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Education-net-icon Education Network Eco logo
Construction Cost Credits-icon800 · Building Modules 10 · Tools 12 · Wood 10
Maintenance Cost Ecobal-icon -5 ·  Balance -30 · Energy -7
Size 6x6
Hitpoints 2000
Influence Radius 26 tiles
Produces Channel eco 1Channel eco 2Channel eco 3Channel eco 4Channel eco 5
Unlock 750 Eco Employees

The Education Network is an Eco building that fulfills the need for information. Eco Employees (level 2) require them to upgrade to engineers so a sizable Employee population is needed to unlock it. It has a large power consumption, like the Ministry of Truth (the Tycoons counterpart). If you for any reason experience a critical power shortage, all Education Network buildings on that island will automatically broadcast the Eden Initiative - Together for the Future channel. The buildings will, however, go back to the channel they were originally broadcasting immediately when the power they need to do so is available.

The education network provides 5 channels with differing benefits. All channels affect residences within the influence of the Information Building.

  • Eden Initiative - Together for the Future: The first available channel that satisfies the need for information. Is free of extra maintenance and energy.
  • Child & Career: Satisfies the Need for Information; also reduces the Population Growth Period by 50% and increases Tax Income by 5%. This channel provides a slight increase in taxes. Confirmation on "Population Growth Period" pending. It costs an additional 30 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Eco Employee.
  • Out of the old comes the new: Satisfies the Need for Information and reduces the consumption of Lifestyle Products. This channel reduces by 15% the consumption of Communicators, Service Bots, and 3D Projectors. It costs an additional 45 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Eco Engineer.
  • Check Up - The Consultation: Satisfies the Need for Information and increases the catastrophe protection against Disease. This channel makes disease less likely. It costs an additional 45 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 1 Eco Executive.
  • Better Living: Satisfies the Need for Information and increases the Living Space of eco residences. This channel increases the capacity of all houses within its radius by 12%. It costs an additional 90 income and 8 energy. Unlocked at 600 Eco Executives.
    • The Better Living channel does not affect eco workers as they do not have a need for information.
    • Concept 01

      Education Network concept.

      The population increase from the Better Living channel will provide a greater tax increase than the Child & Career channel and also increases Military Size, but the increased population will have to be supported.