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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Neuroimplants Icon Cybernetic Factory SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Construction Cost Credits1500 · Building Modules 12 · Tools 8 · Carbon 5
Maintenance Cost Balance -70 · Energy -20
Size 5x4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces Neuroimplants from Sponges Microchips
Unlock 600 Researchers

The Cybernetic Factory is a Tech production plant that uses Sponges and Microchips to produce Neuroimplants. Neuroimplants satisfy the Researchers' need for lifestyle, so they can upgrade to geniuses, if all demands are satisfied.

The Cybernetic Factory may only be built underwater. Because it needs Microchips, it is ideally coupled with an Electronics Recycler.

Each Cybernetic Factory can produce enough Neuroimplants to satisfy:

Production Chains Utilizing this Building[]

Neuroimplants Icon Neuroimplants
SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Credits-icon 4050  · Balance -170  · Energy -40  · Ecobal-icon -8
Building Modules 23 · Tools 30 · Carbon 7
Sponge Farm
2 @ 100%
Cflow-B Neuroimplants
Cybernetic Factory
2 @ 100%
Sand Extractor
1 @ 33%
Cflow-D Microchips
Chip Factory
1 @ 100%
Copper Ore
Copper Mine
1 @ 50%

  • The total energy consumption is split between land and seafloor: -6 / -34
  • The Chip Factory running at 100% (and its suppliers) can be replaced by an Electronics Recycler running at 66%.


These upgrades cannot be researched; they must be bought or found.  

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs
Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Neuroimplants itemProductivity Neutron Microscope Productivity: +25% Allows the production of even smaller Units.


Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Neuroimplants itemEnergy cost Seawater cooling Energy: -25% So obvious...


Warehouse-slot-iconDeepOceanOverlay Gold star small Neuroimplants itemUpkeep cost Precision scanners Maintenance: -25% Scans all components for irregulatities in advance.