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Ecobalance comparison

Ecobalance effect on appearance of trees

Ecobalance (also Eco Balance) is a measure of the effect your buildings and actions have on the environment. Maintaining a negative Ecobalance makes natural disasters significantly more likely. Ecobalance also changes the island appearance. Sunny sky, green landscape, normal rains, and rainbows are more prominent on islands with good Ecobalance. For islands with poor Ecobalance, the sky will be darker, clouds will appear brownish, and acid rains and tornadoes are more likely.

Most Tycoon Buildings have a negative effect on the Ecobalance, while some can raise ecobalance from negative to 0(neutral) at most. On the contrary, most Eco Buildings have a negligible effect, while some even have a strong positive effect, and can raise the ecobalance to values above 0 to a maximum of 999.

When the Ecobalance reaches precarious levels(-25 to -199), Smog lowers Eco Residences satisfaction greatly but has no effect on Tycoon Residences which receive no penalties. Dangerous levels of Ecobalance cause dissatisfaction even among Tycoon population.

Effects of Ecobalance[]

Having a positive Ecobalance increases production of farms. This is however only true for farms which actually plant something in the ground. (Thus Meat Factory, Fat Factory and Dairy Farm are excluded.) In addition, under negative eco balance, the productivity of tycoon farms declines more slightly, as can be seen in the following table:

Eco balance segmentation Tycoon farms productivity Eco/Tech farm productivity
Optimum: 500 or above Reach maximum 175%
Excellent: +51 to +500 +1% each +9 Eco Balance (max 175%)
Favorable: +1 to +50 +1% each +2 Eco Balance (max 125%)
Stable: 0 to -24 no change
Precarious: -25 to -199 -1% each -17.5 Eco Balance (min 90%) -1% each -3.5 Eco Balance (min 50%)
Dangerous: -200 to -499 -1% each -7.5 Eco Balance (min 50%) -1% each -12.5 Eco Balance (min 25%)
Disastrous: -500 or lower Reach minimum 50% Reach minimum 25%

Farm earned:

  • 50 Eco Balance => +25% for all farms on the island (effectively 1 extra farm for every 4 farms)
  • 122 Eco Balance => +33.333...% for all farms on the island (effectively 1 extra farm for every 3 farms)
  • 275 Eco Balance => +50% for all farms on the island (effectively 1 extra farm for every 2 farms)

Island inhabitants' satisfaction is also affected by eco balance, as can be seen in the following table:

Eco balance Ecos satisfaction Techs satisfaction Tycoons satisfaction
+995 Reach maximum +30% Reach maximum +25% Reach maximum +20%
+500 +25% +20% +10%
+50 +10% +8% +5%
0 to -24 no change
-200 -19% -9% no change
-500 -39% -19% -9%
-999 Reach minimum -60% Reach minimum -30% Reach minimum -20%

Tycoons cannot raise the Ecobalance to greater than 0 (neutral), while Eco structures and island effects can raise ecobalance above zero. When both factions are present, negative pollution will always be neutralized by the Tycoons before positive structures and modifiers take effect.This fact is not registered anywhere in the interface, however, so you might end up seeing scenarios like this: An island with -200 pollution, +300 Tycoon tech, and +125 Eco tech will end up with +125 Ecobalance (of which 100 Tycoon wasted).

Yield of Ecobalance Structures[]

Neutralizing pollution with Tycoon structures is cheaper than using Eco tech, so combine options from both factions for the best results. Some missions and map settings allow both factions at the start of the game. In standard games the selected faction can purchase rights to the other faction, after reaching executives, for 10,000 credits. Values in brackets provide an easy reference point for comparison between different Ecobalance generation types. All numbers are accurate to the third decimal place.

Eco (Eden Initiative)[]

Name Ecobalance Maintenance Power

Maintenance / Ecobalance

Power / Ecobalance


Weather Control Station

+15 -20 -2 Credits-icon 1.333 / unit

-0.133 / unit


Monitoring Station

+40 -40 -25 Credits-icon 1.000 / unit -0.625 / unit


Ozone Maker Station

+100 -120 -60 Credits-icon 1.200 / unit -0.600 / unit


River Sewage Treatment Plant

+300 -200 -250 Credits-icon 0.667 / unit -0.833 / unit


Guardian 1.0

+500 -500 -250 Credits-icon 1.000 / unit -0.500 / unit

Tycoon (Global Trust)[]

Name Ecobalance Maintenance Power Maintenance Ecobalance PowerEcobalance


Waste Compactor

+50 -40 -5 Credits-icon 0.800 / unit -0.100 / unit


Deacidification Station

+90 -80 -60 Credits-icon 0.889 / unit -0.667 / unit


CO2 Reservoir

+200 -160 -110 Credits-icon 0.800 / unit -0.550 / unit

Tech (S.A.A.T.)[]

Name Ecobalance Maintenance Power Maintenance / Ecobalance Power / Ecobalance


Keeper 1.0

+500 -500 -250 Credits-icon 1.000 / unit -0.500 / unit
  • Note: The Keeper 1.0 can raise the Ecobalance above zero.

More in-depth analysis of Ecobalance structures' cost/benefit ratio[]

Ecobalance structures comparison

In-depth comparison of ecobalance structures.

  • E - Ecobalance generation
  • P - Power consumption
  • M - Maintenance cost
  • P/E - Power consumption of 1 Ecobalance point
  • M/E - Maintenance cost of 1 Ecobalance point
  • E:E/C - Eco cost/benefit - This number was obtained assuming we're using off-shore wind parks to generate energy. This is the ammount of ecobalance we get per "cost point" with this structure, which is calculated taking both power consumption and maintenance costs into account and assuming we're using off-shore wind parks to power it up. (With the off-shore wind park, it costs 50 maintenance to generate 30 power, so 1 power = 1,67 maintenance. A structure that consumes 1 power and 1 maintenance "costs" 1 * 1,67 + 1 = 2,67 "cost" points to maintain.)
  • T:E/C - Tycoon cost/benefit - This was obtained in the same way explained above, but assuming we're using nuclear power plants to generate energy. Power has a lot less significance in this case.
  • T:E/C>E:E/C - The increase in efficiency each structure gets when we switch to Tycoon energy production methods (nuclear power plants).
  • Lastly: Entries in gray show the "fully upgraded" values, which are obtainable by slotting the three ark items for that building (1-star, 2-star and 3-star).

​Environmental Influences[]

Sometimes there are other factors that create a positive or negative effect on the island (labeled "External influences" in the City Center statistics). They are indestructible and cannot be removed by the player in a normal game. However, in the Deep Ocean expansion, it is possible to remove legacies by using a Clearance Device which you are able to develop at the Academy (Special buildings - Special Actions). If you buy an enemy's island by shares all legacies (both positive and negative, except destroyed Nuclear Power Plants) are destroyed too.

You can modify these in the game settings of Continuous Games to be removed completely, only negative, only positive or both. The chance of them appearing on an island however is still random.

Positive Influences[]

Negative Influences[]