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A healthy amount of credits and income

Credits are the currency of Anno 2070. They are needed to build and maintain buildings and vehicles.

Credits are obtained from taxation and trading and dividends from island shares in Deep Ocean, and keeping your credit balance positive is one of the most important things in Anno 2070. It is also possible to take out a loan from some computer players, but be aware of the hefty interest payments. If at any time your balance or income drops below 0 you are considered to be in Debt and must take the neccessary steps to earn more credits or face losing the game.

Another possibility for earning Credits is an investment in a NPC. You can choose between non-risk, medium-risk and high-risk. With higher risk you can maximize your profit but you can lose everything.

You will be declared bankrupt when your amount of credits in the bank reaches -10000, further described on the Deficit page. If you are declared bankrupt, you will lose the game and be presented with the "Game lost" screen.


  • The maximum amount of credits your able to have in a single game is limited to 999,940,000credits, at which point the counter will stop increasing, meaning you can't earn anymore money.