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Colossus-icon Colossus Tycoon logo
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost Credits 5,500 · Building Modules 20 · Steel 30 · Heavy Weapons 15
Maintenance Cost Balance -80  · Fleet 10
HP 800
Cargo Holds 1 x 40 tons
Item Slots 2
Attack Power –/60/– (–/10/– DPS)

Special Ability Depth Charges
Build Time 2:30
Unlock 1 Tycoon Engineer

The Colossus is a large battleship only available to the Tycoon faction. It is equipped with depth charges for submarine warfare, and heavy, long range naval guns that are very effective against buildings and ships, and also has a gun on its back, which enhances certain combat situations. It has no defense against aircraft, and its slow speed makes it vulnerable to them if unsupported by anti-air capable ships or aircraft.

The Colossus is the most powerful ship in the game in terms of ship/building damage and hit points, but also the bulkiest, slowest and least maneuverable.

Strategies & Tactics[]

  • The Colossus is very vulnerable to air units, so if you want to use them effectively make sure you know where the enemy's aircraft are at all times, and make sure you have enough anti-air ships or aircraft to counter the threat. Once engaged, the Colossus cannot disengage from air attacks, and will only be made slower as it takes more damage. Use this to your advantage if the enemy is using them. If you catch a Colossus away from the fleet or with weak air support, it's a sitting duck. Cripple it with air and you can safely finish it off with lesser ships.
  • The Colossus takes 5 minutes to regenerate its depth charge special ability, so send them in pairs or with Vipers support against Submarines. Again, use this to your advantage when using subs in your fleet.


Most upgrades are Research Projects at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Colossus itemSpeed Colossus Engine room expansion Speed: +15% Marine diesel twin turbochargers.

Ark Item Gold star small Colossus itemDamage points Colossus Artillery expansion Attack Power: +10% Gyro stabilized fire control system.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Colossus itemMultiple effects Colossus Combat upgrade Speed: +15% Attack Power: +15% Flexible mission profile.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Colossus itemMultiple effects Colossus Battle suite Speed: +20% Attack Power: +20% Optimized offensive protocols.


  • The Colossus requires a lot of mined materials to build. It takes 9 Rotary Excavators, 9 Iron Ore Mines, 3 Uranium Mines, along with all the production facilities, to get the required materials in 5 minutes.
  • In the Anno 2070 Artbook the Colossus is referred to as the Viper. In the end, a different model of ship was used as the Viper.
  • The Colossus' Depth Charge has been improved in later patches, and it's much faster to execute than before.