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Add-On icon Confidence-building Measures Easy
Your Residents will generate a little less Tax income. There are a number of Trading partners in this Sector. Find out where to get the best deals.
Objectives Earn 5,000 credits from Trade (buying Goods increases this amount)
Settle 500 Tycoon Workers
Focus Trade
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Hiro Ebashi, Thor Strindberg, Vadim Sokow, Trenchcoat
Multiplayer not available

Confidence-building Measures is the first mission of the Global Distrust World Event. It is the easiest mission of this event, with an approximate reduction in Tax income of 20%.

Difficulty: Easy

Main Objective[]

Global Distrust - The great stock market crash

Demonstrate your skills and achieve the following objectives:

  • ▶ Earn Credits-icon 5,000 from Trade.
    • Earned to date: Credits-icon 0 / 5,000
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Tycoon Worker Tycoon Workers 0/500
      in this sector.

Rufus Thorne icon "Unfortunately, we had to promise the new Settlers Tax cuts. But don't worry - they will be moderate. However, you should focus on Trade. "

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 50 Career Points
  • Statistics Center icon Building: Statistics Center
  • Achievement Achievement: "Bailout"

Supplementary Quests[]

At some point, Vadim Sokow may demand that all Oil Drillers except 10 be destroyed:

Ultimatum Time Limit: 30:00ULTIMATUM
Oil the baron

Satisfy the following demands to avoid Sokow declaring War on you:

  • ▶ Demolish the following buildings:
    • Crude oilResource refill Oil driller 0/8
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 10:00 minutes.

Vadim Sokow icon "I do not tolerate competition! Just so that's clear!"

Preceded by the dialogue: "Vadim Sokow is not at all happy to see that you have built the following Buildings: Oil driller (10)" (Influence -25) 30/35 minutes in advance.


Settle the island to the South East of your starting location (Ark), as it contains the necessary Rice fertility to produce Liquor.

The simplest way of completing this mission is to sell Coal to Vadim Sokow, and any excess Fish, Liquor, Coal or Building Modules (Bricks) through sales orders via the Warehouse trade tab (leaving 10t in reserve). Remember to increase the price of Coal to 18 credits when placing the order (by pressing the credits symbol in the upper-right portion of the Warehouse trade tab).


  • Order Tools from the Ark instead of Building Modules. Although expensive (5,000 credits), they do not reduce your Trade balance, and eliminate the need for a Tools Workshop chain completely. Do not purchase Tools from NPCs; only Building Modules (Bricks) to speed up initial construction.
  • Build 6 Basalt Crushers/Smelters immediately, then 1 Power Station, 13 Rotary Excavators and a Depot before expanding the population. After building a Casino, disable Ascension Rights and upgrade 1 Worker Barracks to an Employee House. Setup a Coal trade route to Vadim Sokow as soon as you have enough Coal to export, using the original Warship.
  • 64 Worker Barracks (8 per Barracks) will be needed to achieve the secondary mission requirement of 500 Workers; this includes 1 Worker Barracks upgraded to an Employee House (normally 63). Only 2 Fisheries/Distilleries are required to meet this population's basic needs. Do not modify the Tax rate, as the economy is meaningless for the purposes of this mission.
  • Vadim Sokow (North East) will only buy Coal at a price of 18 credits (per unit) after unlocking the Employee class, otherwise he offers just 9 credits. 120t of Coal generates 2,160 credits in Trade income.
  • Setup 12 Rotary Excavators and a Depot (with no Power) here - instead of the mainland - directly on the Northern shore of Vadim's island (despite a -10 Influence penalty) if you're feeling adventurous, for added Trade route efficiency. Otherwise, it will require micromanagement (16 Bricks/41 Tools are needed; buy all Bricks from Rufus once, leave the rest on mainland, and build only 5 Basalt chains).
  • Trading Bricks to Rufus at 17 credits (per unit) is actually less economical than Coal, since they are produced 33% more slowly, yet the chain still costs 3 Tools to build, which is the limiting factor. 120t of Building Modules generate 2,040 credits in Trade income. 120t as a sales order provides 3,240 credits (27/unit), but NPCs will only buy 12t at this price.
  • 120t Liquor when sold to Trenchcoat produces 2,400 credits (20/unit). Unfortunately, he first appears 35 minutes into the mission, while it can be completed in under 20 minutes using the above methods.

Video Guide[]


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