatic immunity with all players for a certain period) - merchant fleet

Josh Perez[edit source]

expanding - Neutral - profile colour: Light Slate Gray - nickname: The Astronomer

The Leader of A.T.L.A.S, Josh Perez is devoted to science and technology. He will personally stay on his ark,        The Caelum, where he leads A.T.L.A.S. Alliance of Technological Logistics and Astronomical Science is a scientific company that primarilly studies space and the stars, but he will also create a large city with eather eco, tycoon or tech buildings.

Trade: Neuroimplants (sell), Carbon (sell), Bionic Suits (sell), Kerosene (sell), Biopolymers (buy), Bionic Suits (buy), Laboratory Instruments (buy), Electrolyte Cells (buy). Items: an usable warehouse item, a air unit upgrade, a seed, a neutral ark upgrade, a neutral building warehouse item.

War Triggers: attacking S.A.A.T members, attacking him.

Friendly Turns: he'll ask you to do reaserch regularly

Gaining influence: unlock tech buildings, reaserch things at the academy, build air units, have high influence with S.A.A.T members, create large cities, trade with Sir Langton, Corne or Shal Flores, reach geniuses, build all three monuments.

Losing influence: declaring war on S.A.A.T members, destroying S.A.A.T members, trading with Siris Racter, have an ecobalance below -50,

Dipl. Actions (peace): lobbying, demand quest, millitary support (he will send out choppers to deffend three of you islands), trade agreement, loan, license trading, and air vehicle fleet.

Dipl. Actions War: trading route writ of protection - request peace - shipping agreement ​

Janet Stiles[edit source]

expanding - Tycoon - profile colour: ... - nickname: "the investor"

​She's the CEO of Yum-max Inc, a major food production company. She is a major sponsor of the player and is easy to get along with, so long as you can make her a profit. If you can do that, she'll occasionally invest cash and licenses to get you to build and use more trading ships.

The easiest way to gain her favour is to buy her products. She sells convenience food, luxury meals, and champagne, in exchange for as much concrete, steel, and plastics you can provide her.

She doesn't mind the player setting up their own food production facilities or using eco technology. She does however dislike it when you go into the weapons-building business or go to war. Very bad for business.

She trades heavily and has several cargo ships, but only has a small navy ranging from either a few commando ships at easy, to a handful of Vipers at hard. No matter what difficulty though, she always has one Colossus at the start of the game to protect her home island.

She likes it when you get along with other Tycoon NPCs, and having good relations with her is one of the few ways to keep Strindburg in check. (Something about Stiles holding a bunch of blackmail material over his head). She also has a custom super-conveince food factory that has meat and super flavor factories built-in and doesn't need fertilities to work. Its more power and maintenance intensive as well as pretty polluting, but saves on space and is more efficent. You can unlock it once you destroy her on the insane difficulty level to get the schematics, then reverse-engineer them in the Academy.

She doesn't like Tilda though, and Tilda doesn't like her. Trade with one, you get embargoed by the other, and they will often wage economic warfare on eachother to busy out the other's islands. Quests would also involve buying stocks on behalf of one of them, or sabotaging the other. For the most part, the other NPCs will be quiet or neutral on the matter, if a bit questioning on whats causing all this bad blood between the two of them.

Léo Zanchi[edit source]

expanding - Tycoon - profile colour: gold - nickname: "the jeweller"

Léo Zanchi is the leader of Z.I.S., Zanchi's International Society. Z.I.S. is the largest producer of jewellery on the world. He is the only one who is allowed to mine diamonds in the tropical areas of Global Trust. He is friendly and won't declare war soon. He protects his property mostly with Vipers and Choppers, and he will sometimes also build some Colossuses. He trades at your harbours with his Container Ships.

Trade: building modules (sell), tools (sell), coal (sell), concrete (buy), oil (buy), diamonds (sell), gold (sell), jewellery (sell). Items: a tycoon ark item, a building's upkeep costs upgrade, a tycoon seed, an improvement item for vehicles, an tycoon building warehouse item and an usable item for vehicles.

Diplomacy: he'll fight Kim Racter, Leon Moreau and Hector. He doesn't really trust Thor Strindberg, but as they are both tycoons, he won't attack him.

War Triggers: buy one of his islands, have more than 20 warships ready, sell much jewellery permanently.

Ultimatums: have less than 6 warships ready, have less than 5 islands colonized, destroy your Missile Launch Pad, stop selling jewellery / diamonds / gold, stop buying his shares for 50:00, stop sabotaging him for 1:30:00

Friendly Turns: destroy (the vehicles of ) Kim Racter, Leon Moreau and/or Hector, raise influence with Rufus Thorne, steal the cargo of Thor Strindberg's vehicles

Gaining influence: sabotage / attack Kim Racter, Leon Moreau and/or Hector, settle Tycoon Executives, buy / consume much jewellery / diamonds / gold, trade with Rufus Thorne, Janet Stiles and/or Sir Yance Langton

Losing influence: overproduce jewellery, trade with Ecos / Hector, build a large army, have a large nuclear accident, buy many (of his) shares, settle many islands, build missiles, sabotage him

Dipl. Actions Peace: declare war - lobbying - repair service - take out a loan - investment - price dumping

Dipl. Actions War: civil defence - request peace - request peace ​

Prof. Ocasta White[edit source]

non-expanding - Neutral - profile colour: Silver - nickname: Miss Ice

Professor Ocasta Brown is the leading member in a dying profesion, in her Polar Research Station she studies the ice and snow to learn more about the past to help the future generations, she much like her good friend and past colleague Hiro Ebashi is a solitary person, but unlike Ebashi she dose like visitors at her Research Station from time to time.

Trade: carbon (sell), platinum (sell), tools (buy), Kerosene (buy). Items:

Friendly Turns: she will ask you to slow down your reaserch

Gaining influence: buying Items or submarines from Hiro Ebashi, doing reaserch not very often, gaining influence with Tori Bartok, selling Items or submarines from Hiro Ebashi.

Losing influence: declaring war on Tori Bartok, reaserching very often.

Dipl. Actions (peace): Lobbying - demand quest - Take out a Loan - License Trading -Price Dumping

Helper[edit source]

expanding - Unique/Tech - profile colour: Indigo - nickname: The Machine

Helper is an extremely powerful AI. It was designed originally for testing the Virago, as a predecessor to the E.V.E.s. Helper was built with considerably more freedom of thought than any other AI built by S.A.A.T. Helper was the first to be infected with the virus.

When it was infected, it disconnected and submerged the Virago and made its way to the player's sector. The crew of the Virago (F.A.T.H.E.R. lacked one) managed to remove the virus, but in doing so gave it self-awareness. It felt it was indebted to its crew and, packing itself into a T38 and its crew into another, made for an island.

Devi and the rest of S.A.A.T. want to negotiate it back, or at least get it to cooperate. Some of the S.A.A.T. quests will involve doing things that raise their influence with it. It will at first be hostile to you for carrying out these quests, then neutral and then, when it allies them, its influence with you will increase tremendously.

On the other hand, it will at first give you missions to sabotage S.A.A.T. NPCs. Doing this will lower your influence with S.A.A.T. NPCs and their influence with it by a small amount. The Helper influence bar is shown underneath the influence bar of Devi and Helper. It is a blue version of the standard influence bar, going black/yellow in war.

They will go to war with each other if you carry out too many acts of sabotage. Helper has a special Town Center: a computer substrate. A landscaped computer substrate. If you kill Helper when it's not at war with the S.A.A.T. NPCs, you will lose influence with them.

Helper also has a special line of remote-controlled ships. These are hard to destroy and use powerful but slow particle weapons. If you ally it with both you and S.A.A.T. in the same game you will gain access to a modified version of these ships. You can get some of them on easy, most on medium and all of them on Hard.

However, these are technically Tech ships and so need Researchers (Geniuses for the best) to unlock.

Tilda Jorgensen dislikes Helper.

​New Items[edit source]

  • Sound Wave (all vehicles): releases a sound wave which blows away all near vehicles at the same level (sea / surface / air).
    Versions: Old Sound Wave (range: 5); Basic Sound Wave (range: 7); Optimized Sound Wave (range: 9); Advanced Sound Wave (range: 15)
  • Target-Seeking Missile (all vehicles): allows the vehicle to fire one missile that automatically goes to the nearest enemy vehicle in the range.
    Versions: Old T-S M (range: 5); Basic T-S M (range: 7); Optimized T-S M (range: 9); Advanced T-S M (range: 15)
  • Aerodynamic Design (all vehicles): reduces the speed loss due to overloading or damage.
    Versions: 1.0 (-20%); 2.0 (-40%); 3.0 (-65%); 4.0 (-100%)
  • Tank Expansion (aircraft): allows the plane to stock more kerosene.
    Versions: Small TE (+10%); Medium TE (+20%); Large TE (+30%); Huge TE (+40%)
  • Diplomat: raises influence with a player
  • Mediator: solves a conflect between two other players
  • Negotiator: grants you a longer period to complete an Ultimatum

New Settings for Continuous Games[edit source]

  • An option to set NPCs on different modes:
    Developing mode: the NPC has to develop his/her cities just like the player has to do and (s)he is dependent of money and resources
    Business mode: the NPC does his/her normal business and is not dependent of money and resources
  • An options to set NPCs on a new difficulty level: insane
  • An option to set the new needs and climate zones on or off
  • An option to set disasters one by one on or off

​New Missions[edit source]

  • After the Apocalypse - After the Apocalypse (or some disastrous event) the whole sector became desolate, the ecosystem is dying. All the islands have -500 ecobalance. No NPCs are in the sector. Start with commando ship (40t building modules, 40t tools, 20t fish) - without an ark!
    Goal: Reach 1200 executives (without using any ecobalance buildings?).
    Rewards: Title: Survivor; ...?
    Notes: this mission could also be part of the new campaign
  • Takin' back space: the ISS has been destroyed by unknown forces, and your mission is to build a new one
  • Sandbox Mode: in the Sandbox the player is able to fully experiment with building layouts etc. without construction and maintenance costs bothering him

Ideas we still have to vote for[edit source]

New Gameplay Elements[edit source]

Trade opportunities[edit source]

The player can make himself a Trade Company, where he can make an own logo and if he wants an new name. You can become a Trade Company when you get 100.000 credits from trading. With that you can get a better place on the Global Market (you can add Proposes of Trade Company's), and the Sector Market. You can do it in Continuous Games or Multiplayer, but not in Campaigns. As a Trade Company, it could be you don't want to invest in city's, so you can hire people of other city's, or in the Global Market. This is to possible for normal colony's. Colony's can rent people on other players. These residents will take no placeof "goods" in your warehouse.

Colors[edit source]

You can choose more colors to play. I would say:

  • ____ (#000000)
  • ____ (#2F4F4F)
  • ____ (#808080)
  • ____ (#C0C0C0)
  • ____ (#FFFFFF)
  • ____ (#A52A2A)
  • ____ (#8B4513)
  • ____ (#4B0082)
  • ____ (#800080)
  • ____ (#EE82EE)
  • ____ (#008080)
  • ____ (#006400)
  • ____ (#808000)
  • ____ (#008000)
  • ____ (#FF4500)
  • ____ (#000080)
  • ____ (#0000CD)
  • ____ (#1E90FF)
  • ____ (#6495ED)
  • ____ (#FF4500)
  • ____ (#8B0000)
  • ____ (#DC143C)
  • ____ (#CD5C5C)

I don't want to take fierce colors, becuse they would paine on your eyes.

New Production Chains[edit source]

Lemonade.png Lemonade
1 Eco Employee
Eco logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Fruit Plantation
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Bio Aroma
Fruit Mixer
1 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Lemonade
Lemonade Factory
1 @ 100%
Herbs Plantation
2 @ 100%

  • Note: Herbs have to be farmed at a tropical island.

Cola.png Cola
1 Tycoon Employee
Tycoon logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Sugar Beet Plantation
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Aroma
Aroma Lab
1 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Cola
Cola Factory
1 @ 100%
Herbs Plantation
2 @ 100%

  • Note: Herbs have to be farmed at a tropical island.

480 Tycoon Employees
Tycoon logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Cacao Tree Plantation
2 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png -
Roasting Station
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Chocolate Factory
1 @ 100%
Sugar Beet Plantation
2 @ 100%

  • Note: Cacao has to be farmed at a tropical island.

Organic Candy
480 Tycoon Employees
Eco logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Flower Nursery
2 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png -
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Organic Candy Factory
1 @ 100%
Fruit Plantation
2 @ 100%

  • Note: Acacia Flowers have to be farmed at a tropical island.

Decoration plants.png Decoration Plants Production
1200 Eco Engineers
Eco logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Rose Nursery
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Decoration Plants
Plant Hospital
2 @ 100%
Clay Extraction Pit
1 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Vases
Vase Manufactory
2 @ 100%

  • Note: Roses have to be farmed at a tropical island.
  • Note: Clay is produced out of Basalt.

Fur coats.png Clothes
1200 Tycoon Engineers
Tycoon logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Cotton Plantation
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Clothing
Clothing Production
1 @ 100%
Crude Oil
Oil Driller
3 @ 100%

  • Note: Cotton has to be farmed at a tropical island.

Cheese.png Cheese
600 Eco Executives
Eco logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Brine Harvesting Station
4 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Salt
Salt Works
4 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Cheese
Cheese Manufactures
3 @ 100%
Dairy Farm
6 @ 100%

  • Note: the Brine Harvesting Station produces Brine out of a Salt Lake. The Salt Lake is a special resource on tropical islands, like the Oil Field on underwater plateaus.

Chips.png Chips
600 Tycoon Executives
Tycoon logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Brine Harvesting Station
4 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Salt
Salt Works
4 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png Chips
Chips Manufactures
3 @ 100%
Super Flavor
Flavor Lab
6 @ 100%

  • Note: the Brine Harvesting Station produces Brine out of a Salt Lake. The Salt Lake is a special resource on tropical islands, like the Oil Field on underwater plateaus.

1800 Tycoon Executives
Tycoon logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Secret Ingredient
Chemical Plant
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Rose Oil Factory
1 @ 100%
Cflow-A.png -
Pharmaceutical Factory
2 @ 100%
Rose Nursery
3 @ 100%
Oxygen Extractor
4 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Degreasing Laboratory
2 @ 100%
Oil Refinery
1 @ 100%

  • Note: Secret Ingredient is produced out of Omega Acids and Algae; Calamine is produced out of Zinc (1 Zinc Mine:1 Oxygen Extractor) and Oil is produced out of Crude Oil.
  • Note: Roses have to be farmed at a Tropical island. The Rose Nursery has to be unlocked by settling Eco Engineers.
  • Note: Zinc has to be mined on an Ice Sheet.
  • Note: the Rose Oil Factory has to be built on a River Slot.

Electric Cars
1800 Eco Executives
Eco logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Aluminium Smelter
2 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Motor Factory
2 @ 100%
Cflow-C.png -
Car Assembler
2 @ 100%
Chip Factory
3 @ 100%
Cotton Plantation
3 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png -
Upholstery Sewer
1 @ 100%

  • Note: Aluminium is produced out of Bauxite and Coal and Microchips are produced out of Copper and Sand.
  • Note: Cotton has to be farmed at a Tropical island. The Cotton Plantation has to be unlocked by settling Tycoon Engineers.
  • Note: Bauxite has to be mined on an Ice Sheet.
  • Note: the Sand Extractor and Upholstery Sewer have to be built on a River Slot.
  • Why Glass Fibre instead of Microchips? Microchips are also producable with an Electronics Recycler.

Seafood Production
750 Researchers
SAAT logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Sea Organisms
Sea Organisms Collection Station
1 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Cleaning House
1 @ 100%
Cflow-C.png -
Food Mixer
1 @ 100%
Shrimp Fishing House
1 @ 100%
2 @ 100%

Regenerative Cream
1000 Geniuses
SAAT logo.png
Credits  · Balance  · Energy  · Ecobal-icon.png
Sponge Farm
3 @ 100%
Cflow-D.png -
Bacteria Lab
3 @ 100%
Cflow-C.png -
Factory of Youth
2 @ 100%
Gen Farming Laboratory
4 @ 100%
Manganese Nodules
Manganese Excavation Robot
2 @ 100%
Cflow-E.png Rare-Earth Elements
Rare-Earth Borer
4 @ 100%

  • Note: you still have to unlock the Manganese Excavation Robot and the Rare-Earth Borer by reaching Tycoon / Eco Executives.

New NPCs[edit source]

Xavier Schmidt[edit source]

expanding - Tech - profile colour: dark grey - nickname: cyborg

Xavier Schmidt a once very rich eco, lost many of his body parts and vital organs in a business trip to New Paris. Because of the severity of the wounds he was forced to go to a Tech hospital, the doctors had not other option than to make him half robotic and half human... the first cyborg on Earth.

Upon his awakening he found a great interest in robotics, making him think if the Ecos where his best opportunity. After some years he became a Tech, and decided that because he is the only successful cyborg, he would be the best scientist in history! Therefore he is very violent, and competitive, his population only lives in Aer Civitatemor Air City. He hates every other Tech, and only likes solar power.

Trade: high-tech weapons (sell), weapons (sell), service bots (sell), carbon (sell), oil (buy), corn (buy). Items: 4-slots filled with random 3-star upgrades, and 2-slots with random prototypes. (All items are very expensive)

Friendly Turns: Tells you that you are discovering the universe, in a sarcastic tone. (His profile picture is like an executive's one, he barely smiles.)

War Triggers: Build more than 10 submarines, start making a flying city, start the Science Forum Foundation, settle more than 10000 Techs, and buying his flying cities.

Gaining Influence Trading with any Eco, specially Yana +5, building more than 5 solar towers +10, declaring war on any Tech +25, and throwing any Tech NPC out of the region +40.

Losing Influence: Trading with any Tech -5, making a lot of service bots -10, settling more than 500 lab assistants -10, settling more than 2000 researchers -20, making a breakthrough in research or module making -30, settling more than 3000 geniuses -50.

Diplomatic Actions (peace): Lobbying - increase demand - Take out a Loan - License Trading - diplomatic immunity.

Dipl. Actions War: trading route writ of protection - shipping agreement - request peace.

Ultimatums To remove research facilities, and to raise up the ecology if you have more than -150 in one island.

Shal Flores[edit source]

​Profile will come soon. --Shal5 (talk

Phinn Cyber[edit source]

Profile will come soon. --RayoOyar (talk)​ 

Tom Moore[edit source]

Tom Moore WIP

Characteristics A little crazy
Personality Passive
Diplomatic Actions Demand Quest, Increase Demand, Repair Service, Increase Trading Fleet, Price Dumping, Distract Enemy NPC
Influence Factors +
  • Overlapping influence areas of buildings whose productivity suffers as a consequence
  • Building a Coal Plant, Methane Plant, Oil Plant, Nuclear Plant, Missile Launch Platform or Orca
  • Poor city coverage of hospitals or fire stations
  • Sudden sharp drop in wealth, balance or ecobalance not related to construction
  • Completing quests for Skylar Banes, Thor Strindberg or Keto
  • Building more than 10 fisheries on the same island
  • Completely depleting a resource on an island


  • Overlapping influence areas of buildings whose productivity suffers as a consequence
  • Building a Coal Plant, Methane Plant, Oil Plant, Nuclear Plant, Missile Launch Platform or Orca
  • Poor city coverage of hospitals or fire stations
  • Sudden sharp drop in wealth, balance or ecobalance not related to construction
  • Completing quests for Skylar Banes, Thor Strindberg or Keto
  • Building more than 10 fisheries on the same island
  • Completely depleting a resource on an island
  • Having 100 units or more of spare power on an island

Nickname: The Contemporary Utopian/The Outcast

Colour: Cyan (combination of Tech blue and Eco green)

Background[edit source]

With a Tycoon Executive and an Eco Employee as parents and other family members in Tech, Tom was always going to be well balanced politically. Sadly, that's all that is balanced about him. He arrived in the current world in the 2060s after having spent 50 years in an experimental frozen capsule. He has adapted well to the world of today, having seen most of it coming during his own era of the mid 1980s to mid 2010s. Everyone has a better understanding and tolerance toward him these days, too. He was born with a learning difficulty called Asperger Syndrome, which wasn't well-known back then. An eccentric hermit and the embarrassing yet entertaining guest you're in two minds about inviting to your next symposium, you just know he's going to come out with something odd or inappropriate.

Likely quests[edit source]
  • Deliver Convenience Food, Fries (Chips), Bio Drinks, Cola, Lemonade, Chocolate (listed as Candy on the Add-On page), Cheese or Liquor
  • Deliver an inappropriate gift to Tilda Jorgensen or Breona Ibori
  • Deliver a practical joke to Vadim Sokow, Salman Devi, Tori Bartok or Yana Rodriguez
  • Smuggle Forbidden Devices from Trenchcoat
  • Protect him from Thor Strindberg
Warehouse[edit source]

Goods for sale: Building Modules; Tools; Wood; Steel; Glass; Functional Food; Functional Drinks; Kerosene; Fruitcake (see my first blog entry; Pasta Dishes

Items for sale: An Eco Manifesto; an energy plant production booster; herb or fruit seeds; Unit Shields; Flux Capacitor or Transwarp Coil; Advanced Turbine or Darius Motor

Goods wanted: Convenience food; Bio Drinks; Cola; Lemonade; Cheese; Electronics (see my first blog entry); Jewellery; Biopolymers; Carbon

Trivia[edit source]

Tom has 3 fears:

  • Being returned to the time he got in the capsule
  • Being at the mercy of Thor Strindberg (or lack thereof)
  • Being thrown into a mental institution at the hand of the NWO

He's been working on a modified EVE prototype where she can fit into an android body with synthetic skin, with the intention of programming her to become a suitable partner. As this would be the first companionship between a human and an AI, this is met with prejudice, suspicion and ridicule. Many consider it to be abominating EVE's original programming.

More info[edit source]

The complete NPC profile can be found on my profile.

New Missions[edit source]

  • A New Campaign:
You (a.k.a. the player) are peacefully building a settlement (I don't know yet for what reason, in this part some of the new functions could be explained), with Léo Zanchi and Kim Racter also in the sector. They hate each other (tycoon / eco), but they both don't want war. Then, Westgate Security arrives. They are ordered to arrest both Léo and Kim, because they would done a terrible crime a few days ago.
You know that isn't true, because they were with you in the sector. Global Trust and the Initiative accuse each other for luring each other in a trap. Sir Langton asks you to help with the mediation progress.
While mediating, Phinn Cyber arrives in a spectacular way by crashing into Sokow Transnational's warehouse (I want that part in the campaign!! --RayoOyar (talk)). He says he has been investigating the case and he has some information for you...
​This story needs refinement. The one who did the crime could also be the one who created the Virus.
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