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The Continuous Game is really the bread and butter of the Anno series. In this

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game mode, the player sets the game goals of their deisres and is capable of setting world settings, such as the size of the game map or the starting conditions. The player also has the option to choose the other parties present in the game as other players or NPCs.

Standard Game options[]

There are three game templates: easy, medium and hard.

Easy Game Normal Game Hard Game
Island Size Medium Medium Large
Fertilities Many Medium Few
Raw Materials Many Medium Few
Quests Medium Medium Medium
City Disasters Easy Medium Medium

Environmental Disasters

Easy Medium Hard
Technological Disasters Easy Medium Hard
Environmental Influences Positive Mixed Negative
Revealed Map Off Off Off
Start Balance 80.000 Credits 50.000 Credits 30.000 Credits
Licenses None None None
Forced Peace Off Off Off
Start Situation 1 Warehouse None None
Ships Off Command Ship Merchant Fleet
Ark Storage On On On
Refund of Construction Costs Full Half Off

Setting your own goals[]

It is possible to configure many aspects of the game in Continuous Mode. Available settings are divided into two tabs: the Lobby and the Game settings screen.


In the lobby you can choose who you want to play in your sector: computer players and human opponents can be set here, but with a maximum of three expanding parties. For more details on playing with other players, see Multiplayer.

  • Allow Open Access: Opens your game to the public at the time of creation, and it will appear for other players in the Mission Map "Join Multiplayer Game" list.
  • Faction Selection: Choose preferred starting faction
  • Map Size: Choose whether to generate a small (17-20 islands total, 2 starting locations), medium (21-26 islands total, 3 starting locations) or large (26-32 islands total, 4 starting locations) map

Game settings[]

Continuous Game Settings

In the Game settings tab you are able to customize the environment, as well as start-, and win conditions. Hoover over each setting for a detailed description.

Things to note:

  • Win conditions in continuous games are insubstantial, save for setting goals for oneself and others. Reaching win conditions does not award any rewards or career points. It's possible to continue the game after victory conditions are met.
  • Turning off quests also means no ultimatums, which leaves players as the only parties able to declare war, no daily quests, and no quests received when using the 'Demand Quest' diplomatic action.
  • Any 'Peace' setting will disable Hector and Keto from being a third party in the map. If you want them to show up, set 'Peace' to 'off'.


See Continuous Game/walkthrough.

Recommended Maps[]

Comparing Maps[]

Continuous Game maps in Anno 2070 are not randomly generated - they are rather randomly chosen among a (large!) number of pre-generated maps. This allows players to play and compare the exact same maps, determined by the Seed Number which can be freely chosen from 0 to 99999. The game itself only randomizes between 10000 and 99999. Besides that seed number, four other parameters are also determining the shape and the distribution of the islands:

  • Map Size: determines the number of factions allowed, and of course the number of islands generated. There are three different map sizes: small, medium and large - and the same seed number results in three different maps.
  • Island Size: Choosing small islands means that more small islands are generated with only very few medium/large islands. Large islands means that only few small islands exist, while there are several very large ones. Again, there are three different sizes to choose from - and the same seed number results in three different maps.
  • Environmental influence: Many islands themselves are available in three versions: Positive, negative and without environment influences. If you allow for positive and/or negative influences in the map setting, it is possible that you encounter islands twice: The Twin of the neutral island then features (for example) an old warhead or some old facility. In game setup, there are four different influences to choose from: neutral, positive, negative and mixed. However, it's easy to prove that positive/negative influences ultimately lead to the "same" map, with the (positively/negatively) influenced islands switched against their counterpart. That means there are, actually, just three different maps per seed number: "Mixed" (some positive, some negative), "Neutral" (never influenced), "Influenced" (in each case positive OR negative). If produced with the same seed and otherwise unchanged parameters, the maps usually look rather similar. Yet there are usually several islands relocated or replaced or rotated, especially if there were "twin" islands whch are not possible to place in true neutral maps.
  • Hector and Ebashi: If either of these two players is around, their starting locations replace other islands. This means that there are four maps for each seed number: Without either, with Ebashi but not Hector; with Hector but not Ebashi; and finally with both. With all other parameters unchanged and the same seed, it should be noted that ''most'' islands are still the same: Some are rotated, some have switched positions, some remain unchanged, and only very few are entirely different. This last effect is only tested empirically, however.

Summing this up: Even with only 100.000 seed numbers, there are up to 10'800'000 possible maps to choose from, not counting the other game options like fertilities, starting faction(s) and disaster difficulty.

The amount of fertilities and/or raw materials has no influence on the distribution of the islands, although it definitely has a large impact on how these islands can be used during a game. In general, it can be observed that the most basic fertilities are present on the largest islands (Tea for Ecos, Rice for Tycoons and Coffee for Techs), while the more specialised fertilities are put on the rest of the islands. As it is possible to assign fertilities and to refill raw material deposits with (Tech) items, the amount and distribution of resources is more or less irrelevant in the late game, even though it is paramount to secure an adequate supply in the earlier stages of a game.

"Good" maps[]

Criteria for "good maps" may differ depending on your playing style, but it should be noted that you only need a "good map" (instead of "a few good islands"), if you are actually planning to use it all up, wiping out all other factions and populating the entire map.

  • Everyone will prefer large open spaces instead of terrain littered with rocks and rivers: open space minimizes planning efforts and maximizes efficiency. However, a majority of maps feature more "good" islands, rather few consist mostly of "bad" ones.
  • War-mongers will prefer settling on islands that are easy to defend. A main concern is that supply routes should be short. If all your core islands are in one corner of the sector, wars are easier to plan and conduct. It's also possible to set up a corridor between closer islands, giving huge strategical advantage over third parties.
  • If you plan to construct monuments, huge open areas become a main concern, as well as cheap energy. Ecos have to spend between 1.0 to 1.7 credits for each energy point, while Tycoons spend between 0.45 and 0.55 credits per energy. The really cheap energy however comes from Hydro and Geothermal Plants with less than 0.3 credits per energy point. In the average large map, there are 3-6 Hydro plant spots and 2-4 Geothermal plant spots. This means a difference of 3000 vs. 6000 cheap energy points for the duration of the game - not counting boosts/items. If the player chooses to use these great energy sources, then they must be on the lookout for such maps with a maximum of both suitable power plant placement spots as well as enough open space.

Such maps are advertised below.

Anno 2070[]

Post Patch 1.05, the following numbers are correct.

Map Seed 83943[]

This map has 4 large islands in the center. The island to the right of the red ark is probably the best with enough room for large building layouts, a Hydroelectric Dam slot, and six river slots. The islands to the north and south-east of this island have plenty of open space, but no river/dam slots. The island to the east will not fit the biggest housing layouts but has 7 river slots.

Map 83943

Map Seed 83943 Large Map Large Islands

This map also has large islands that contain durum wheat and vegetable seeds. In particular, the large northern island has vast expanses of land, river slots, hydro-plant slots, and positive environmental influences. The underwater islands are also very small.

My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many

Map Seed 74530[]


My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many
  • Ecobalance influences: Positive

This map has enough space to build large cities and 4 monuments. It also has enough fertility for all three factions, and it can support all stages. It's one of the best maps I have come across to date. The settings above are what I considered to be the best, but you can experiment to get your own desired results. The second island in the top right of the map, and the one at the bottom right have the same island setup, which makes an ideal starting point.

Since Patch 1.05, the following numbers are incorrect!

Map Seed 81631[]


Map Seed of 81631

I recommend this map seed, due to its 3 large islands close together, all three have spots for Hydroelectric Dams, and the two large islands near each faction rep can support any of the large scale building layouts from the layout page. The one near Mr. Thorne is perfect for a Global Trust start (buy Rice Seeds), the one near the Yana is perfect for an Eden start. So it is a prime setup.

Your start location, blue, isn't the best, but you can move your Ark right in the center of the three islands.

My Settings were:

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Fertilities: Many
  • Raw Materials: Many

Map Seeds 71457 and 19794[]

71457 and 19794 are perhaps better for large population groups, since they have a larger supply of durum wheat. It is not an easy fertility to get and if you want to build a really large total population, say over 20 million, you will need a good supply of it for pasta.

Deep Ocean[]

A custom Map[]


This is a custom map, not a seed. This map uses only the best islands in the game, has an infinite amount of resources, and all fertilities/resources on all islands. I've also left a surprise in one of the ships! (Persuasion Emitter, Ying-Yang Regulator, Virtual Facades, and a few hydro dam blueprints.) Place the file in your save game folder, then load it like you would any other saved game. Documents\ANNO 2070\Accounts\Your Account\Savegames Enjoy! (currently does not work)

Here is a reupload:

Map Seeds 84769[]


A decent map with the settings: Large map; large islands; Ebashi & Hector enabled: This map has 4 large islands with hydro and rivers, a large island without hydro as well as 4 places for geothermal powerplants.

Multiple underwater plateaus have black smokers and on "medium" resources 4 islands have underwater ruins for the production of microchips or building modules.

Three tests on these claims were performed in 2017-12 with the environmental settings of neutral, mixed, and postive/negative. In all three cases, the map was generated with 5 hydro slots, 4 geothermal slots, and between 39-45 river slots. The "mixed" map setting is depicted above, and contained the most impressive underwater plateaus.

Map Seed 79810[]

I've been playing various seeds to find a map that I can build an empire on using both factions (and later techs). So far this is the best I've found, without hector enabled.

Three tests on these claims were performed in 2017-12:

  • On large map/island size, env. influence negative and no Hector/Ebashi: There are many very large islands concentrated in the northeast, but only 26 river slots in total and only two (!) hydro slots. However, there are four geothermic slots.
  • On large map/island size, env. influence neutral and with Hector: Again, most large islands in the northeast corner, just 26 river placement slots, three hydro slots, four geothermal slots.
  • On large map but medium island size, influence mixed and with Ebashi: Islands distributed normally and with less impressive open spaces, but a good amount of river slots (41), and four hydro slots/geothermal slots, both.

Map Seed 22045[]

  • Map/Island Size: Large
  • Environmental Influences: Positive
  • Map without Hector and Ebashi

This sector has 5 slots for a Hydroelectric Dam, and 3 slots for a Geothermal Power Plant. With positive ecobalance enabled, all underwater plateaus contain ruins and black smokers.

2017-12 evaluation confirms the above findings and map screenshot - even in a setting with Fertilities/Raw Materials set to "Few" and Influences set to "Negative". Just 29 river slots, though.

Map Seed 95555[]

  • Map Size: Large
  • Island Size: Large
  • Map without Hector and Ebashi.
  • Environmental Influences: Positive

This sector has 6 slots for a Hydroelectric Dam, and 4 slots for a Geothermal Power Plant. With positive environmental influences there are 2 Water Treatment Plants, 2 Old Weather Stations, and 2 Formers for a starting global ecobalance of 100. All underwater plateaus contain ruins and black smokers.

2017-12 evaluation confirms the above findings and map screenshot.

Map Seed 11062[]

Map 11062 L - L
  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Negative/Positive influences
  • Map without Hector/Ebashi

This pretty decent map features six Hydro slots and 3 Geothermic Slots.

2017-12 evaluation confirms the above findings and map screenshot. Tests showed that with island size medium, there are even 4 Geothermic slots, but less suitable islands for huge cities.

The top and bottom starting islands are perfect for a large Metropolis, able to support all three factions. The two middle starting islands are perfect for supporting them with building material, tea and liquor. The one on the right also has a Hydro Plant slot. The large island way up North has an increased Ecobalance of 150 and has the Durum Wheat and Fruit fertility. Just throw on some Rice, and you can cultivate all Employee and Engineer food on one island.

Map Seed 55782[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Positive/Negative Influences
  • Map without Ebashi/Hector

This map was pointed out by Claudio in Player Cities, and is really a treat: Six hydro slots and four geothermic slots are available for energy; not only the "best" island but several others provide much open space for building cities.

Tested 2018-06: confirmed all of the above.

Map Seed 50048[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Negative/Positive influences
  • Map with Hector

Found this one in a forum: 2017-12 evaluation confirms 50 river slots, seven Hydro slots, albeit only three Geothermal plant spots. The islands are sufficiently large, with two copies of the so-called "best" Island (the big square with the lake/river in one small corner and the 8 mine slots)

Testing a variation with Ebashi and mixed influences resulted in six Hydro and three Gethermic slots.

Map Seed 82048[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Negative/Positive influences
  • Map with Hector and Ebashi

Found this one in the same forum: 2017-12 evaluation confirms six Hydro slots and four Geothermic slots. Islands are generally large and in charge, but I guess that there is only one large enough open space for a megacity. Geothermic plateaus are below the plateaus at the sector edge: On two/three/five and eight o'clock.

Testing a variation without Hector/Ebashi and mixed influences resulted in roughly the same layout, but with one less Hydro slot. Another variation with only Ebashi and medium island size resulted in a more mediocre layout with only four Hydro/Geothermic slots each and a few islands of the "fractured" variant.

Map seed 83142[]

  • Map size Large
  • Island size: Medium
  • Positive/Negative influences
  • Map with Hector

Discovered/played this seed in 2017-12. It was okay. Easily supports three monumental cities (although there are only two spots where a monument has really all the open space it needs). Six hydro slots, but only three geothermic ones.

Testing a variation with Island size: Large, neutral influences and without both Hector/Ebashi, resulted in a map with four Geothermic and five Hydro slots. However, several islands were rather fractured, only one really good monumental city spot.

Map seed 7[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Positive Influences
  • Map with Hector/Ebashi

2017-12 evaluation: This map has five Hydro slots and four Geothermic ones (three of them in the left-center), and has a great open-spaced island just north of these three small plateaus. A variation with only Ebashi and mixed influences resulted in only three Geothermic spots and without that huge islands, although several other big islands remain.

Map Seed 2666[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Test 1: Positive Influences and Hector
  • Test 2: Mixed Influences and Ebashi

2017-12 evaluation: The tested cases have a map with: five Hydro sloty, four Geothermic ones, large open space and really good river coverage (46-50 river slots).

Map seed 31789[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Test 1: Negative Influences without Hector/Ebashi
  • Test 2: Mixed influences with Hector
  • Test 3: Neutral influences with Ebashi
  • Test 4: Mixed influences with both of them

2017-12 evaluation: In all tested cases does the map feature: five Hydro slots and four Geothermic ones, and is very generous with open space because several major islands don't even have rivers (resulting in only 30 river slots, however!).

Map seed 49279[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Tested in 2017-12 without Hiro/Hector and with positive influence.

The very best island is placed two times, next to each other, in the top center. Actually, the map features three pairs of twin islands, which is rather neat, I guess. There are also five Hydro slots, four Geothermic ones, and more than forty river slots. A few fractured islands aren't as nice, but there IS lots of space.

Map seed 88018[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Tested in 2018-06 with and without Hector/Ebashi
  • Mixed Influences

There are two copies of the best island, one of which is a starting island. Of the other three starting islands two have good space for building. Map contains 3 geothermal slots and 7 hydroelectric slots with Hector, Ebashi, both or neither. If Hector and Ebashi are both selected (pictured) two of the geothermal plateaus are adjacent to Hector's base.

Map seed 78137[]

  • Map/Island size: Large
  • Tested 2019-11 without Hector/Ebashi
  • Mixed Influences

At first glance this map isn't anything special, with only 3 hydro and 3 geothermal slots and a mere 33 river slots. However, this map has an especially large amount of open space for large cities. One copy of the "best" island is a starting island, and a second copy of it has corn/wheat/vegetable fertility and can comfortably host a monument city while also taking care of all the service bot production you'll need for an eco empire.

Other map seeds claimed to be good:

  • 79157, 97634, 83857, 97357 (large/large; unknown eco-influences/3rd parties): 2017-12 evaluation confirmed that they are okay, but found nothing to write home about in comparison with the ones above.
  • 51059 (Hiro+Hector; rest of parameters unknown, received praise for having 3 Hydro and 2 Geothermic slots): 2017-12 evaluation the variation of large/large/mixed: 4 Geothermic/4 Hydro slots. Two islands fit for a monument.
  • ...