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Clearance-term-icon Clearance Terminal EVE
The Clearance Terminal with a Container Ship.
Construction Cost Credits-icon1,060 · Building Modules 5 · Tools 10
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -2 ·  Balance -60 · Energy -10
Size 5x3
Hitpoints 1500
Unlock 1 (Tycoon / Eco) Executive

The Clearance Terminal works like a trading post for ships.

Note though that it is more cost effective to use a Port Authority for this due to the 20 credit lower maintenance cost. The only advantage for the Terminal is that this building can be built anywhere in the Harbor Area, and the Port Authority has to be built on the coast of your island. The Clearance Terminal is also slightly faster than the normal warehouse and the port authority, as you're able to build it in the harbor area far away from the coast, which means more ships are able to be processed at the same time, and more time will be saved instead of the ships traveling all the way into your coast. This is very useful especially when you have a Quay Wall that is blocking some of the coast line.

If you are a production player who produces a lot of goods, it is recommended to build the Clearance Terminals on different parts of your harbor so you're able to fully optimize the speed of your goods transfer.