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The Ark Captain, also referred to as the Captain, is the position and persona that is taken on by players who play ANNO 2070. The Ark Captain is both the protagonist as well as the hero of the story, and is the one that the various NPCs in the game turns to to solve various challenges, help solve conflicts, and complete missions.

As the Ark Captain is the persona taken on by the player, they have no appearence given by the game; they are always referred to in gender-neutral terms (That is, they are never called a "he" or "she"), and they have no fixed titles, faction of loyalty, or portrait, as all these three traits are chosen by the player as they play through the game.

This article intends to collect the entire history of the Ark Captain as seen through the Campaign, the single missions, and the later World Events.


Not much is known about the background of the Ark Captain. At one point, they may have entered military training or some other kind of specialized training, as shortly prior to the events of ANNO2070, they are entrusted with the captaincy of an Ark, and was later employed by Global Trust; it is never stated if the Captain was employed as an employee, or if they were merely contracted to the company on their own basis. Regardless of the matters, the Captain is eventually called upon by Global Trust to assist them on their ambitious 2-year-plan at an industrial area known as Site 13, under the leadership of Thor Strindberg.

The Campaign: Chapter 1[]

The player arrives at Site 13 to help assist Thor Strindberg stick to the strict 2-year-plan set in stone by Global Trust. As a result of the enormous energy demand on the tighly-packed island the site has been built upon, the Captain is tasked by Strindberg to commission and oversee the construction of an innovative new turbine module for the hdyroelectric powerplant located on the north-side of the island. The Captain thus builds a settlement of their own, where they manage to attract the necessary workforce to build the required module. Part-way into the construction, the Captain is notified by one of the engineers at the Site that the module has not been properly stress-tested, and the engineer expresses his concerns that the dam will fail, which could prove catastrophic to the 2-year-plan, the dam, and the people working on the Site. Seeing as the engineer has repeatedly tried to dissuade Strindbeg from installing the module until the proper tests have been carried out, the Captain makes the decision to make their own attempt, but Strindberg turns them down. Eventually, Strindberg decides to put the power plant to maximum power, which results in a catastrophic failure of the new module.

Rufus Thorne arrives part-way into their recovery efforts to find the Site a complete mess. Strindberg initially tries to put blame for the disaster on the Captain, but Thorne does not seem to buy this excuse, reminding Strindberg that the Site was his responsibility, not the Captain's. The Captain proceeds to follow Thorne's instruction on salvaging what can be salvaged from the Site, and they are eventually entrusted with running the operation themselves, with Strindberg being relieved off his duties, and sent off by Thorne. This action completely destroyed the weak business relationship the Captain and Strindberg had, and led to Strindberg developing a deep hatred and jealousy towards the Captain; a jealousy that would come back to haunt them multiple times throughout their later career.

Back at the Site, things only continues to go for the worse for the Captain; their recovery efforts are put on halt when an oil tanker loses controll and slams into one of the oil rigs in the seas surrounding the Site. The Captain and Thorne makes various attempts at combatting the ensuing oil slick, but are unable to clean it up due to a lack of the proper technology. The oil spill, combined with the previous incident at the Site, attracts the attention of the Eden Initiative, which leads to them sending Yana Rodriguez to the site. Rodriguez agrees to assist the Captain and Thorne, and with her help, the Captain is able to properly contain the oil spill, and clean up the oil from the waters.

Artifacts from the past are discovered during the cleanup after the oil spill, which is eventually revealed to be an old Ark protoype, the Virago, and the Captain begins to investigate the finding. However, lacking the proper scientific equipment and expertise, the Captain, now also having become familiar with Dr. Salman Devi of the scientific council over at S.A.A.T, the leading forum for research and science, makes the decision to move their operations on the new findings away from Site 13 and instead bring them to the capital city of the S.A.A.T, C.O.R.E, where they will have the necessary expertise and equipment to properly investigate the finds.

The Campaign: Chapter 2[]

The Campaign: Chapter 3[]

Later endeavors[]

Following the events of the Campaign, the Captain is left to their own endeavors and ambitions. They go on to settle many new settlements, and eventually they begin to take on specific missions and tasks given to them by their associates, and even have to intervene after a group of terrorists, the Neo Skullz, begin to terrorize the world after having gained controll over massive amounts of nuclear weapons.

Notice; the following section of the article takes the liberty of considering the continuity of the game to be, after the campaign ; The single missions (Both singleplayer and multiplayer) -> the World Events, in the order they were released -> the Saving a Miracle mission strand released in Deep Ocean

The single missions - from beginner to seasoned war leader[]

After the events of the Campaign, the Captain is left to tend their own business for a while. Eventually, they begin to accept various missions and tasks given to them on behalf of Global Trust, the Eden Initiative, and later on the S.A.A.T.

The Jorgensen Plateau

The Captain makes the decision to settle a new settlement after the events of the Campaign.

Architect of the Future

Free Market Economy

Power Games

Black Gold

Whatever it Takes

Return to C.O.R.E.

Environmental Warriors

The Future of Research


The global events[]

The Neo Skullz Crisis

The Eden Project

Global distrust - the great stock market crash

The Nordamark Border Conflict

The Secret of the Ebashi Trench

Miracle in danger[]