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Tori Bartok icon Dr. Tori Bartok the S.P.I.R.I.T
Dr. Tori

Characteristics Approachable but resolute
Personality Mixed (Passive and/or Aggressive)
Diplomatic Actions Declare War, Lobbying, Repair Service, Stop Expansion, Price Dumping, Research Money
Influence Factors +Building Research buildings, Airports and Hydroelectric Dams

-Occupying the same island as hers, destroying Research buildings

"I am aware of my responsibility for the campus. And I know I'm doing my job well. Even if some of the "older generation" at S.P.I.R.I.T. don't trust me. Perhaps precisely because of that…"
—Dr. Tori Bartok

Dr. Tori Bartok is an assistant leader of the tech faction and leader of the Scientific Program for Interdisciplinary Research, Innovation and Technology (S.P.I.R.I.T. in short). She is the only NPC of the tech faction who expands. Her nickname is The Inventor.


A prodigy at a young age, she started her scientific career when she was 15 and received her degree at 18 when S.A.A.T picked her up and became one of the most respected scientists of the Tech faction. She was the assistant of Prof. Salman Devi before she was placed in charge of the S.P.I.R.I.T. Program.

"Strindberg blames me for his failed career. But that's just a cheap excuse! It's just easier to blame others than to analyze his own mistakes and draw the appropriate conclusions."
—Tori Bartok

She was indirectly responsible for the Site 13 incident, because the Special Turbine was designed by her. Thor Strindberg refused to give her time for safety checks and that costed Strindberg his position. Since then he has marked her and S.P.I.R.I.T. as a target and she has mutual hate with Strindberg.



Typical City for Dr. Tori Bartok

Aside from basic building materials she sells Microchips, Carbon (both of which are useful for research projects) and Fuel Rods.

Her islands generally have reduced ecobalance values, though less severe than those settled by Sokow and Strindberg.

She will expand moderately fast on all difficulty levels and will settle at least one under water plateau. She does not like sharing her islands with you and if you've settled a large amount of islands she may make an ultimatum for you to stop your expansion or even reduce your owned islands. Overall she is quite easy to get along with so long as you're not building an empire across the map.

She may issue an Ultimatum if you have a Missile Launch Pad, demanding its destruction, which can be rather annoying considering your Tycoon residents often demand you to build one.

Interaction with other NPCs[]

"That guy doesn’t need new Ships… he needs a shrink!"
—Tori Bartok during the "Tranquilizers" quest

Tori does not like Thor Strindberg and will go to war with him quite frequently. However since Thor is designed to challenge the player Tori will often be on the losing end of these wars, even if she's set to "hard." Her best chance to defend against him is if he is set to "easy" and she is medium or above.

Never the less, she enjoys seeing you fighting against Strindberg and will give you quests against him. Eventually, she'll give you a quest to completely destroy him.


She likes you building Laboratories, Academies, Hydroelectric Dams, airports and Aircraft. Completing Quests for Dr. Devi, going to war with Thor Strindberg and destroying Strindberg's vehicles is also appreciated by her.

She isn't pleased by you owning many island, settling her islands, making peace with Thor Strindberg or destroying your own Laboratories or Academies.

If your fleet closely passes her port Tori will typically become upset and charge you -5 influence.

She offeres the following diplomatic actions: Declare War, Lobbying, Price Dumping, Repair Service, Stop Expansion and Research Money.

  • Price Dumping makes Goods bought from her cheaper.
  • Repair Service allows your ships to be repaired in her ports.
  • Stop Expansion requires her to ask you for permission before expanding.
  • Research Money lets you invest money with her for a period of time with the potential to make a profit, or lose a portion of the invested money.

Bonus Content[]

You are always able to use Bartok's portrait as your in-game appearance. Her Player Color (Sky Blue) comes available by gaining the achievement "The Entire Tech Tree".