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Researcher Rodney

To get

  • Researcher Rodney Portraite;
  • Virtual Entity Title;
  • Sky Blue Player Colour:

Discover the following formulas:

Control room upgrade - Coal Power Station

Regenerative combustion - Coal Power Station

Blueprint Hydroelectric Power Plant - Hydroelectric Power Plant

Automated Maintenance - Wind Park (Warning! Another item by this name exists for Energy Transmitters!)

Optimized Rotor Blades - Wind Park

Interim Waste Storage - Waste Compactor

Heterogeneous Catalysis - Waste Compactor

Improved Air Mass Acquisition - Weather Control Station

Biological Aerosol Compression - Weather Control Station

Commando Ship Turbine Revision - Commando Ship

Commando Ship Cargo Hold Expansion - Commando Ship

Freight Ship Engine Optimization - Freight Ship

Freight Ship Capacity Expansion - Freight Ship

Rice Substitute - Fertilities & Resources

Tea Substitute - Fertilities & Resources

Vegetable Replicas - Fertilities & Resources

Automatic Fire Detection System - Fire Station

Fire Engine Modernization - Fire Station

Labor Regulations Documentation - Laboratory

Central Warehouse Management - Warehouse

Massive Construction - Warehouse

Depot Expansion - Warehouse

Precision Drill Heads - Basalt Crusher

Automatic Conveyor - Basalt Crusher

Reinforced Reisshaken Plows - Coal Mine

Emmision Control - Coal Mine

Ore Detector - Iron Mine

Natural Drainage - Iron Mine

Improved Radar Sensors - Defense Turrets

Selective Armor - Defense Turrets

Automatic Maintenance Unit - Defense Turrets