Computer Players are either non-expanding NPCs that reside on their Ark, ship or base, or expanding NPCs who are able to settle islands and build empires just as you do. Only Hector, Keto and the expanding NPCs will directly compete with you and sometimes even attempt to destroy you. Some computer players can build special ships or structures like the oil tanker (Vadim Sokow) or the Shark (Keto). Some players also change their attitude if you go to war with them in a continuous game, such as Thor Strindberg and Hector, which when you have declared war on them and defeated them, they will for a long period of time after that game comment on it when you add them to a continuous game.

"So, you want to resume hostilities do you? It would be a pleasure."
—Thor Strindberg to the player after a heavy defeat.

Some players even have their own soundtrack in the game. See also: Soundtrack

Warning: If you're fighting against computer players which have Nuclear Powerplants, do NOT destroy the plant so it turns into a Nuclear Ruin, it will make it impossible to defeat that player.




  • Trenchcoat (member and possible leader of the Dead Panda Society; a peaceful Black Market trader).
  • Keto (belongs to Westgate Security; her goal is to eliminate any and all human players in the session she is added to).


Adding Computer Players in Continuous GamesEdit


The Game Lobby

Adding Computer Players is done by clicking on the tab below a box, and then clicking the one desired to be added. Difficulty levels can be changed by using the bar at the bottom of their portrait. The level of difficulty does not only decide how large the NPC's navy will be, but also how they behave in the game itself. Some NPCs, like Thor Strindberg, will become more aggressive depending on their difficulty level, but unlike other NPCs, Thor will react more quickly if the player builds up a small navy. When you choose a player you will see writings that explain what they do. For instance, Rufus Thorne will not settle any islands but he will stay in his ark. Other NPCs, like Vadim Sokow will expand, which means that they will start with one island settled and, depending on their difficulty level, that they will expand to other islands at a slow, moderate or fast rate. However, they will rarely settle more than a maximum of 4-5 islands, whatever difficulty they have.

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