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For strategies on how to attack a city, see Combat.

Defense, your main way of "bouncing" off any enemy attacks, is the most important factor when you're playing against aggressive players. Without defenses, the opponent can attack your town and defeat you in a matter in minutes. However, if you build your defenses properly, you will be able to withstand attacks for hours without losing the game itself, and if you're lucky, you will eventually drain the enemy of military resources so much that you will be able to start recruiting vehicles yourself and start to attack the enemy.

Feel free to add your own defense strategies, as they are the most important once in the game.

Tip: Try to invent a special name for your strategy, which might remind about the strategy itself.

Goods and buildings to be protected[]

As described on the Combat page on this Wikia, the best way of defeating a player is by attacking his basic good, which is the fisheries. However, you need to protect your own fisheries in order to avoid the enemy to do the same against you if you both have a large Navy. You should protect important chains with flaks and if possible, shield generators. If your a Tycoon player, protecting energy production buildings should be of highest priority next to protecting your population. Your opponent, assuming its an Eco player, will have a significant advantage over you in terms of energy production as Tycoon powerplants needs time to power up contrary to the immediate production from Eco powerplants. Protecting your coal power stations should therefore be a high priority in times of war. Nuclear powerplants are even more important to protect, not only because of their immense energy output which will be lost if it is destroyed, but also because of the fact that you will suffer a -100 ecobalance penalty if it turns into a ruin. Also as well, under certain circumstances, the destruction of your nuclear powerplant may be registered as a fallout by the game, which will cause all buildings within the influence area of the powerplant to be instantly destroyed as well as you suffering the standard no-building zone.

Number of Islands[]

It is usually a good idea to keep the amount of islands you control to a minimum.

  • It requires more energy production/warehouses/depots/etc., and in such decrease overall revenue. This also means that you cannot concentrate resources as much and will have to spread it out more.
  • You have more territory to defend, and in such will have to spread your military out more. If the opponent concentrates on one island, you will be less able to defend it.
  • Production facilities will be more spread out, so if you do lose the island, you also lose the production facility.

All in all: having more islands means that you will have to more spread out, and be more weak. Think of it like a rubber band. If you stretch it out, you can more easily cut it.

You can however have 2 islands right next to each other and defend both islands with turrets on one of the islands. To do so, you just need some +30% Attack Range upgrades for your turrets. If you have enough of them, you can protect an extra island and even your transport ships from attacks with the turrets collected on a single island (or even better: in the middle of the islands by putting the turrets as close to each other as possible on both islands). For more information on this, see Exploits.

Piece of cake to build[]

This is the most common strategy used, especially by beginners. As the name of it says, it is very easy to build and even easier to maintan. Different from the above strategy, if you want to use the Piece of Cake, you simply build a few turrets spread out in your harbor area. 6-10 of them should have more than enough fire power to defend the island against large amounts of ships. The only downside is that its a little bit easier to build them wrong so that, typically if you are a Tycoon player, there won't be any room for other important buildings such as shipyards and, most important, fisheries. But this is an easy to manage strategy, so it's the best to use this if you do not want to make too advanced defences for your city. Remember to complete it with some flaks as soon as you're able to build them to protect the turrets from air raids. An attack range upgrade either in the form of and ark upgrade or island upgrade is recommended to increase the range of the flaks so that its much easier for them to protect the turrets, though you only need the upgrade during attacks on your city.

Attack their energy producers[]

This strategy is very effective if your opponent has alot of flaks and turrets. And it's simple, too! Just wipe out his biggest energy producers with an invisible firebird, and TRY not to get near any patrolling choppers, as they could be scanning for invisible vehicles. Then, after you've wiped it out, attack his turrets before he gets his energy back!

Written and invented by FiresDemon.

But if your opponent has lots of shield generators, destroy his trade routes and wait until he goes bankrupt.


By having some +30% attack range upgrades for the turrets installed in your warehouse, you are able to defend 2 islands at the same time with the same turrets, if you are lucky enough to have the two islands perfectly right next to each other. For more details, see Exploits.