We're really glad you want to help out! This page will tell you a bit about how things work here, and how you can help. Keep reading, and we'll touch on some of the wiki's commonly used templates and how to use them to help the wiki.

Note that this article is meant to talk about specific details related to this wiki. For general help, see Help:Contents.

Rule #(some important number): Don't leave info in the comments! If you've got something to contribute, add it to the wiki, not a page's comments. You can help more by editing a page yourself so that it's correct, instead of leaving a comment saying what's wrong (honestly, very few people here will read them and change anything).

Adding/Fixing Content[edit source]

Pages that need information, or pages that need improvement are tagged with meta tags.

How do meta tags work? Pages that need work can be tagged with meta tags (which are wiki templates), so other contributors know where the wiki needs help. These should be placed at the top of the page or section they apply to, so it's the first thing people see, to encourage others to help out. By adding a meta tag, you also add it to a category, which helps other contributors find which articles need fixing.

Below is a table of some page management templates, listed by default in order of issue severity.

Name Should be used for How to Insert Adds to
Delete Articles that should be deleted {{Delete}} Category:Candidates for deletion
Cleanup Articles that need cleanup {{Cleanup}} Category:Cleanup
Wikify Articles that need their source code formatted to MediaWiki standards (e.g. replacing HTML with MediaWiki markup). {{Wikify}} Category:Wikify
Upcoming Articles or section that talk about unreleased content. {{Upcoming}} Category:Upcoming content
Infobox incomplete Infoboxes that are incomplete. {{Infobox incomplete}} Category:Infobox incomplete
Infobox needed Pages that need infoboxes (only use on pages where an infobox would be appropriate). {{Infobox needed}} Category:Infobox needed
Missing data Pages that are missing relevant data about their subject. {{Missing data}} Category:Missing data
Merge Pages that should be merged with other existing pages (e.g. if two pages cover the same topic). {{Merge}} Category:Merge
Split Pages that should be split into separate articles, such as very long pages. {{Split}} Category:Split
Bad image Pages with image(s) that are of poor quality, and should be improved. {{Badimage}} Category:Image improvement needed
Image Pages that have no relevant images, and would benefit from adding an image. {{Image}} Category:Image needed
Stub Any article that is short, only proving the most rudimentary of information on its topic. {{Stub}} Category:Stub
Section Sections that need to be written. {{Section}} Category:Section

Any of these templates will add the page to Category:Page maintenance.

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