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Executive Mansion
Construction Cost Building Modules 1 · Tools 3 · Wood 3 · Glass 4
Maintenance Cost
Size 3x3
Hitpoints 1200
Unlock Upgrade from Eco Engineer Apartments

The Executive Mansion is the fourth and final level of Eco residences, evolved form Eco Engineer Apartments.

Residences must be connected by road to buildings in order to be recognized as fulfilling their needs.

Each Executive Mansion holds 40 residents (44 with the "Better Living" channel in effect).

Executives unlock fourth level buildings at the following population levels:

Although there is no further level to upgrade to, you still need to make Executives happy. From the beginning Executives are in the "unhappy" category and you must meet their needs to make them happy. Once you reach 1200 Executives, they start becoming unhappy again until you meet their remaining needs.

Unhappiness means no more Executives will move in. Executive Mansions will start with 26 residents (29 with the "Better Living" channel in effect), but you have to make them happy in order for more residents to move in.

1200 Executives are required to start the Leisure Center, but 1400 will be needed to begin phase 3 to complete the monument.


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