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Chapter 1

Anno 2070 Campaign intro

The intro you get first time you enter the chapter menu

These first starting missions of the campaign are designed to get you acquainted with the basic gameplay of Anno 2070, as well as getting you into the storyline.

Mission One: The Two-Year Plan[]

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The first mission requires you to build a basic Tycoon base with power so that you can construct and deliver the new turbine to the hydroelectric dam, despite the warnings by Engineer Peterson. Thor Strindberg will give you various small tasks such as delivering Steel. There is even an optional quest to bring Crude Oil to the main warehouse then escort and defend a cargo ship carrying Oil.

Mission Two: State of Emergency[]

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At the start of mission two, the dam breaks flooding Section 13 of Mr. Strindberg. Rufus Thorne comes to inspect the two year plan and finding it in disarray gets you to save items and people from Mr. Strindberg's island. After that, you must build additional Worker Barracks to at least 25 of them to house the refugees. The mission culminates in the player setting up a tool production line to supply tool to repair the dam. At the end of the mission Mr. Strindberg is suspended, and he vows revenge.

Mission Three: Black Sea[]

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An out of control Global Trust tanker rams one of Rufus' platforms. This incident contaminates the surrounding sea and coast of your island with Oil, reducing the production of Fish. Rufus is forced to expand operations even further due to this incident and orders you to do so. Your first task is to rescue the remaining survivors of the crashed Global Trust tanker. Then, an Ark of the Eden Initiative emerges near your island and you are allowed access to Eco buildings. You need at least 10 Eco Workers for the quests that follow. The Eco Ark provides you with a Hovercraft, which you'll have to use in the Eco quests, e.g. analyzing and cleaning the Oil spill.

Mission Four: Secrets of the Deep[]

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A mysterious Ark arrives in the area with a garbled message. Send your boat there and you discover that Dr. Devi believes the Virago, a prototype Ark, is near your island and wants the Eco Hovercraft and Tycoon Command Ship to build a Submarine. After that, you need to dive to discover the Virago then complete other tasks to obtain Data Logs from the sunken Ark.