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So I'm playing Anno 2070, third mission of atomic terror, everything is going good. Yana is giving me a complex quest called Recruiter, that has several small quests inside. So I completed first two of them without any problem, and the third one is: go to the ark and take a package from Yana (and then I have to do deliveries to 4 ships that are at random spots of the map).  OK.  BUT! I went to Yana's ark, I went to my ark, I went whenever possible with whatever ships possible and nothing is happening, so eventually I'm just running out of time and loosing the quest. What on earth am I doing wrong?

When I played 2 mission of atomic terror, I had all of the npcs giving me similar quests, but there I had to deliver faster than competitor ship. Well, same problem, I failed all of them cuz they never gave me anything to deliver.

Please help, it's driving me nuts