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This page will serve as an overview of all the available Diplomatic Actions in the game. For more information on the specifics of each NPC's Diplomatic Actions, consult the Computer Players page.

Licenses Licenses[]


A large number of Licenses

Licenses Licenses represent a form of currency within Anno 2070 and may be bought or traded. They are valid only for the duration of the current game, in which the highest amount a player may retain is 9,999.

Licenses may be spent by means of:

Licenses may be acquired through:

  • A quest reward from an NPC.
  • Purchasing them for Credits from NPCs via the License Trading Diplomatic Action.
  • Trading Items back to NPCs, but only to offset the costs of buying other Items in exchange.
  • Basic Research at the Academy.
  • Certain World Council Actions. [needs verification]

Note: Licenses may only be traded and acquired while Online. [needs verification]

License Trading[]

Licenses may be purchased from Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez or Salman Devi and some other NPCs in select missions. To make use of this feature, Influence 60 Influence (3 Stars) must be accumulated with the desired faction.

They are available in quantities of Licenses 60 (7,500 Credits), Licenses 180 (15,000 Credits) and Licenses 600 (45,000 Credits).

Unlike in Anno 1404, Licenses (equivalent to Honour) cannot be sold for Credits except through "License Sales", a specific World Council Action belonging to F.A.T.H.E.R.

Influence Influence[]

Influence Influence determines the amount of favor possessed with each NPC faction and is used to conduct Diplomatic Actions. As with Licenses, it is valid only for the course of the current game.

Influence may be either gained or lost by:

  • A quest reward or malus from an NPC.
  • Performing certain actions, specific to a mission, for which they were scripted.
  • Trading a large quantity of Goods with NPCs (+5/10 increase). [needs verification; quantity/amount]
  • Colonizing an already inhabited Island (-10 decrease).

Certain Diplomatic Actions may only be initiated once the necessary Influence has been earned with an NPC faction:

  • Diplomatic Actions 1 Star Diplomatic Actions (0-29 Influence)
  • Diplomatic Actions 2 Star Diplomatic Actions (30-59 Influence)
  • Diplomatic Actions 3 Star Diplomatic Actions (60+ Influence)

Some missions are specifically centered around the acquisition of Influence Influence, such as those contained in the The Nordamark Border Conflict Global Event.

Diplomatic Actions Diplomatic Actions[]

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While at Peace[]

Diplomatic Actions 1 Star (0-29 Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Declare War When negotiations have failed.
10 Default NPCs Lobbying Allows you to purchase 1, 5 or Influence 30 Influence points. The price goes up as the game progresses.

Diplomatic Actions 2 Stars (30-59 Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Yana Rodriguez iconRufus Thorne iconSalman Devi icon
Demand quest
Forces Ark Commanders (Yana Rodiguez, Rufus Thorne and Prof. Dr. Salman Devi) and Hector to offer you a quest which can be accepted or refused.
Yana Rodriguez iconRufus Thorne iconHiro Ebashi icon
Take out a loan
Withdraw one of three loans at variable rates, up to 21/35k Credits in total, depending on the population's level of development. [needs verification]
Salman Devi iconVadim Sokow icon
Increased demand
The player may restock all Goods at Dr. Devi's Ark up to 5 times. This ability must activated while at Devi's Ark (via a red upgrade icon) after purchasing the ability.
Trenchcoat icon
Doing overtime
Forces Trenchcoat to remain in the sector longer than usual.
Trenchcoat icon
Gives all of your Warehouses the 'Shipment' ability, which causes Trenchcoat to send a flier to the Warehouse in question to buy/sell Goods according to the Trade settings. This ability can only be used while Trenchcoat is in the sector.
Hiro Ebashi iconThor Strindberg iconTilda Jorgensen iconTori Bartok icon
Leon Moreau icon Price dumping
Allows you to apply a discount on a set number of purchases.
Tilda Jorgensen iconTori Bartok iconLeon Moreau icon
Repair service
Permits Repair Docks of the other party to repair your own vessels for a limited time.
Thor Strindberg iconVadim Sokow iconTori Bartok icon
Stop expansion
Prevents the other party from claiming new Islands for a limited time. Offered by Vadim Sokow, Thor Strindberg and Dr. Tori Bartok.

Diplomatic Actions 3 Stars (60+ Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Yana Rodriguez iconRufus Thorne iconSalman Devi iconHiro Ebashi iconTilda Jorgensen iconVadim Sokow icon
License trading
Allows the purchase of Licenses Licenses with Credits. Offered by Yana Rodriguez, Rufus Thorne, Salman Devi, Tilda Jorgensen and Hiro Ebashi.
Trenchcoat icon
Stolen goods
Same as 'Increased demand', offered by Trenchcoat while he's in the sector.
Trenchcoat icon
Merchant fleet
Allows the purchase of a Trade fleet (Freight Ship, Cargo Liner, Container Ship) on short notice; ignoring Ship limit. Offered by Trenchcoat while he's in the sector.
Yana Rodriguez iconRufus Thorne iconSalman Devi icon
Auxiliary fleet
Allows the purchase of a War fleet on short notice; ignoring ship limit. Offered by Ark Commanders (Yana Rodiguez, Rufus Thorne and Prof. Salman Devi). The quantity and types of ships available scale with your population level.
Leon Moreau icon
Financial assistance
Similar to withdrawing a loan, except offers more Credits and places a smaller penalty on your Balance.
Thor Strindberg iconLeon Moreau icon
Grace period / Diplomatic immunity
Prevents the other party from declaring War on you directly for an established duration. This does not apply to Wars started by use of the Bombing Run or Nuclear Missiles.
Thor Strindberg iconVadim Sokow iconTori Bartok icon
Investment / Stock trading / Research money
Tilda Jorgensen icon
Demand Credits
Has a chance of convincing Tilda Jorgensen to provide you Credits. The probability of success decreases as the amount of Credits requested increases.
Hiro Ebashi icon
Technology scanner
Gives you a Scanner to search underwater for a chance to find a Prototype. Offered by Dr. Hiro Ebashi.

While at War[]

Diplomatic Actions 1 Star (0-29 Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Hector icon
Trading route writ of protection
Prevents Parties you are at War with from firing upon your unarmed ships.
Keto icon
Civil defense
Stops two parties that are at war from firing upon each other's harbor buildings. Turrets can still be attacked.

Diplomatic Actions 2 Stars (30-59 Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Hector icon
Stops two parties that are at War from firing at each other for a given amount of time. The cost increases as the duration of the Cease-fire increases.
Keto icon
Shipping agreement
Prevents parties you are at War with from firing upon your unarmed ships.

Diplomatic Actions 3 Stars (60+ Influence)

NPCs/Action Description
Hector icon
Request Peace
Offer Credits in exchange for Peace. The more Credits offered, the greater the chance of the offer being accepted.

In Select Missions[]

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While the above table applies to Continuous Games and the majority of missions, some notable exceptions can be made in this regard:

  • Salman Devi icon Dr. Salman Devi offers loans in [needs verification; missions not noted].
  • Vadim Sokow icon Vadim Sokow offers Trading route writ of protection in [needs verification; missions not noted].



A threat of Rebellion

Ultimatums are conditions presented by another individual to reach an agreement. There are three types of Ultimatums: One is the threat of Rebellion from your own population. The second is a threat involving War from another individual, rival faction or NPC. The final type of Ultimatum is Terms of Peace with an individual or NPC you are at War with. If you do not fulfill the stated requirements within the allotted time limit, the other party will carry out the implied threat.

Note: Post January 12th update, it's no longer possible for human players to send an Ultimatum to another player, apart from via chat.


Rebellion, Public Disobedience, or Strike as it may also be named, occurs when the population's needs are not met, if the Ultimatum's condition is not fulfilled. Rebellion causes all Public and Production buildings (not inside the area of a Monument) to riot and renders them Inactive for the duration of the protest (as described on the Uprise page). This may cause your population to leave the City and your Economy to stagnate. This condition can be mitigated by researching 'Anti-escalation equipment' at the Academy, an Item which ends all Uprisings on an Island; and may also be purchased rarely from NPCs.

Ultimatums resulting from population issues may consist of construction orders for buildings you do not currently own, but for which the population allowance has been exceeded. In order to fulfill the conditions of the Ultimatum and prevent this situation from occurring, the building constructed must be maintained for a specified period of time. ie; your Eco population may ask you to build a Congress Center and maintain it for 5 minutes, or they will stage an Uprising.

War and Peace[]

"There are two options: Either accept my demands and guarantee Peace... Or you lose everything."
—Vadim Sokow; when presenting an Ultimatum

Other individuals may demand that you fufill arbitrary conditions in a timely manner. These demands usually involve paying Credits/Goods or reducing the size of your Military. Several NPCs have more specific demands, ie; Moreau will issue an Ultimatum to improve Ecobalance if it has sufficiently deteriorated. Failure to comply with such a request will result in a declaration of War by the opposing party. Requesting a Peace in any War may result in the other player or NPC asking you to meet requirements in order for Peace to follow. It is possible to bribe some NPCs and prevent them from issuing Ultimatums - and thus declaring War - by increasing Influence with them to 60 points and buying Diplomatic Immunity.