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Deep Ocean Expansion Required!
You require the Deep Ocean expansion to unlock this content.
Defense Platform icon Defense Platform SAAT logoDeepOceanOverlay
Defence Platform above water
Construction Cost Credits2500 · Building Modules 16 · Carbon 6 · High-Tech Weapons 6
Maintenance Cost Balance -70 · Energy -6
Size 4x4
Hitpoints 2000
Unlock 1250 Geniuses

The Defense Platform (or Defence Platform) is a defence turret that is able to protect the upper parts of Deep Sea Warehouses and Oil Rigs. Its attack power is 30/30/- (5 DPS).


  • If you're defending an underwater island, make sure you combine this building with underwater defences for additional protection.
  • If you're attacking an underwater island, target the underwater bases of the defence platforms to destroy them easily.