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"The members of the Eden Initiative are not activists; they are Engineers, Scientists, Teachers and Politicians! We want the success of our Technologies to make people think in a new way. Not to impose a radical view on them."
—Seamus Green about the Eden Initiative
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The Eden Initiative is an environmentally focused organisation which is both adored and criticized for its progressive conception of the world. The Eden Initiative fights to retain the few remaining large nature reservations as well as for the careful administration of the oceans’ treasures. The organisation accomplishes a comprehensive supply in alternative energies and advances the investigation of the latest Green-Tech technologies. These technologies, although inefficient (except energy wise), have minimal impact on the Ecobalance of an area and are far more sustainable in the long-run. They are in direct conflict with Global Trust over ideals, and the usage of the now vastly reduced available resources.

The Eden Initiative leader is Seamus Green, whom players can vote for to be World President. The spokeswoman for the Initiative is Yana Rodriguez, who can be elected for leader of the senate. If a game does not begin with Eco blueprints, the Eden Initiative will sell them after reaching executives.

Known Ecos[]


Eden Initiative Propaganda

After Anno 2070[]

Arctic Custodians

Arctic Custodian logo from 2205

Following the Ebashi Trench Disaster, global weather drifted to extremes. As a result, the Eden Initiative evolved into another organization called the Arctic Custodians . They further developed the Former technology into climate stabilizers which were able to restore Earth's polar regions.

The Eden Initiative's goals are eventually accomplished. By 2205 fossil fuels are no longer being used in any production chain and power is obtained almost entirely from renewable energy sources.

It is also revealed that at some point after 2070, one of the Initiative's seed banks was infected with a virus, which becomes important in the game play of the successor of Anno 2070, Anno 2205.


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