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Single Missions icon Black Gold Medium
Black Gold
The rate of supply is what counts! You are a supplier of Crude oil to the Market leader Global Trust. But competition is fierce, and only he who can meet the tight delivery deadlines imposed by Mr. Thorne will receive the contract for extra Quests.
Objectives Deliver 1000 tons of crude oil to Rufus Thorne Before your competitors do.

Focus Development, Trade
NPCs 1-3 Human Players, Rufus Thorne, Trenchcoat, Hiro Ebashi
Multiplayer multiplayer only

Black Gold is a multiplayer only single mission. You will need to start the map as multiplayer and allow public access to other players or join the existing one. You are also able to invite players from your contact list which will result in the session becoming a private session. You will need at least one competitor to start the game. All players will automatically be sided with Global Trust faction.

Difficulty: Medium (Gold starGold star)

Main Objective[]

  • Deliver 1000 tons of crude oil to Rufus Thorne Before your competitors.

NOTE: You don't need to sell crude oil to Mr. Thorne, simply drive your ships filled with it to his ark and the oil will disappear, raising up your mission counter.


  • ChAch"Increase the Flow!" achievement at your player's profile.
  • 150 Career Points (Tycoon)
  • Title: Oil Baron


All players start with one warehouse (built on a randomly selected medium sized island) with some building materials stored, and a command ship filled with standard items: 40 tons of tools and modules, and 10 tons of fish. The map for this mission is fully revealed to all players. There are some medium and small islands, as well as a couple of small underwater islands. Minor crude oil deposits (700-900) located only at small island and underwater sites - you will need at least two of them to win the mission.


There are some ways to complete this map, depending mostly of your player's skill and luck, depending in turn from player's skill of your enemies. Quick expansion is the key to victory.

Method 1: Piece of cake[]

Start the game against your friend and ask them not to interfere, then simply satisfy the winning condition without any competition.

An alternative way to easily complete this mission is to ask your opponent(s) to leave the game. Even if you're the only remaining player, you will still get the rewards for completion of the mission.

Method 2: Fast and furious[]

First of all, drop all building materials at your ark and drive your ship towards Rufus Thorne's ark and buy all building materials from him. They are limited, so the first buyer will achieve significant advantage. The modules, tools and concrete will replenish in time, so remember to buy them all. During the start phase find and remember all the islands with crude oil deposits.

Build 5 basalt crushers and 4 smelters, also build 3 fisheries, then start to build houses. Complement them with 2 distilleries and 1 casino. Remember to build a lot of houses, because you will need a good income to support all your industry. Upgrade your houses to 2 level. Build tools and concrete production chains paying special attention to the latter, you will need a lot of it. Remember to buy some concrete from Rufus Thorne, it will appear after you achieve 2nd population level. Continue to upgrade the houses until you reach 750 tycoon employees, then build munitions factory.

  • Remember, it is a competition map, and destroying other players is the best way to prevent them from winning it. Even if you don't want to destroy them all, you will need to be able to defend yourself, or other players may build military ships and destroy you. Your own big warfleet can be also very useful in sabotaging enemy trade routes.

Now, when you gain access to the plastics production chain you can build oil drillers and you will need LOTS of them, as well as large amounts of concrete.

  • You can also settle with depots all the islands with crude oil deposits, protecting them from any enemy players actions, but remember - this will leave them no choice but to attack you, so be prepared.

Notice the obvious thing - lots of oil drillers will produce crude oil faster, so keep them working and trade ships nearby. With your fast and smart actions you can finish the map at this phase.

Tip: If you got the money to lobby him, or a couple of items like engine upgrades or anything else from doing a quest, immediately sell them to Trenchcoat. If you are lucky enough to open up the Delivery Service from him, the mission will become quite more easy for you. Simply buy 10 delivery services, than set up a trade request for concrete, building modules, or tools, depending on what you need, than click on the delivery service button. Trenchcoat will sell you nearly everything in the amounts of 15-30 tons per activation of the delivery service, so try to get it if your able to do so.

Method 3: Underwater islands[]

In case every player fails to obtain 1,000 tons of crude oil from land based sources there is only one option left: raise your population level to tycoon engineers, then buy Tech blueprints, settle underwater plateaus, and build some oil rigs. They will work quite slowly and you can build only a limited amount of them, so it will take a long time to finish the race with this method. You can also build an airport along with some choppers to completely eliminate any other players from the game and finally win the mission.