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The Leisure Centre, which is the monument for the Eden Initiative.

The Ecos base their cities on living in harmony with the environment and using sustainable resources instead of mass consumption. They are therefore a great contrast to the Tycoons. Ecos are highly capable of preserving and harnessing the benefits of nature and the Ecobalance, providing bonuses to efficiency and revenue. Negative Ecobalances however have a severe effect on populations and production. It is revealed that they work with the Eden Initiative, the leading environmental agency, which is gaining popularity thanks to its green technology. Ecos can increase production and efficiency from working with Techs and researching their technologies.

Pros and Cons[]


  • The Tier 2 construction resource (Wood) can be produced on any island and its production rate is increased by good ecobalance.
  • Citizens are much more quickly satisfied with their resources needs (so if there is a slight shortage, they will still be willing to upgrade to the next tier).
  • Ecobalance increases tax rates up to 25% and increase farm productivity 75% (at 500 ecobalance).
  • They can coexist with Tech civilization more easily, because techs are also sensitive to ecobalance.
  • Ecos have a fast moving trading ship (the Cargo Liner), which is more capable than the Tycoon's Container Ship to avoid harassment.
  • Eco warships only require the normal Weapons, and Tycoon warships also require Heavy Weapons which are very expensive to produce.
  • The Hovercraft can hunt aircraft at sea very effectively whereas Tycoons only have the Commando Ship and their own aircraft.
  • Ecos can build a Shield Generator which protects their buildings.
  • Eco energy production buildings can be built on any island and do not consume resources after construction.


  • They require three mining sites in order to fuel two iron smelters. This substantially reduces production of critical goods: Munitions and Tools, as well as certain Ships. Tycoons require only two.
  • They cannot tap into the oil resource to make the Tech production chains simpler.
  • Energy production costs much more in maintenance.
  • Citizens are far more vulnerable to shifts in Ecobalance than their Tycoon counterparts.
  • They cannot heavily concentrate industry on unpopulated islands of choice at will in early game due to lack of power.
  • Farming and energy production methods require a lot of space especially when the Ecobalance is not boosted.
  • Farms are far more sensitive to the Ecobalance than the Tycoons'.
  • Maintaining the Ecobalance requires a constant stream of resources or else farms and citizens are strongly affected.
  • More difficult to defend due to the need to separate industry and population centers for Ecobalance purposes.
  • Hovercrafts are defenseless against Submarines and have drastically reduced speed when carrying any cargo or damaged.
  • Offshore Wind Parks provide a vulnerable stationary target that requires constant attention and resources to protect.
  • They cannot build the Colossus.
  • They cannot build Nuclear Missiles. (they can build the Orca single missile sub with Tech and sub-base)