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Atlas Icon Atlas SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost Credits 5500 · Building Modules 50 · Carbon 50
Maintenance Cost Balance 120  · Fleet 15
HP 1000
Cargo Holds 1 x 80 tons
Item Slots 0
Attack Power -/-/-
Build Time 3:00
Unlock 1 Genius

The Atlas is the only Tech ship which is not submersible. Therefore, you don't build it at the Submarine Base, but at the Tycoon or Eco Shipyards.

The Atlas has no attack power and it doesn't have large cargo holds. The great advantage of this ship is that it's the only aircraft carrier the player can build. It can hold 2 Choppers or 1 Hawk. It is able to repair them, and to refuel them if the Atlas is carrying Kerosene in its cargo. It is also able to repair other units in its influence area, like a mobile Repair Dock.

When an aircraft is taking off or landing on the Atlas, the ship can not be controlled by the player, making it vulnerable if there are any enemy units around. This will, however, last only for a few seconds, and you will regain full control of the Atlas as soon as the aircraft has completed the landing or take off maneuver.

Note that the Atlas is the third most expensive unit in the game after the Orca and the Erebos.


Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs
Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Atlas itemSpeed Atlas Gliding Body Alloy Speed: +15% Let's the bodies glide like through warm butter.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Atlas itemCapacity Atlas Cerosine Tank Expansion Storage Capacity: +25% Expands the running time massively.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star smallGold star small Atlas itemMultiple effects Atlas Body Deepening Storage Capacity: +25% Speed: +15% Allows a better water displacement.

Ark-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Atlas itemMultiple effects Atlas Extended System Storage Capacity: +50% Speed: +20% Lets the Atlas unfold its true potential.


  • In the Ancient Greek mythology, Atlas was the titan who held up the sky. The Atlas' ability to hold aircraft may be a reference to that myth.