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Erebos icon Erebos SAAT Tycoon logos
Unit Type Submarine
Construction Cost Credits 10,000 · Carbon 80 · High-Tech Weapons 35
Maintenance Cost Balance -150  · Fleet 20
HP 800
Cargo Holds 1 x 40 tons
Item Slots 1
Attack Power –/–/–

Special Ability Dive; Medium-Range Missile
Build Time 8:00
Unlock 50 Lab Assistants

The Erebos is a Tycoon design of the Orca submarine and it operates in exactly the same way. The Erebos and all its upgrades are buyable as the "Silent Running Package".

The Erebos can be built in the Tech Submarine Base, just as all other submarines.

The Erebos can fire a single mid-range nuclear missile, which has an activation cost of 20.000 credits. It takes one minute before the missile is launched, but other players are warned when you do so. As the Erebos is quite slow and unarmed, it is easy prey if left unprotected. Due the need to be close to the target, it is quite hard to succesfully fire a missile at well-protected islands. The Erebos can fire 1 missile every 45 minutes.

As the missile doesn't need any Goods#Uranium, Kerosene or Explosives, building Erebosi is a good alternative to the Tycoon's Missile Launch Pad, although slightly weaker, damage is something about 2400.

Range increase (%) vehicle items do not affect this sub. 


Most upgrades are Research Projects at the Academy.

Type Quality Icon Name Effect Description Costs
Ark Item Gold star small Orca item iconHealth points Erebos - Armor Plate Hit Points: +25% A blend of Kevlar and Titanium

Ark Item Gold star small Orca item iconUpkeep cost Erebos - Reactor accelerator Maintenance: -25% You're in the black with the red lights on

Ark Item Gold star smallGold star smallGold star small Orca item iconMultiple effects Erebos - Optimization kit Maintenance: -25% Hit Points: +25% Combines power with cost efficiency