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An assortment of calculators has been created. These can tell you how many production buildings you will need to satisfy the demands of your inhabitants, or how many of your inhabitants will ascend to each class, once all demands have been satisfied.

Supply & demand calculator[]

Supply & demand calculator

Determines how many production buildings you'll need to satisfy all demands, based on the number of inhabitants and the productivity bonuses/penalties you have.

Author: Grilse (talk)

Note: This Calculator is currently out of date due to balance updates. Several entries may not be accurate.

Supply & demand calculator for Deep Ocean[]

Determines how many production buildings you'll need to satisfy all demands,


counts the productivity of the "mother" factories to calculate the needed raw material factories; for example if you need 10 factories for a product and 5 of raw material, if your factories number increase to 20 the raw will increase to 10 in proportion and you could make more acurated calculations.

Author: arbogli (talk)

Anno 2070 Assistant[]


The Anno 2070 Assistant is a light-weight offline application that simplifies game play. It allows you to calculate the demands of your population, as well as how many of each production chain is necessary to supply that population. You can also view production chains, as well as their cost values, building layouts, housing layouts, production comparisons, etc. You can even save your civilization numbers into the program for quick access, as well as change the look and feel of the program itself.

Data Release v1.0b is available for non-american users experiencing calculation issues. Please visit here and read the the Data Release 1.0b details BEFORE you download to make sure this applies to you.

Click here to Download!

Anno 2070 Assistant forums

Author: BlueSin2 (talk)

Deep Ocean Calculator Spreadsheet[]

Download link: Anno 2070 Deep Ocean - Calculator v1.0.xlsx

Author: boiledburbur (talk)

Calculator spreadsheet[]

Download link: Anno 2070 Production Calculator v1.0

Author: Acke87 (talk)

Anno 2070 Warenrechner[]

By the creator of the Anno 1404 Production calculator.

Updated calculator :

Author: Markus Schönbein (forum)

Building production/consumption rates[]

Displays production and consumption rates of all buildings. If you enter total efficiency for each type of building (double-click on blue column) it calculates the net production/depletion rate. Now with patch 1.05/6 and Deep Ocean values.

Author: Codepowered - Leave a message on my talk page for bug report/comments/etc..

Universal Calculator[]


The universal calculator is a spreadsheet that includes calculators for population and production buildings. It includes building calculators with separate production chains and one with everything combined.

Download link:

Author: ZalmanW (talk)

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Extended Calculator[]


Anno 2070 DOE Calculator is a spreadsheet in Open Office format, designed for Anno 2070 v.2, with and without Deep Ocean expansion. The layout is based on ZalmanW's Universal Calculator. This spreadsheet includes basic needs calculator, materials calculator, improved population calculator, military calculator and real productivity calculator. It is advised to read readme.rtf before use, to learn how to get the most accurate results. It is intended for both Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Download link:

Author: Saiko Kila (talk)