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Scover32 Scover32 27 April 2023

Anno 2070: Island maps

Anno 2070 islands are not randomly generated, there is a set of islands defined in the game's files. They are rotated and placed randomly to create an illusion of randomness, but all Anno 2070 maps share the same islands.

So I reproduced them in Anno Designer.

Making island-wide layouts. I often use building layouts to optimize space usage, but layouts have a major flaw: they are assumed to be rectangles. Their space efficiency is based on their bounding box, but islands are not rectangles. Islands are irregular shapes. Which is why one can't solely rely on building layouts to build efficiently.

Computing optimal island-wide layouts with an algorithm (really looking forward to that one).

Black: Blocked tile (Rock, reef, river...)

Yellow: Shore (…

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Zhang Beihai Zhang Beihai 15 June 2020

Three Body Problem

“The universe is a dark forest. Every civilization is an armed hunter stalking through the trees like a ghost, gently pushing aside branches that block the path and trying to tread without sound. Even breathing is done with care. The hunter has to be careful, because everywhere in the forest are stealthy hunters like him. If he finds other life—another hunter, an angel or a demon, a delicate infant or a tottering old man, a fairy or a demigod—there’s only one thing he can do: open fire and eliminate them. In this forest, hell is other people. An eternal threat that any life that exposes its own existence will be swiftly wiped out. This is the picture of cosmic civilization. It’s the explanation for the Fermi Paradox.”  Liu Cixin, The Dark F…

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Aribaariba Aribaariba 29 July 2015

Ultimate Sector

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is dedicated to my progress of what I consider to be my personal ultimate sector in Anno 2070. I figured I'd share my progress for anyone interested. 

First off, I will tell you something about what kind of player I am. I like to play games like Anno in a relaxed way, not rushing my builds. I almost solely play Continuous games as I don't like to see my progress disappear when I complete mission objectives and 'complete the mission'.

I've already built 3 sectors that were to be my ultimate sectors but every time until now I feel they were flawed (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie sector have thus been cancelled projects). This is another attempt for perfection.

  • 1 Settings
  • 2 Goals
  • 3 Chapter 1: Getting Started & Dealing with Hect…

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RayoOyar RayoOyar 16 June 2015

Anno 2205 announced!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! With pleasure do I share with you the announcement of the next installment of our favo(u)rite game series, ANNO 2205!

There isn't really much to share at the moment, mostly because details are still scarce at the moment, yet we do have two beautiful trailers and the prospects of becoming colonists of the moon (probably as a replacement for 2070's underwater journeys).

For now, let me redirect you to the official site and, of course, the newly created Anno 2205 wiki. Please come over there and share your thoughs and knowledge!

Speaking for myself, I couldn't be more excited. Who else will be pre-ordering?

As always, happy editing! See you in 135 years!

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AgentExeider AgentExeider 16 June 2015

New Anno

Check out the new Anno at the Unisoft press conference for 2015

It's going to be called: Anno 2205

If it's anything like the trailer, it's going to be epic!!!


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Acj2013 Acj2013 22 March 2014

Strange item

I found an item for sale at Hector's base. I found no article about it and it looks a little bit glitched.

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Acj2013 Acj2013 20 March 2014

Gigantic Pirate Base

I started a continuous game with my main goal for most games: Build a sprawling metropolis. But then I noticed Hector had a base much larger than the usual ones. Take a look:

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Kered 14 Kered 14 11 February 2014

Tech Digital Spirits

For a long time the true spirit of science has been held back by the natural limitations of the biological body all  humans possess. Any scientist worthy of the title should and will convert his mere mortal, human brain to the  immortal, unlimited digital spirit, a computer program simulating a human brain with triple the capacity. The  memories and personalities are preserved, but the intelligence has increased by a factor of 27. After the Genius  Maratha Steward developed the digital spirit, there was no stopping the progress of science. Living in  megaclusters, feeding off electrical energy, the digital spirits necessitate constant innovation for satisfaction.  Their entire needs have been redesigned. No longer are mere material goods …

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RealFlap RealFlap 24 January 2014

Anno 2070 Impressions (Screenshots)

On this Page I will show you some nice Pictures of Anno 2070.

There are two Types of Anno players. The ones that go for the highest Population possible, and the ones that care about the Looks of their Cities.

In this Blog it is all about the Looks.

Here are some Screenshots I've made througout playing this awesome game

and I hope you will like them!

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 14 January 2014

Tom Moore DLC Campaign Mission 5 (Finale)

  • 1 Quest 2
  • 2 Quest 3
  • 3 Quest 4
  • 4 Mid-Mission drama
    • 4.1 Address from Tom to sex personnel
    • 4.2 Address from Professor Devi to citizens of C.O.R.E.
    • 4.3 Address from Professor Devi to Tom Moore
  • 5 Quest 5
  • 6 Outro
  • 7 The end.
  • 8 Appendix 1 - a Quest 4 Solution
  • 9 Appendix 2 - Possible Unlocks

Hiro Ebashi: Strindberg is trying to get back in favour with Global Trust! Moore is on Strindberg Inc.'s main island in sector 400. He has sent me a few corrections to my rescue plan. I think his plan has better merit. There is also a message for our fair maiden. Please deliver it to her.

(message plays)

Tom Moore: Dear the beloved, I'm very pleased to hear you are alive and well! Ebashi-san and I have devised a plan to get me home, with a twist. Hopefully all goes to plan. I don't want…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 12 January 2014

Tom Moore DLC Campaign Mission 5

  • 1 Mission Text
  • 2 Mission Overview
  • 3 Intro
  • 4 Quest 1

Tom still hasn't been found, but Strindberg has. You are to continue to search whilst holding Strindberg at arm's length.

Android Girl Mk II: My whole life has been leading up very existence is owed to Tom wanting an artificial wife!? What about what I want? What do I want? I'm so confused...I don't know if I can go on much longer...

Hiro Ebashi: We still don't know where Tom Moore is, Thor Strindberg has appeared and a young lady is having trouble coming to terms with reality.

Thor Strindberg: If these two losers think I'm telling them where Moore is, they can forget it!

Hiro Ebashi: My dear (we really must decide on a name for you), you didn't show up for school today. After what happened yesterd…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 11 January 2014

Tom Moore DLC Campaign Mission 4 Part 2

  • 1 Quest 2 (runs concurrently to Quest 1)
  • 2 Quest 3 (upon completion of Quest 1)
  • 3 Quest 4 (upon completion of Quest 3)
  • 4 Quest 5 (upon completion of Quest 4)
  • 5 Quest 6
  • 6 End of Mission 4 Drama

Hiro Ebashi: Until such time the World Council respects all androids as artificial life and not property/machines, we need to secure this fair maiden. If you pass on 10k Credits to me, I'll get the patent request form sent.

Hiro Ebashi: We have some news. Please deliver the note to me and I'll tell you what it says.

Hiro Ebashi: My insider in Global Trust says there appears to be no change higher up in their food chain to suggest they have Tom or are working on a prototype themselves. However, they do report that Thor Strindberg has had zero presence lately within…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 11 January 2014

Tom Moore DLC Campaign Mission 4

  • 1 Mission Text
  • 2 Mission Overview
  • 3 Mission Intro
  • 4 Quest 1
    • 4.1 End of Part 1

Tom has been kidnapped by bounty hunters and there appears to be nobody to take his place or bring him back...or is there?

(No characters on screen) Looks pretty hopeless, doesn't it?

(All is quiet for 15 seconds while the camera circles the leaderless settlements, until...)

Tom Moore (hologram): Dear thee beloved, if you are listening to this now, it means I've been abducted. I thought this might happen. You have a choice to make with six possible options: -

a) You destroy everything that was ever brought in or created in order to bring you into existence. Then you must request to be dismantled. Your teachers, engineers and psychologists have all been informed on this procedu…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 9 January 2014

Tom Moore DLC Campaign Mission 3

  • 1 Mission Text
  • 2 Mission Overview
  • 3 Quest 1
  • 4 Quest 2
  • 5 Quest 3
  • 6 Quest 4
  • 7 Quest 5
  • 8 Quest 6
  • 9 Quest 7
  • 10 End of Mission

Global Trust have been fended off for now but the project is a long way from producing a stable prototype, let alone a final build.

Tom Moore: Now that Global Trust have left, I can focus on producing a stable prototype and training her. Defence is a huge drain on our wealth, so we need to disable it until further notice.

Tom Moore: Phew. I'm shaken, but don't worry about me. Decommision your defence and we'll get going with the next stage of the project.

Tom Moore: Good. As you can see, with Global Trust out of the way, our presence in the sector is now expandable. Settle 500 Eco Engineers and 500 Researchers and keep them in the 'happy' tax…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 8 January 2014

Mission 2 of Tom Moore's campaign

  • 1 Mission Text
  • 2 Mission Overview
  • 3 Initial Drama upon entering mission
  • 4 Quest 1
  • 5 Quest 2
  • 6 Quest 3
  • 7 Quest 4
  • 8 Beyond

Global Trust have appeared, with the intention of stealing the research in order to produce a vast horde of artificial sex workers. Your task will be to stop them.

Tom Moore: Rufus Thorne has appeared, on behalf of Global Trust. They've been spying on us for a while. If they get hold of the technology and my research, my android (any many after her) will be subjected to being treated like objects rather than people. Global Trust is a headache I could do with not having right now.

Rufus Thorne: Global Trust sees a future for these robots beyond what this scientist has planned. It is imperative that we utilize this technology to improve emp…

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Acj2013 Acj2013 8 January 2014


A city I created. It has thousands of inhabitants. The convinience food factories are built on another island with an ecobalance booster, so what did I do with the extra fertility? I put luxury meals in the main island. The island has a corporate headquarters and I defeated Hector with a long-range missile. Here are some pictures:

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 7 January 2014

Campaign focused around Tom Moore (my new facsimile of me as an Anno 2070 NPC)

The campaign introduces Tom Moore and initially focuses on his obsessive fantasy of building an AI concubine, based on an android version of EVE. Unfortunately, things never go according to plan. Suggestions for improvements to this story and its player interactions are encouraged.

  • 1 Campaign Briefing
  • 2 Mission 1 Briefing
  • 3 Sector Geography
  • 4 Mission 1 Quest 1
  • 5 Mission 1 Quest 2
  • 6 Mission 1 Quest 3
  • 7 Mission 1 Quest 4
  • 8 Mission 1 Quest 5
  • 9 Mission 1 Quest 6
  • 10 Mission 1 Quest 7
  • 11 Mission 1 Quest 8
  • 12 Mission 2 Briefing

Hi. I'm Tom Moore. I am about to undergo a new project, provided I have your support. I'm a peace-lover, unsuccessful woman lover and self-diagnosed eccentric, pompous pain in the arse. I also have mild Asperger Syndrome, a higher-functioning diso…

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Tbm1986 Tbm1986 3 January 2014

Hi everyone I'm new here and random thought vomit

Edit: Blast, very few of my ideas are original. I'm not intentionally plaigiarising, honest! Take a look at my profile for more about me and a (hopefully) fun new NPC that I would like to see voted for for use in the add-on or a DLC.

Joined the community a few days ago (late Dec 2013) and am stunned by the level of dedication there is here and how supportive everyone is of each other. Being a scatterbrained grammar nazi, I've been quite busy and hypocritical already. Most of my edits thus far have been minor but I am trying to improve the wiki where I can with walkthrough tips, page sectioning improvements and links.

I've been having a read though the add-on ideas (which I like very much) and have used some of the ingenius production and cit…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 10 December 2013

The Nightmare - Global Event

Ok so there are somerwhere around 5 current World events ranging from Scorpio and the Nukes, Ecos vs Tycoons, Eden Project and others but this is just an idea I had for a Global Event here's the backstory


Someone has obtained a device which has rendered the entire planet unconcious, you awaken to find that you are in the middle of an ecological crisis, is this real or are you still dreaming and where has E.V.E. dissapeared.

Mission 1: Knots in Time

Synopsis: You start off with an Island with a small half-built city, some fisheries and building module production chains. You quickly recieve a message from Yana Rodriguez warning you of the incoming Black Tide due to Vadim Sokow's offshore Oil Platforms burning. She requests that you help…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 9 December 2013

Anno 2070 - Player Ideas Milatarists

Militarists are a concept for a new faction within Anno 2070. They function as a strong military group and will often amount to simply fighting over minor disagreements. Militarists often have a Bad Eco-Balance associated with them however are capable of building a strong offensive and defensive fleet with relatively minimal waste of production goods.

Duty Calls - Soldiers

The First stage of Military Residents are Soldiers. Soldiers are the backbone of the army and have an affect on several buildings associated with them. They have 4 needs, 1 food, 1 drink, Entertainment and Company.

  • Food: Fish
  • Drink: Coffee - Coffee Plantation (3x3 with 2 2x4 fields)
  • Entertainment: Barracks (5x6)

Aside from the needs buildings they are also able to build defens…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 8 December 2013

Religious Group - Player Ideas

The Unified Religious Enlightenment Co-operation (U.R.E.C.O.) are a conglomeration of Religions, they are lead by their current Bishop Himlam Evanoss who's calm leadership has deterred aggressive eyes from becoming interested in their business. They commonly trade basic goods primarily from Artist colonies. They do settle on islands however do not expand unless they have agreement with other factions in the sector. They build the slowest of all Factions and players can buy production increasing buildings off them to help with their production lines.

Himlam Evanoss - The current Bishop of the U.R.E.C.O he has the permission of the "deities" to settle on islands. He believes he is leading the world into a bright future filled with meaning an…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 8 December 2013

Nomadic - Player Ideas

The Nomadic Agreement Organization are a new concept for island settling groups. They believe that a sector should be allowed to rejuvenate from human interaction and have build large ark like ships which they use to move from one island to another. If players get on the bad side of these nomads they will either demand the player moves islands or will simply open fire as an act of aggression. There are two nomadic leaders, Zachary D. Ferandorr and Ronelda M. Tina. They both work together in an attempt to get everyone to follow their belief.

Zachary D. Ferandorr - This Nomadic Young Man found himself the victim of a heartless attack by pirates. He has since been cautious and weary of warships and will not trust the player if they have a larg…

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Shadow Inferno Shadow Inferno 8 December 2013

Anno 2070 - Player Ideas Artists

Hello and Welcome this is the First of the four new groups I have an interest in for Anno 2070. This is one of the two new playable groups called the Artists. Artists are a relatively peaceful group in comparison to the hustle of Tycoons and the Eco-Frenzy of the Ecos. The concentrate on the beauty they can create and rely on some rather uncommon goods

The First Level - Craftsmen Craftsmen are the first obtainable level for Artists similar to Workers and Lab Assistants. They have one Food and One Drink Need as well as the Entertainment Need and Company Need.

  • Food: Fish
  • Drink: Coffee (Coffee Fertility) - 3x4 Building with 3, 2x3 fields
  • Entertainment: Art Gallery - 5x6 Building

Their first Energy Production is using Sound Waves, Sound Generators …

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Lltomohikoll Lltomohikoll 7 December 2013

Anno 2070, Localizing for 2byte-character language.

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Kered 14 Kered 14 31 October 2013

New Unit Idea: Mega Shipper

The Mega Shipper is the largest mobile storage unit ever constructed. With a cargo capacity of 3600 tons, engineers worldwide claim it is the absolute limit of cargo that can be carried on a single vessel. Any larger and the vessel will either sink or break, depending on how much the volume was increased. With a plethora of temporary improvements, it is most definitely worth checking out in the late-game Elector stage.

  • 1 Technical Intel and Abilities
    • 1.1 Defence Station
    • 1.2 Jet Charger
    • 1.3 Chopper Hangar
    • 1.4 Tricrane
  • 2 How to obtain the Blueprint
  • 3 Intel
    • 3.1 Speed
    • 3.2 Defence
    • 3.3 Cargo Size
  • 4 Use
    • 4.1 When to build

Its functionality is very complicated, but not incomprehensible. It is constructed of a front and back half, with a dynamic freight area in the middle. …

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Acj2013 Acj2013 13 September 2013

Glitch about Achievements/Diplomacy Menus

When I was in the diplomacy menu, one day, I got the Liscense Trading achievement. I clicked it while in the diplomacy menu, and the scripts apparently conflicted and I ended up having a transparent background screen. This is the best picture I could give you.


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Acj2013 Acj2013 11 September 2013

New Pictures

I uploaded some new pictures. I found them on my search for the Screenshots folder for Anno 2070.

I hope they are all useful!

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Acj2013 Acj2013 28 July 2013


I have been wondering if the wiki creator, or, possibly, an administrator, would make custom achievements. (e.g Making one edit on an article would be "City Center" with a Tycoon/Eco City Center in the picture. It would represent that somebody has just started a game and has placed his/her first City Center.) Comment if you agree!

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RobCoInd55 RobCoInd55 16 July 2013

Eco City - The Capital of Humanity v.3.0 is coming!

Hi everyone! After a long time, I have another great idea. Today i modified Anno 2070 that now I can upgrade all houses to executives/genius level. So now I want to create a Eco City - The Capital of Humanity v.3.0! It will be looking very similar to  Version 2.0, but I'll build it in 3 different themes. An Eden Initiative version, a Global Trust version, and S.A.A.T. version.

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X22639376 X22639376 24 June 2013

::Train Station::

don't mind. Used for fast reference editing.

  • File:Gold star.png|14px


(## with the "Better Living" channel in effect)


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X22639376 X22639376 22 June 2013

Live in America? Tired of the politics?

WORK IN PROGRESS. I will be editing this often.

So after playing Anno for quiet a while I realised the ammount of control in game is something that is now missing from my real life. And guess what folks, I'm tired of it. So I have been active for quiet a while, talking to friends, family, even complete strangers about what they don't like, what they wish would change, etc, but they usually don't go beyond well bitching over a pint to put it bluntly. So I figured if anyone was interested in information on how to change things, how to contact their local and state reps, and what to say so they are not dismissed and get the ball rolling on this once great country back into the hands of The People.

Hopefully I'm not breaking any wiki rules with …

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Kered 14 Kered 14 10 June 2013

Eco Electors

The Elector Skyscraper is the fifth and final level of Eco residences. Evolved form Eco Executive Mansion .

It will require 5 less glass and 10 less wood, but 30 more Hempcrete when the Hemp Compressor is unlocked

Residences must be connected by road to buildings in order to be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Elector Skyscraper holds 85 residents (110 with the "Better Living" channel in effect).

Electors unlock fifth level buildings at the following population levels:

  • 1 Elector: Tofu Farm, Artificial Meat Factory, Hemp Farm, Cannabis Divisor, Marijuana Factory, Artificial Plant Development Laboratory, Hemp Compressor
  • 500 Electors (6 Residences): Hemp Oil Extractor, Potency Mixer, Hormone Pill Factory, Hemp Seed Grinder, Potent Coffee
  • 1…

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X22639376 X22639376 6 June 2013

What does this button do?

I had an idea and now I have lost it, but I wanted to make note of this, so I can laugh at myself when I read this next.

Do you need to sign your own 'blog'?

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RayoOyar RayoOyar 2 June 2013

Changes in the Wiki Design

Hi everyone! You've probably noticed some changes in the design of our wiki. We've got a new theme, a new background, a new logo... all thanks go to JoePlay, the wikia staff memeber who has helped me with all the changes.

You'll also have noticed the new main page. All I want to say about that one is firstly I'm still working on it and secondly, if you have any suggestions, comment below please!

If you have any ideas to add on the front page, just suggest them, I'll place a poll on this blog and you're able to vote on the several options. All right?

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Kered 14 Kered 14 21 May 2013

New Unit idea: Falcon Squad

A very fast team of little automated drones. 9 take up one airfield slot. Like the Chopper, they can stop anywhere. They attack aircraft only, but are extremely effective. They seem to have unlikely high hit points at 1,250 for little drones but this is translation for their agile evasions. They also attack at 135 air attack combined, making them not to be underestimated. They do have very small fuel caps so they are empty after 2:30. That is their main drawback. Like the Dragonfly they are best used in sequence, various squads that is. 

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Kered 14 Kered 14 14 May 2013

Just a request

Those who have followed my blog (and those who are checking them out because I just referenced them, yes, you too) will have seen I was posting quite a few new unit types, adding to the gameplay, some developed by Atlantis, some developed by the NWO. I once said in a comment Sharon would have 50 blueprints to sell. I was wrong. She has over 9,000 (sorry, 74 by now (5/14/2013)). And even though I was working on all these blueprints, I am wondering what you think should be an added gameplay feature. Believe me, Vulcanic Activites, will BLOW YOUR MIND when, if, it ever comes out. I am keeping everything behind me for now, because I don't want to spoil anything (and I really like those achievements, for coming back, you know?. :) I am at day 6…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 14 May 2013

New Unit Idea: Dragonfly

The Dragonfly is the fastest aircraft in the Anno 2070 universe, only overtaken by the unbelievable Stormchaser. It cannot stop anywhere besides a 3x1 airstrip. It normally flies at Chopper speed, but when ordered to attack a surface/aerial enemy, it speeds up to 95% of the Stormchaser in microseconds. He fires 18 missiles and speeds past the entire fleet. When no enemies are in his range, he slows down to chopper speed and returns to the closest friendly 3x1 airstrip. This because his fuel tank takes a 75% hit. He cannot afford another strike, or he will run out of fuel mid-attack. Refueling and rearming takes 1 minute. The Dragonflies work best in sequence, preventing the enemy from responding and hitting it continuously. 2 Airfields (4 …

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Kered 14 Kered 14 13 May 2013

New Unit Idea: Marlin

The Marlin is the fastest submarine, at 1.5 times the speed of a Trimaran. It has always-on Silent Running. The Marlin has a special ability, known as the infamous Sprint Jump, where the Marlin sprints up from underwater and hits the ship above with 2,000 damage. The Marlin falls back into the sea, unharmed.

The trick the Marlin performs is a very primitive but none-the-less effective technique: It sprints right through the ship it attacked. The very strong and sharp prow cuts right through any ship it hits. It is mostly used to take down the few strongest ships in an enemy fleet. It can be used to make dealing with the Lion's Mane much easier. The Sprint Jump requires a 15:00 minute cooldown, and it's speed is reduced to just normal Trimar…

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AgentExeider AgentExeider 13 May 2013

The New World Order

OK to summarize, and pulling from real world sources, the NWO or New World Order is a conspiracy by the financial and political elite for the establishment of a one world government under the UN, which in turn would be under their control. They never operate directly, always through intermediaries, the idea is they don't want the throne, but to be the power BEHIND the throne.

Now in terms of the Game, the NWO is behaving much like their real world counterpart and have created the upheaval and dangers that we have encountered thus far, thinking they are separate events but are in fact part of a larger goal, which is keep the world powers fighting.

World Events: How the NWO has helped shape the world so far.

Atomic Terror: the NWO has funded the…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 12 May 2013

New Unit idea: Lion's Mane

The most dangerous submarine ever to sail the depths of the world. Weighing in at over 250,000 DWT, she is the largest and most frightening submarine and vehicle in general.

She is capable of carrying 8 slots of airfield on top of it when surfaced, but during combat or underwater procedures the aircraft lift. Underwater, she is also capable of Silent Running. Silent Running is interrupted when the submarine surfaces, the submarine enters combat or the Tsunami Generator has been engaged. The Tsunami Generator simulates a serious accident at a Geothermal Power Plant. The shockwave is equally devastating to a regular Tsunami. It takes 2 minutes of underwater, not Silent Running, preperation, and has a cooldown of 1:00:00.

The Lion's Mane is als…

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RayoOyar RayoOyar 11 May 2013

Licence to Kill (totally revised)

Hi everybody! This is the totally revised version of Anno 2070 - Licence to Kill, the first and easiest of our community DLCs. Of course, Phinn Cyber, his revenge action on Scorpio and the whole sabotage system are back.

Why do I call this one the "first and easiest" one? That's mainly because this one adds several new features without one central theme (or one central super weapon). This one makes the game complete in my eyes and it teaches the player some skills which'll come in useful in the other, more difficult DLCs. Of course, it's up to you which one you play first, but if I speak for myself, I won't play along with Delaren until I've completely mastered the whole sabotage system...

  • 1 New Features
    • 1.1 New Production Chains
    • 1.2 Tropical Isl…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 11 May 2013

Why you should do your math:

"In what universe does 950 - 111 = 350? I am sorry, ANNO 2070:Deep Ocean, but I refuse to believe that that makes any kind of sense. I should have +839, for God's sake! Where are my welldeserved 489 Ecobalance points?!? Who has stolen them? You again, huh? You sneaky bastard. No, don't hide now. Come out of your bedsheet and put that goddamn Pepsi away NOW! I am going to kill you. Kill you, I say. Get over here you annoying piece of... Get here! Now! I am serious! NO, NOT THE CHI-

- Invaluable china breaking -


"We are interrupting this blog post due to technical difficulties.

Please stay tuned."

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Kered 14 Kered 14 10 May 2013

The Big Spoiler

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Placeholder
  • 3 Spoilers
    • 3.1 Sharon
    • 3.2 Sharon's mother
    • 3.3 M.O.T.H.E.R.
    • 3.4 If the Atlantians had such amazing technology, how didn't they prevent the Supervulcano eruption?
    • 3.5 What was Hector's interest?
    • 3.6 Was Ebashi responsible?
    • 3.7 What is Atlantis in the story?
    • 3.8 What is Atlantis in the game?
    • 3.9 Will Sharon see her parents again?
    • 3.10 What is F.A.T.H.E.R.'s deal?
    • 3.11 What is the effect of a Supervulcano?
    • 3.12 What is a vulcano?
    • 3.13 What is the Underground?
    • 3.14 Other stuff

Alright, before I spell everything out, I just inform everyone what it is about. To anyone not wanting to know the most massive spoilers, skip this blog. To those who want, scroll down.

Alright, I think this is far enough ;D


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Zhorker Zhorker 10 May 2013


Mjölnir is a very powerful weapon used by the NPC Delaren. It can be unlocked by defeating him on Insane Difficulity, and is built similarly to monuments.

Mechanics: When built, it needs to be charged -- the energy cost for it can be adjusted from the default of 2500 down to 500 or up to 5000, at which it will charge at 15% and 150% speed respectively. While charged, it will take 500 energy. When it is charged it will have 400 maintenance and 750 maintenance when it is charging.

At regular charging speed it will take 10 minutes to recharge after a shot(may be changed for balance). The blasts will do 450 damage to buildings and 300 to vehicles, in addition to stunning the targets. Stunned vehicles are rendered immobile, while buildings react …

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Zhorker Zhorker 9 May 2013


These are some of the more relevant posts about Delaren and Mjölnir. I'll condense it all at a later point, and if you want I can answer whatever other questions you have may. Sorry that it's so "unprofessional", btw :3

Hmm... I came up with some stats for the Mjölnir: It has 4000 HP(You may think at it would be easily killed by an airstrike, but it'll be defended with shields). It takes 2500(Can be decreased to 500, but it will charge at 10% speed, and can be increased to 5000 energy cost and will charge at 150% speed.). When it is charged, it will take 500 energy to maintain the charge. It costs 750 in maintenance while charging and 400 when charged. It decreases the ecobalance by 175. It'll be built like the other monuments. The attack d…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 9 May 2013

My unit idea: Stormchaser

  • 1 General Information
  • 2 Tornado Stopping Ability
  • 3 Speed Explanation
  • 4 Upgrades
    • 4.1 Enlenghtened Laser Time
    • 4.2 Ultra-violet Algae Lighting
    • 4.3 Carbo-Platinum Sails
  • 5 Combat Abilities

The Stormchaser is the fastest vehicle in the entire Anno 2070 universe. It goes faster than a Chopper, Hovercraft or Trimaran . It needs to be this ridiculously fast to chase and stop Tornados and save Oil Rigs. The ship lacks very much in all other areas, but it is extremely helpful, especially in the endgame. The blueprint is bought from Sharon Decipiat in exchange for a massive aerial warfleet(12 Choppers, 8 Hawks, 2 Firebirds). It can be build in both Tycoon and Eco Shipyards.

The Stormchaser stops Tornados using a very new technology Sharon invented. The ship fires smal…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 7 May 2013

The backstory of Vulcanic activities

To explain the backstory of the characters in Vulcanic Activities, I will have to spoil, so see my Vulcanic Activities blog post first if you want the experience as intended: (BTW this is all known stuff by someone of the main cast before the event.)

  • 1 2013 - 2030
  • 2 2031 - 2050
    • 2.1 Sharon Decipiat
    • 2.2 Keto
    • 2.3 Hector
    • 2.4 Skylar Banes
    • 2.5 F.A.T.H.E.R. (prototype)
    • 2.6 Dr. Devi
    • 2.7 Tilda Jorgensen
  • 3 2051 - 2070
    • 3.1 Sharon Decipiat
    • 3.2 Keto
    • 3.3 Hector
    • 3.4 Skylar Banes
    • 3.5 F.A.T.H.E.R.
    • 3.6 Dr. Devi
    • 3.7 Tilda Jorgensen

These times have not been tracked very well. The basic result was that the ecobalance had almost been destroyed and the population have split up into 3 basic groups: tycoons, craving production and balance, ecos, craving ecobal…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 6 May 2013

New Unit idea: Floating Fortress

This unit is available through the a.t.m. imaginary NPC Sharon Decipiat's blueprint. It is basically what it's name says: a floating fortress. It can hide 1 Colossus, 1 Container Ship, 1 Atlas (without aircraft), 2 Deep Sea Hunters, 2 vipers, 2 cargo liners, 2 Sisyphus', 2 Trimarans, 2 hovercrafts, 2 shark, 3 freight ships, 3 commando ships, 3 raiders, or a combination of 3 of these: freight ship/commando ship/raider. The ships are hidden below the catamaran and are stealthed, unless spotted by submarines. The catamaran also holds a 2x2 aircraft field on top of itself. These vehicles aren't hidden, though.

The catamaran also has other capabilities. It comes with a continuous kinetic shield (1,250 hp, +50 hp/minute), and has 6(!) item slots.…

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Kered 14 Kered 14 6 May 2013

Just spotted online: future is soon

Anyone recognize this ship? Reminds you of anything? 

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Kered 14 Kered 14 5 May 2013

Mad achievement skills: 10 seconds achievement

I redeemed my code ten seconds ago, and I have gotten this achievement. This is a record for the history books: 3,491 Geniuses in 10 seconds. And without Geothermal Power Plants. Talk about mad skills.

Yes, I know I am late with the expansion. I was busy perfecting my old saves and finishing all the missions.

Now, seriously. Anyone got ideas how this happened? Was my code used before? Did the geniuses automatically go into my old saves? Has Ubisoft forgot to clean up their servers? Is it a local error?

P.S.: I am not that interested in fixes. I kinda like it. :D

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