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Deep-sea-hunter Deep Sea Hunter SAAT logo
Submarine techs 03 500
Unit Type Submarine
Construction Cost Credits 6,000 · Building Modules 12 · Carbon 35 · High-Tech Weapons 15
Maintenance Cost Balance -80  · Fleet 8
HP 350
Cargo Holds 1 x 40 tons
Item Slots 2
Attack Power –/40/40 (–/7/7 DPS)

Special Ability Dive
Build Time 2:00
Unlock 50 Lab Assistants

The Deep Sea Hunter is the only conventionally armed submarine. It can attack underwater buildings, ships and other submarines. These submarines are most effective in large numbers (in military parlance, "wolf packs").

They are highly effective against fleets and in the enforcement of blockades.

You require Researchers in order to build them.


You build them at the Submarine Base or buy them from Hiro Ebashi. It can be sold to Hiro Ebashi for 3720 credits.


Concept Art


2 Deep Sea Hunters patrolling

Strategies & Tactics[]

  • The only ships that can destroy it are other Deep Sea Hunters, the Viper, the Raider, the Shark, and the Colossus (which has depth charges that can only be launched once every five minutes). The Colossus may be easily countered by moving the submarines when the depth charges are fired. Because other ships cannot attack the Deep Sea Hunter, they can be highly effective against them.


As of Patch 1.01, it is prone to pathing issues near land islands, and may stop chasing a target after being given an attack command, should that target get too close to the shore line. This bug is fixed in a later patch.


  • In the Anno 2070 Artbook, the Deep Sea Hunter is referred to as the U96-Deep Diver.


Most upgrades are Research Projects at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs

Ark Item Gold star small Deep Sea Hunter itemSpeed Deep Sea Hunter Fuel cell engine Speed: +15% Improved dive profile.

Ark Item Gold star small Deep Sea Hunter itemDamage points Deep Sea Hunter Torpedo enhancement Attack Power: +10% Enlarged Warheads.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star small Deep Sea Hunter itemMultiple effects Deep Sea Hunter Combat equipment Speed: +15% Attack Power: +15% Military power buffer.

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Deep Sea Hunter itemMultiple effects Deep Sea Hunter Battle classification Speed: +20% Attack Power: +20% Advanced assault tactics.