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Balance negative

A disastrous economy

Deficit occurs when you have a negative balance by spending more money than you earn. Debt is when you have negative credit account. Deficit should be avoided at all costs as it will drain your coffers until you are declared bankrupt at -10,000 credits.

Mouseover your balance display in the upper-left corner of the game screen to display your balance sheet of total income and expenditures.

Always ensure that your balance is positive (in the green).

Whenever your credit income is lower than your expenditures your balance will turn red and indicate by a minus sign that you are in the negative. If your economy doesn't improve when this happens, or you don't compensate with other sources of income than taxes, you will continue to suffer a negative credit flow and lose your current game (no matter which type, Single Mission or otherwise) at the moment your balance hits -10,000 credits at which point Rufus Thorne steps in to take over your assets and you are presented with the Game Lost screen and a score overview.

A deficit may occur if you experience an uprise in your main city and don't have any extra forms of tax income as inhabitants will cease to pay taxes during the uprise, which could lead to a catastrophic balance. However, how catastrophic a deficit caused by an uprise is, depends on what kind of uprise is taking place. Some uprises will only decrease the amount of taxes significantly, while others will cease the taxes completely, which could easily cause your balance to drop to -10000 if you have enough production buildings and vehicles.

Avoiding Deficit[]

Balance positive

A healthy economy

There are multiple ways of avoiding a negative credit balance in the first place, but some of these also apply to when you find yourself in Deficit:

  • Managing your Production smartly is the best way to make more money than you spend. Carefully note each building's upkeep cost and try to use as few of them as possible, ie. only build new buildings when absolutely neccessary. Producing +200 Power on an island for example is generally useless and means you can demolish some power buildings until you produce only as much power (under +15) as you need. When production buildings stop operating, due to full storage, pausing the buildings will halve upkeep. Demolish excess buildings. Only build what you absolutely need!
  • Managing your Taxation smartly is another preferable way of maintaining a steady income. Citizens never have to be taxed at Euphoric (dark green) level unless you are actively aiming to upgrade them via ascension. Whenever you are satisfied with your population and don't want anyone unhappy but don't need anyone to move in either, Taxes can safely be set to Calm (yellow) and get the most value for money from your citizens. However, whenever you want people to move in after building new homes, taxes can be left on Happy (light green) to still get a higher tax income from your Island's inhabitants than if Taxes were set to Euphoric.
  • Managing your Ships smartly is a less important but still notable way of saving money, Ships that you do not use should be deleted, unless you cannot buy or produce ships later on. When not carrying out a useful Trading Route, your excess ship only drain credits.
  • Multiple Ark Items and Warehouse Items will reduce your overall upkeep costs, thus keeping you in the green. For Ark Items, look out for Low Wage Regulations (-8% all structures), and the Tycoon/Eco/Tech varieties (-10% to faction buildings). For Warehouse items, look out for Supply Reduction III (-40% public structure maintenance, which includes Monuments), Eden Initiative Energy Manifesto III (-20% Eco energy maintenance), and Simplified chain of command III (-20% Military structure maintenance). Other items also exist; in general try to make full use of each island's item slots.

Escaping Deficit and Debt[]

When and if you find yourself looking at a red number on your income report, there are multiple steps to take to get back in the green:

  • Settle more Residences! Getting more people to live on your islands is the best way to increase Tax income. Level 1 houses require only the most basic needs of Food and Community (and, of course, space to build) and they will provide a strong and steady source of income in the long run. See the Building Layout pages for good choices for both Eco and Tycoon Housing Layouts as well as Tech Housing Layouts.
  • Take out a loan from a Non-player Character via the Diplomacy screen. On the short term, it will let you build at least.
  • Demolish any and all unneeded buildings, such as Depots and Warehouses, production buildings, military buildings, ornamental buildings etc.
  • Load as much of your excess materials as you can and sell them manually to NPC Arks for a quick dose of credits. Better yet, set up Trading Routes before you amass too much excess Goods and turn your overproduction into Credits.
  • Use the Demand Quest option to complete quests for as many Computer Players as you can, as often as you can, these quests will reward you with up to 15000 credits as well as Licenses.
  • If you have peace with Hector, you can sell some ships. You wouldn't get much money, but enough for building residences.
  • F.A.T.H.E.R. can sell some of your Licenses. It would generate 5000 credits in short time.
  • Sell some of your resources and create additional production chains only "for sale".