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Add-On icon Crisis Intervention Medium
Your Residents generate less Tax income. There are a number of Trading partners in this Sector. Find out where to get the best deals.
Objectives Earn 40,000 credits from Trade (buying Goods increases this amount)
Settle 1,000 Tycoon Employees and 900 Engineers
Focus Economy, Trade
NPCs Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Dr. Salman Devi, Hiro Ebashi, Thor Strindberg, Vadim Sokow, Trenchcoat
Multiplayer not available

Crisis Intervention is the second mission of the Global Distrust World Event. It has a moderate Tax reduction of 50%, but several Trade opportunities with local partners.

Difficulty: Medium

Main Objective[]

Global Distrust - The great stock market crash

Demonstrate your skills and achieve the following objectives:

  • ▶ Earn Credits-icon 40,000 from Trade.
    • Earned to date: Credits-icon 0 / 40,000
  • ▶ Settle:
    • Tycoon Employee Tycoon Employees 0/1000
    • Tycoon Engineer Tycoon Engineers 0/900
      in this sector.

Rufus Thorne icon "The Tax cuts for the new Settlers are part of the extensive Global Trust campaign. You have to expect significant losses. Focus therefore on Trade. "

  • Reward:
  • Career Points (with a faction of your choice) 150 Career Points
  • Icon 30 111Multiple effects Formulas: Data Trap, Recovery cells
  • Achievement Achievement: "Debt cut"

Supplementary Quests[]

At some point, Vadim Sokow may demand that all Oil Drillers except 10 be destroyed:

Ultimatum Time Limit: 30:00ULTIMATUM
Oil the baron

Satisfy the following demands to avoid Sokow declaring War on you:

  • ▶ Demolish the following buildings:
    • Crude oilResource refill Oil driller 0/8
  • ▶ Maintain this condition for the next 10:00 minutes.

Vadim Sokow icon "I do not tolerate competition! Just so that's clear!"

Preceded by the dialogue: "Vadim Sokow is not at all happy to see that you have built the following Buildings: Oil driller (10)" (Influence -25) 30/35 minutes in advance.


Crisis Intervention Map

Crisis Intervention sector map

  • Main Island (South East of Ark): This island contains just the necessities required for basic settlement construction including Basalt, Coal, Iron Ore, Sand and Limestone deposits. Expansion to nearby islands will become necessary to meet the Trade income requirements.
  • Processing Island (West): This island contains plentiful Crude Oil reserves ideal for producing Plastics, which may be sold to Rufus Thorne.
  • Agricultural Island (South West): Convenience Food should be prepared at this island, ignoring the penalty to Ecobalance on the mainland.


  • The most economically efficient path towards the completion of this assignment is through the Trade of Liquor to Trenchcoat and Plastics to Rufus Thorne. 240t of Plastics sold to Rufus Thorne amount to a total Trade value of 34,560 credits and can be earned in 30 minutes (with 4 additional Plastics chains).
  • Make use of the Demand Quest feature in the Diplomacy screen at least once to supplement your early income. It becomes unnecessary once Liquor and Plastics production are in place. A speed boost for your Warship may also be purchased from one of the NPCs with Licenses. Order Building Modules at the Ark, and severely limit your Tools purchases at NPCs; stay conservative.
  • After constructing 6 Basalt chains, 4 Tools Workshops and 3 Concrete chains, upgrade 40 Workers to Employees for a total of 600 (unlocking Plastics), then disable consumption and raise Tax rates. Proceed immediately to establishing a Crude Oil operation, building 4 Plastics then 2 Convenience Food chains; following up with 2 more for Plastics.
  • In order to meet the required Trade income target at the same time as the population goal, approximately 12 Distilleries and 18 Oil Drillers will be required. 1 City Center, 2 Casinos, 1 Broadcast Tower and 6 Fisheries will also be required to meet the needs of this population.
  • You need to reach both the Employee and Engineer population targets simultaneously, for a total of 129 residences (26 for Workers, 67 for Employees and 36 for Engineers), with a final population of 208 Workers, 1005 Employees and 900 Engineers; this will require manual Ascension Rights. Set the Ministry's channel to Success Stories for a reduction in upgrade costs.
  • After you reach this target, keeping the Engineer population below 1,200 will prevent the populace from rioting due to the lack of a Financial Center (You can actually reach 1525 Engineers with this many residences). Instead, Taxes should be increased and the consumption of Convenience Food disabled on both Employees and Engineers immediately after you reach the required targets; Plastics may also be disabled on the Employees.
  • Trenchcoat pays 4% less than an average sales order on all other Goods. If you are having difficulty filling your quotas via orders, trade all of the overflow Goods at his establishment. As you approach the population target, deposit as many Goods as you can at his doorstep for quick completion; even assigning the only Cargo ship you should have built to this task.
  • Due to maintenance and construction costs, it is worth noting the most cost-efficient early Trade Goods and for which to create sales orders: Liquor to Trenchcoat (336-405% profit), Bricks (210-251%), Plastics to Rufus (132-189%), Oil (149-204%), Crude Oil (169-198%). Only excess Convenience Food (46-114%) should be sold or 2 production chains will be insufficient to meet later needs. Tools (63-150%), Concrete (53-72%) and Fish are not worth trading unless the Warehouse has become saturated; via sales orders.
  • Even though Plastics earn 9-15% less net profit than Oils, they are worth 20-25% more in gross, so the goal may be obtained quicker, but requires some additional investment (mainly in Concrete). Also, due to the large quantities of Liquor/Bricks required to earn 40,000 credits, it is generally advisable to mass produce Plastics instead. However, there really isn't much difference in cost-efficiency between Plastics, Oil and Crude Oil. Building larger numbers of Oil Drillers and Refineries can achieve the same effect as Plastics when sold to Trenchcoat or via sales orders (although larger quantities will need to be transported). In hindsight, 6 chains of Oil (not Crude Oil) sold to Trenchcoat may yield the largest profit using 6 less Concrete, while generating 20% more credits per minute [needs verification; but it could save some time].
  • Hiro Ebashi may be located at the Southern edge of the map and sells Submarines for 5,040 credits.
  • Using these methods, the mission can be completed in 1 hour, prior to Trenchcoat departing the area.
  • Additional information is contained in the Walkthrough for the previous mission, Confidence-building Measures.

Video Guide[]


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