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This page features the current activities which the wiki community has focused on. The activities are not required to be a part of and the rules are to be treated as expected guidelines instead of strict rules. This page is versatile and will change over time as new activities are engaged. The order is depending on engagement and age.

Layout Movement[]


Recently, a poll resulted in the decision to move the building layouts to the respective building's pages. This in order to keep the wiki and it's information accessible, for the current layout system is convoluted and makes it hard to find the layout you request.


1. Any layout which features an building has to be found on that building's page. (Except depots and alike)

2. The layout section will have an header 2 title stating: "Layouts Utilizing this Building" minus the quotation marks.

3. Housing layouts will feature only on the pages of the houses in question.


At the moment, the following layout sections have been:

Eco Simple MOVED
Eco Complex NOT MOVED
Tycoon Simple NOT MOVED
Tycoon Complex NOT MOVED
Tech Simple NOT MOVED
Tech Complex NOT MOVED
Underwater NOT MOVED
Eco Housing NOT MOVED
Tycoon Housing NOT MOVED
Tech Housing NOT MOVED

Anno 2070 wiki developed Add-On[]


The Anno 2070 wiki community is working on the development of an add-on. A discussion page is actively introducing, designing and developing the various components we hope will be implemented.


1. No trolling. Keep the conversation polite and relevant. Hold the flamewars at bay. 2. No extravagant ideas. The add-on must be kept executable.


A PDF file[where?] containing the currently gathered and agreed upon ideas has been assembled.