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Guide to 'Slumming'[]

Slumming is a system which can be used to maximise citizen population to a minimal area by forcing houses to evolve beyond the standard caps.

Slumming Pros

Tycoon City Maxed by Slumming

Tycoon City Maximized with Slumming Method

  • Maximizes space efficiency
  • Can reach population requirement for even the hardest missions
  • Makes city look awesome
  • Significantly reduces production chain requirements for supporting the city
  • Produces maximum tax benefits

Slumming Cons

Tycoon City Maximized with Slumming (by night)

Tycoon City Maximized with Slumming (by night)

  • Requires heavy logistics chain to initially set up (which will be halved on completion)
  • Requires island capable of housing Monument, and remainder of island must remain empty till completion (supply the island with trade routes till city is finished, then you can use whole island again!)
  • A bit time consuming the first time you try it, but gets better with time!

See side pics for examples of a city maxed by slumming

So, here is how to slum your city!

  • Find an island with enough space to hold a monument city. 
    Slumming Step 1

    Step 1: measure out enough space!

    Natural resources are of minimal importance, space is the primary factor.  You can measure out the island to see if it has enough space by dragging roads around, usualy a road which equals 400credits to build in either direction is sufficient for a monument.
  • Next, you want to build a seed city in another location on the island.  This city will serve to carry you to 1400 executives, allowing you to build your monument.  This will also serve as your primary slum.
    Sluming Step 2

    Step 2: Build a slum!

  • Build up logistics chain able to support large hungry population.  Untill your slumming is finished, you will need to feed ~20,000 citizens at the largest point.  My city in these pictures hit 22,000 at one point, but after the process was finished it settled into a nice 10,000
  • When you are floating plenty of stockpiled resources and have hit 1400 executives, drop your monument foundation and start feeding it resources.  You will basically want to build enough harbor depots that
    Slumming Step 5

    Step 5: Layout your monument city

    you can max out 999t of all your goods while you are waiting for the monument to build.
  • While your monument builds, as long as your logistics chain can support your food needs, you can start laying out your monument city.  In this example I am using the Universal Cornrow design uploaded by Messej
  • Once you have laid out your full monument city, and are still waiting for the monument to build, the fun part starts: Slumming!  Basically, at this point you want to blanket the entire island in houses.  Build as many city
    Slumming step 5

    Build More Slums!

    centers/roads as needed to cover practically every inch of the island in houses.  DO NOT FORGET TO DENY ASCENSION RIGHTS, you do NOT want these little slums running off on their own!  You will be going in manually and upgrading the houses around your monument, leaving the slums as slums.
  • Basically, you are building extra houses so that you will raise your population housing caps, allowing a larger percentage of houses around your monument to be upgraded to executive/engineers, and then later you can go in and bulldoze the slums leaving a full city of executives!
    Slumming step 6

    Step 6: Upgrade your core city, and what slums you must to feed it.

  • Once your monument finished, you get the joy of going in and manualy upgrading all the houses around your monument to create your 'core' city.  You will probally have to upgrade your slums to at least employees, and some to engineers, depending on how many executives you want.  In the example on the right picture, I use a total of 1045 houses to create an end-city with 200 executive mansions and 300 Engineer appartments.
  • Once your core city is built up the way you want it, or you have run out of
    Slumming Step 7

    Step 7: Bulldoze everything but your core city!

    room to build enough slums to carry you any higher, the fun part happens!  You get to bulldoze over half your houses and watch everyone run in panic!  At this point you go destory every single house which is not part of your core city.  You will end up with a giant empty island, with a shiny executive metropolis in the middle.  Don't worry, you can always plant trees or build logistics in the empty space!
  • Now that your slums are gone, you are left with a mega-city of pure executives and engineers, in the example ont he right we have roughly 10,000 citizens generating 19,000 credits in tax, crammed into one little city core.  Now you can go in and fix the island back up, plant trees or whatever you want.  Also, you can now shut down your surplus production facilities, your new mega-city will only eat half what you were using before, but will generate double the tax income of a standard city.

And that's how you slum a city. Pretty simple at the core, you are just building a massive ammount of houses so that you can upgrade your core city to max, then destorying the extra houses.  This allows you to boost a massive tax income, while cutting your logistics in half.  Also this is capable of meeting the requirements of any of the single missions which require executives, such as Power Games and Monumentality.

Remember though, you need to take care of your executive city.  If any of the houses down-grade from lack of food/supplies/fire/illness or whatever, you will be left with a dead spot which you would need to slum all over again to fill!  Make sure you run a city layout which provides 100% emergency coverage, such as the one linked above!

Hope this helps someone, I've used it many times to make cities which hit their peak without having to waste space on junky little houses which provide nothing! ~StarShadow

Slumming Final Product

Final Product

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