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The DLC were downloadable content packages for Anno 2070. They featured new buildings, items and missions, as well as new unlockable achievements and player profile elements such as portraits or titles. They were designed to add some non-practical content (for instance, new Ornamental Buildings) and don't usually have an impact on the gameplay. There were 9 released DLC and any of them could have been bought through Steam Store.

The Eden Packages[]

These packages were released on February 13 of 2012, along with the 1.03 patch.

The Eden Project complete package[]


Price: $7.99

Description: All of the "Eden Project" world event content at one special low price.


  • The Keeper package
  • The Developement package
  • The Eden Series package

The Keeper package[]


Price: $0.99

Description: The Former technologies give you the greatest advantage. With the Keeper 1.0 you get access to this powerful technology without playing through the Eden Project World Event. As this is the S.A.A.T. version, it comes with a unique skin for the Former technology tool as well access to high-end upgrades.


  • Construction Plan: Keeper 1.0
  • Keeper 1.0 Automation (formula)
  • Keeper 1.0 High Performance Fibers (formula)
  • Keeper 1.0 Converter Upgrade (formula)

The Development package[]


Price: $3.99

Description: Do you want to learn more about Former technology and its inventor, Josh? Then you’ll enjoy the Development Package. Find out what happened to Josh and help him finish his greatest and most difficult development, against all odds.



  • ChAch "Do you believe in ghosts?" (unlocks title: Ghost Hunter)
  • ChAch "Best friends forever" (unlocks title: Shaman)

The Eden Series package[]


Price: $3.99

Description: The success of the Former technologies has been a great victory for the Eden Initiative. Celebrate their success with a new line of architecture that will bring the shine of green tech to your cities.


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Steam Store screenshot

  • Eden Line Hedge System (4 versions)
  • Eden Line Park System (4 versions)
  • Eden Line Tree Place
  • Eden Line Water Wall
  • Town Center Variation

Also see Ornamental Buildings (Ecos)


  • SecAch "Green is the color"
  • SecAch "It's a green world after all"

The Distrust Packages[]

These packages were released on March 26 of 2012, along with the 1.04 patch.

Financial Crisis complete package[]


Price: $7.99

Description: All of the "Global Distrust" world event content at one special low price.


  • Central Statistics package
  • Crisis Response package
  • "Distrust Series" package

Central Statistics package[]


Price: $0.99

Description: Global Trust design for the Statistics center. Operation and upgrades are the same.


  • Central Statistics
  • Central Statistics - Data trap
  • Central Statistics - Recovery cells
  • Central Statistics - Energy renovation

Crisis Response package[]


Price: $3.99

Description: Following the introduction of the Formers, Global Trust must now reposition themselves in the market. Support them in this task by concluding two new bonus missions.



  • ChAch "There we go!"
  • ChAch "Green as steel"

"Distrust Series" package[]


Price: $3.99

Description: The financial boom and growing consumer behavior taking place in the Tycoon cities have drastically changed consumer habits within the population.


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Steam Store screenshot

  • Covered City Center
  • 4 Shopping Mall Elements
  • 3 Security fence Elements
  • Carousel Display
  • Searchlight

Also see Ornamental Buildings (Tycoons)


  • SecAch "Tycoon all the way through"
  • SecAch "Closing out sale! Sale! Everything must go!"
  • SecAch "Flawless"

The Nordamark Packages[]

These packages were released on May 14 of 2012, along with the 1.05 patch.

Nordamark Conflict complete package[]

Nordamark Package

Price: $4.99

Description: All of the "Nordamark Conflict" world event content at one special low price.


  • Silent Running package
  • E.V.E. package
  • "Nordamark Series" package

Silent Running package[]

Silent Running Package

Price: $0.99

Description: Global Trust design for the Orca submarine. Operationally identical.


  • Erebos
  • Erebos - Armor Plate
  • Erebos - Reactor Accelerator
  • Erebos - Optimization Kit

E.V.E. package[]


Price: $0.99

Description: The world is facing one of the greatest military conflicts of all time. Your Virtual Entity has therefore activated the appropiate emergency protocols and is now in "Red Phone" mode, which focusses all the computing power on collecting current data on the crisis and calculating potential solutions to the conflict.


  • Portrait: E.V.E. Emergency Protocol

"Nordamark Series" package[]

Nordamark Series Package

Price: $3.99

Description: Ornamental elements for the Harbor.


  • Cargo conveyor belt
  • 5 Harbor container yards
  • Harbour gate
  • Lighthouse

Also see Ornamental Buildings (Harbor)


  • SecAch "Harbour Master"
  • SecAch "Light, dark and light again"

Deep Ocean expansion package[]

These packages were released on October 4 of 2012, along with the 2.00 patch. This package is not a DLC but rather an add-on!

"Deep Ocean" expansion package[]

2012-09-18 00001

Price: $29.99

Description: The rise of the Techs cannot be stopped. Due to their constant thriving for innovation and research they will become the most dominant and advanced civilization in Anno 2070: Deep Ocean. Hidden in the depths of the oceans for centuries, the Techs finally succeed to find a solution for all energy problems. Thanks to new technology it is now possible to producee and distribute energy in a whole new way. But every advancement is accompanied by new challenges and risks. Will you be able to handle the situation?

Contains: the Deep Ocean expansion.

Note: the screen displayed here only occurs when you've bought the game through Steam Store. Otherwise, you won't see it until you've actually bought the game.

DLC bundle[]

The three DLC packs (Eden, Distrust and Nordamark) have been bundled together and were released on January 17 of 2013.

DLC complete package[]

Shop addon

Price: $14,99

Contains: all of the content from the Eden Project Complete Package, the Financial Crisis Complete Package and the Distrust Series Complete Package. 

Note: this complete package can be bought from Steam or from Ubi's online store if you bought your game via retail or online at Ubisoft.

This package cannot be found in the in-game store!