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Eco-shipyard-icon Shipyard Eco logo
Eco Shipyard
Construction Cost Credits-icon835 · Building Modules 4 · Tools 5 · Wood 7
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -4 ·  Balance -20 · Energy -10
Size 4x5
Hitpoints 2000
Produces Ship-icon from Weapons and/or Building Modules and/or Wood and/or Iron and/or Glass
Unlock 360 Eco Employees

The Eco Shipyard is able to build all Eco Ships:

The Power, Ecobalance and Maintenance Costs double while building a ship.

The Eco Shipyard is much smaller than its Tycoon counterpart, which makes it much easier to protect and place in busy harbor areas, as it doesn't require as much space as the Tycoon Shipyard. Hovever, it builds ships slightly slower than the Tycoon Shipyards.