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Anno 2070 involves Combat at sea (with Ships), in the air (with Aircraft) and underwater (with Submarines). Aircraft and Submarines are new units to the Anno series, and therefore new tactics will need to be used.

There are many combat Soundtracks, like Civilian Casualties.

Combat Strategies[]

Also see Defences (strategies for defending a city).

City management A formidable navy relies heavily on good production chains/management and great skill in raising your population classes quickly.
Focus fire Target one enemy at a time, rather then spreading the damage out. The enemy will drop one by one, resulting in fewer guns firing back at you.
Fleet choice If your opponent focuses on aircraft or submarines build Commando Ships / Hovercrafts or Vipers respectively.
Attacking a town Focus on turrets first, then Shipyards, and then keep his Fisheries down to starve his population of food.

To help prevent an attack on your town:

  • Build lots (about 5-9 Harbor Turrets should be enough) of protection around your most important goods: Fish, Building Modules, and Tools production if the enemy has the chance to attack these targets.
  • Try to build as many production chains as possible on your main island where it's easier to protect and will prevent blockades. Without these crucial food and lifestyle products, your population will begin to leave. If your island is very large, this shouldn't be a problem. Since Flaks have a large area of influence, 2-3 of them should protect your most important production easily.
Targeting Energy Production

When attacking an island, attempt to destroy the most productive energy generating buildings (i.e. dams, solar towers). Going after small energy production buildings such as wind mills is inefficient and doesn't deprive the opponent of major amounts of energy. Turrets and Flaks rely on energy, and they will cease to attack if deprived of energy. This translates to the enemy losing a large part of their defenses, giving you a major combat advantage.

Warning: If you are fighting against computer players which have Nuclear Power Plants, do NOT destroy the plant because it will turn into a Nuclear Ruin, so it will make it impossible to defeat that player.

Siege / Blockade The point of enforcing a siege or blockade is to prevent materials from reaching an island without having to engage the island’s defenses. Most blockades will be the most effective when enforced on the opponent’s main island, or wherever is main city is. During a blockade, destroy all trade vehicles going to and from the island. This will deprive that island of goods the opponent is transporting it, and in the case of a city, necessary goods the population requires. If the blockade is enforced long enough, the population will begin to leave. The opponent will likely react in the following ways:

  • Moving the necessary production buildings to his main island. This strategy only really works earlier in the game, as later in the game, their main island will not have the necessary fertilities to satisfy his population. Note that doing this will decrease the Ecobalance and/or put a greater strain on the island's energy production.
  • Reinforcing trade routes with military units and/or transporting the goods in military vehicles. Early in the game, when every player only has one or two trade routes and the militaries are more or less equal in power, blockades will be more difficult to enforce as the opponent might be able to fend off units attacking the trade vehicle. Later in the game, when there are more trade routes, attacking trade ships will be easier as the military will be more spread out defending more trade routes and more territory. Destroying trade ships also forces the opponent to make more trade ships, depriving the opponent of materials and money that might otherwise had gone to other purposes. Also, if enforced for a long period of time, the opponent will not be able to upgrade to the next level of civilization, and the respective buildings that come with it. This will give you an advantage over the opponent as you are more advanced, have more income, and possess buildings your opponent doesn't.

The blockade is an offensive tactic, and you will need to be able to build military ships quickly and have success with destroying the opponent’s ships or else you will be wasting time, money, and resources.

Hostile Takeover
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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.

See also Island Shares and Hostile Takeovers.

A hostile takeover constitutes buying shares in an island until you are able to outright buy the island. You will not be able to purchase shares until you reach the third tier of civilization. Once you purchase a share, you will not be able to purchase another for 10 minutes. When you own 60% or more of the shares in an island, you can purchase the island. To purchase shares, click on the island’s Warehouse/Port Authority. A window will appear in the top right of the screen where you can buy the shares. You start with three purchased shares on your first Warehouse.

Preventing a hostile takeover:

  • Purchase shares on your own island. However, this will NOT prevent a takeover. The opponent will still be able to purchase shares you’ve already bought, albeit at a higher price.
  • Purchase shares on one of your opponent's islands. This will force the opponent to buy back that share rather than buying shares on your islands if they want to avoid losing their island to a hostile takeover.

Other Combat Strategies
Commando Rush
Build many Commando Ships and attack your target in guerrilla-style.
Fleet Ordering With 2-3 Ark NPCs on the map, bring your fleet limit to 1 below the maximum and lobby to increase influence. Then order a large fleet from any NPC, send them into battle on a pointless suicide misson, then, when you are under your fleet limit again, order another large fleet. Order from all NPCS; this works best when fighting enemies wth huge navies. Make sure to have managers and a good economy, as a large fleet costs $45,000.

Combat Units[]


Pop Fuel Maintenance Cost Attack vs Aircraft Attack vs Ship/Building Attack vs Submarines Hit Points Special Slot Number Cargo Hold Ability
Commando Ship 5 - -30 20 (4dps) 20 (4dps) - 350 1 3 -
Viper 7 - -60 - 16 (4dps) 42 (11dps) 500 1 2 Attack Drone (+25/25/25)
Colossus 10 - -80 - 60 (10dps) - 800 2 1 Depth Charges
Hovercraft 8 - -50 40 (10dps) 25 (6dps) - 350 2 1 -
Shark 4 - -25 21 (7dps) 21 (7dps) 21 (7dps) 350 3 2 -
Raider 4 - -25 13 (3dps) 13 (3dps) 13 (3dps) 300 2 2 -
Atlas 15 - -120 - - - 1000 0 1 Repair all vehicles in its influence area;

Hold two Choppers and repair and refuel them.

T38 Ocean Glider 5 - -45 - - - 400 2 4 Dive, EMP
Deep Sea Hunter 8 - -80 - 40 (7dps) 40 (7dps) 350 2 1 Dive
Orca / Erebos 20 - -150 - - - 800 1 1 Dive; Medium-Range Missile
Chopper 5 10 -50 35 (12dps) 15 (5dps) - 300 1 0 Stealth Detection
Hawk 7 30 -50 20 (4dps) - - 1000 1 0 Takeover Team (Capture enemy Depots)
FireBird 10 20 -100 - 50 (10dps) - 500 1 0 Bombing Run (3,000 damage)

Stat Boosters[]

For an overview of these items, see Vehicle Items.

There are some items in the game that can improve a ship's stats (damage, health, movement speed). You can acquire these items from trading with an NPC, sending a ship on an expedition outside of the sector with the use of an item, doing missions for an NPC, or researching them at an Academy or Laboratory. These items (usually) use percentages for their stat boosting capabilities. Some items may only be fit to a specific class of vehicle (Warships vs Cargo Freighters), while some items may be fit to any vehicle of its type (any ship or any aircraft). Ships have only a certain number of Special Slots on which any kind of item compatible with that ship type can be fitted. Two or more of the same item may be used without penalty, provided the vehicle in question has more than one fitting slot.


Commando Ship Mayhem[]

You can build commando ships without having to produce any munition. You can do so by first purchasing a commando ship, and than quickly move the Ark to a new location. This will result in the commando ship becoming locked inside the Ark, and you will be offered a new Commando Ship by E.V.E, you can repeat this process as much as you desire, but do note that the more ships you purchase, the faster you must be in order to be able to buy more. You can build a fairly strong navy using this without the need of any munition, but do however note, that you must destroy all your commando ships before you can do this again, and it requirs 3000credits per ship, so build up cash before doing this if you decide to use this exploit.

Indestructible NPCs[]

Do NOT destroy any nuclear powerplants belonging to a NPC your fighting against. Because if the powerplant turns into a ruin, it will make it impossible to defeat the NPC. Its unknown what causes this, but it can be annoying especially in longer missions like the Power Game mission if you accidentally destroys a NPCs powerplant. You can avoid this by destroying the depots and/or warehouses supporting the powerplant which will cause it to collapse. The Deep Ocean expansion adds the Clearance Device Warehouse Item, which removes all ecobalance altering buildings, including Nucelar power plant ruins, but this option is not available in the base game, including Power Games.

For further information on Exploits, see Exploits .