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EVE E.V.E. the Extended Virtual Entity

Characteristics Tranquil, unemotional AI
Personality Neutral

"My prime directive is to support you. All systems are precisely tailored to your needs and I monitor all the relevant parameters continuously. You can trust me blindly."

The Extended Virtual Entity, better known as E.V.E., is an artificial intelligence construct installed on-board your Ark. E.V.E. serves the same function as your loyal advisor in previous Anno games: "My systems are designed to assist you". She introduces herself as the most advanced AI programmed by S.A.A.T. and that you can "Trust her implicitly, always".


"I am not the only one of my kind. Every Ark has it own E.V.E., but my sisters and I are not linked. I think, I sometimes feel loneliness."

When E.V.E. warns the player for not playing too long, it's revealed that before her another AI existed whom she calls "uncle".


During the fourth World Event (The Nordamark Border Conflict), E.V.E. was totally focussed on collecting data related to the conflict in order to prevent world war between Global Trust and the Eden Initiative. Therefore, she started her Emergency Protocol, and her hologram becomes red and blinking.



E.V.E.'s logo


Anno 2070 EVE Introduction

Welcome to your Ark!

E.V.E. is your mentor in Anno 2070. She will explain the game concepts to the player. These tutorial tips can be reset or disabled in the Options menu, under Interface → Data log.

12 timer spilt.

While playing the game, E.V.E. will periodically (at 2 hour intervals) remind players to take a break:

"If you don't take a break now, I'm going to get my uncle who had this job before me and have him read you the riot act."
—E.V.E. to the player after playing for 12 consecutive hours

After Anno 2070[]

E.V.E's code was planned to be used in androids and a facility has been constructed in Greentide Archipelago to handle the implementation. However following the F.A.T.H.E.R. incident the project has been abandoned in favor of non-sentient androids. In 2205 the facility is rediscovered and restored by the player's corporation, unlocking sentient androids as the final population class.

Bonus Content[]

You can "buy" E.V.E.'s portrait when you've collected 30 UPlay points throughout the game. E.V.E.'s red portrait is available for player's profile in DLC form.