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Colossus-icon Enemy Warship
Unit Type Ship
Construction Cost
Maintenance Cost Balance -0  · Fleet 1
HP 800
Cargo Holds 1 x 40 tons
Item Slots 3
Attack Power 25/25/25 (5/5/5 DPS)

Special Ability none
Build Time n/a
Unlock Only hijackable

The Enemy Warship is the miscellaneous NPC's version of the Colossus. It is inferior to the regular Colossus in terms of firepower and speed. Despite the statistics, the Ship does not have any anti-aircraft or anti-sub weaponry and thus, is vulnerable to both Aircraft and Submarines. Unlike the regular Colossus, it also doesn't have the Depth Charge ability. However, with an upkeep of 0 and only using up 1 Unit point, it is theoretically possibly to obtain a very large number of these ships to swarm your enemy.

When captured, the Ship will retain it's white color and not revert to the Player's color.

This Ship only appears as part of certain Quests and can only sometimes be hijacked if given the Looting Expedition Quest.


The Ship can be acquired as follows;

  1. You will need 2 ships, one sacrificial ship (preferably the weakest possible ship; a Commando Ship or a Raider) to fail the mission and one ship to hijack the Enemy Warship. You will lose the sacrificial ship.
  2. Obtain Hijackers and load them onto the ship you want to capture the Enemy Warship with. These can be bought from Rufus Thorne and Hector. They can also be received as a reward for a Quest. Lastly, destroyed enemy ships may drop them.
  3. Obtain a Looting Expedition Quest to hijack the ship.
  4. Send the sacrificial ship to obtain the Hijackers from the NPC who gave you the mission.
  5. Send the sacrificial ship to hijack the Enemy Warship. It is important that the ship fails for this to work. The Enemy Warship will win the boarding attempt from weaker Ships. You can also destroy your own ship by sending in a FireBird for a precision bombardment.
  6. When your sacrificial ship is destroyed, the mission will be failed. However, you will still be able to hijack the Enemy Warship. Send in the ship you loaded with your own Hijackers and hijack the Enemy Warship. Be sure to damage the Enemy Warship to increase the chance you win this boarding attempt.