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Chopper-aircraft-icon Chopper SAAT logo
Unit Type Aircraft
Construction Cost Credits 3,500 · Building Modules 5 · Carbon 15 · Weapons 20
Maintenance Cost Balance -50  · Fleet 5
HP 300
Cargo Holds 0
Item Slots 1
Attack Power 35/15/– (12/5/– DPS)

Special Ability Stealth Detection
Build Time 1:30
Unlock 100 Lab Assistants

The Chopper is a military aircraft and can be built at the Airport with the help of the Tech faction. It also has the ability to locate and attack cloaked enemy units.

The Chopper is the cheapest and the fastest air unit in the game. It can target both ground and air units. The Chopper has the best long-operation sustainability, being able to operate longer than all other aircraft. While it possess decent firepower and excellent maneuverability, it is the weakest air unit in terms of hit points.

Because of the cheap cost (in comparison to other aircraft), speed, and firepower, Choppers are the unit best suited to achieve aerial superiority. They can respond to conflict faster than any other unit can with the exception of the Hovercraft. The Hovercraft however is able to only move on water, causing land-based obstacles to obstruct Hovercraft movement whereas the Chopper doesn't have this issue. Gaining aerial superiority with the use of Chopper offers many benefits; mainly the indiscriminate use of air power on an inferior opponent.

The Chopper only uses 1 slot in an Airport, allowing 1 Airport to field 6 Choppers in total, and has a Fuel capacity of 10 tons.


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Strategies and Tactics[]

  • Due to the Chopper's low cost and hit point vulnerability, it's best to use the Chopper in massive numbers; overwhelming your enemy with excessive firepower to the point where they cannot properly retaliate. The Hawk, an air superiority and ground invasion aircraft, is a very strong and high HP ship that would require a Chopper user to use large numbers in dealing with the Hawk. It's relatively easy to defeat Hawks with Chopper numbers due to the Choppers speed and damage.
  • In the event your numbers are encountering formidable resistance, cycle units that are taking fire by temporarily retreating them out of the enemies firing range and then returning them to the fight once the enemy has selected an new target. In many other strategy games this is a tactic known as "micromanaging", and is extremely effective with fast moving units. Keep repeating this tactic for maximum effect.
  • One of the most effective uses for Choppers is their ability to utilize their extreme speed to destroy undefended trade ships, possibly crippling your enemies production, economy, population or all of these at once.
  • In the event of a defended trade ship in a convoy, cycling tactics are recommended to minimize loss of aircraft while achieving your objective. However a well-defended convoy might require more heavy ordinance like the Firebird and/or evasive pressure with the deep sea hunter.
  • In the event your enemy has coastal defenses and anti-air flak in various locations, don't be afraid to bypass your enemies defenses with the speed of the chopper. This is useful if your enemy has his air forces elsewhere. Capitalizing on this tactic would be destroying his airports before his aircraft can return in time and then leaving so the enemies air becomes crippled with lack of fuel. Problems with this include your enemy being able to rebuild his airport, assuming his supply lines haven't been disrupted. Though land-based operations are more preferable with the excessive firepower of the Firebird or invasion tactics of the Hawk, sometimes the reliability of the choppers speed is the best choice of action for the given circumstance.
  • If running from an enemy who has fast-moving units (Hovercraft, etc.) try not to turn your units, as this makes them stop before continuing; allowing yourself to receive unnecessary damage. Instead continue to fly straight in your direction until you come over land or other objects that may hinder your oppositions movement before turning, so you receive no damage in the process.
  • If you are having issues with cloaked units, the Chopper's inbuilt detection system is helpful, as it continuously operates for 10 minutes once activated and has a 12 minute cooldown.


Most upgrades are Research Projects available at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Chopper itemFuel consumption Chopper Engine efficiency improvement Fuel Consumption: -20% Allows long-range Missions.

Ark Item Gold star small Chopper itemDamage points Chopper Ammunition modernization Attack Power: +10% Tungsten projectiles with increased penetration factor.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Chopper itemMultiple effects Chopper Combat upgrade Attack Power: +15% Fuel Consumption: -30% Longer patrol missions with greater firepower.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Chopper itemMultiple effects Chopper Hunter classification Attack Power: +20% Fuel Consumption: -40% Increased range, increased combat factor.