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Tech-res-icon Assistants' Domicile SAAT logo
Construction Cost Building Modules 3 · Tools 2
Maintenance Cost
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1000
Unlock Buying Tech Rights
"My research is progressing well! Who needs a social life?"
—Lab Assistant Trevor

The Assistants' Domicile is the first level of Tech residences. It must be built within the influence area of a City Center (regardless of faction type). Residences must be connected by road to buildings in order to be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Assistants' Domicile holds 5 residents.

Assistants unlock first level buildings at the following population levels:

Assistants will upgrade their domiciles to become Researchers' Apartments when their needs are met:

  • Food: Fish (50%) and Functional Food (50%), however Functional Food is not necessary to advance as Assistants only need Food to be 50% satisfied. Note that this has been changed in Deep Ocean so that the Food need has to be satisfied to at least 51%, necessitating the production of Functional Food.
  • Drink: Functional Drinks
  • Community: City Center
  • Activity: Laboratory
  • Tax level set to lowest (Euphoric)

In order to upgrade to level 2, 150 Assistants (30 residences) are needed to unlock the Laboratory.

Upgrading to Researchers' Apartments requires 1t Building Modules, 4t Tools and 4t Carbon.

Note: 65% of your total Assistants' Domiciles can upgrade to Researchers' Apartments.

Building one Assistant's Domicile unlocks submarines from Hiro Ebashi (allowing to reveal him) and adds subs to Auxiliary Fleet of Prof. Devi, just like building one Eco/Tycoon Engineer Apartment. Note that to take advantage of this you must start the map with Tech Faction already unlocked.


  • The Assistants' Domicile appearance can always be switched between 4 types with "C" button, allowing to player to make the city of his dreams.
  • It is noteworthy that Lab assistants' inhabitat density (5 per house) and tax generation intensity will not provide sufficient tax income to provide the upkeep for all the required production buildings and need-buildings in order to advance to Researchers, no matter how many houses you have. This means that your balance will become negative. To counteract this you either have to have more tax generation intensive houses such as Tycoon or Eco Emplyee/Engineer houses or plenty of bank.