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Exploits are possibilities build in the game unintentionally, and can be used as some kind of cheating.

'Tactical' Pause 'Feature'[]

It is possible to issue building orders (but not movement orders) while the game is paused.

A remaining 'Expanded Construction Options' must be visible in the notifications list at the left hand side of the display.

The simplest method of triggering the bug is by taking a screenshot, pausing the game, then pressing the 'Expanded Construction Options' notification, which pulls up the Build menu.

Other events may trigger the bug themselves. ie; pausing after receiving a new notification.

Remove Negative influences from an island[]

You can remove negative influences from an island by buying the island from the enemy by Hostile takeover. When you take over the island, all building will be destroyed including the negative influences. And you don't need a Clearance Device for removing the negative influences.

Notes: You require "Deep Ocean" for this exploit, and positive influences can be removed by this exploit too.

Unlimited Power[]

To achieve unlimited power, find an island with a few beaches and cover the entire island with Offshore Wind Parks. Equip the warehouse on the island with Offshore substation x2 (30% power production) & Eden Energy Manifesto III x2 (40% maintenance reduction) and equip your ark with a Multifractal Positioning System, Darrieus rotor and Monopile Deep sea Foundation . (Lvl 1, 2 & 3 Item). This will bring the maintence cost of the wind parks to ZERO, therefore letting you build an unlimited amount that will provide free power. I have over 5000 power coming from a small island and it costs me 20 credit (from the warehouse) to maintain.

Monopile Deep sea Foundation: -10% Maintenance

Darrieus Rotor: -20% Maintenance / -25% Influence Area

Multifractal Positioning System: -30% Maintenance / -35% Influence Are

Demo underwater view[]

To be able to see underwater in the demo, click on one of the half submerged buildings on Thor Strindberg's island in mission two of chapter one, and press F1. You can now move around underwater with your arrow keys.

Research Money diplomacy exploit[]

To earn large amounts of money extremely quickly, improve relations with Dr. Tori Bartok immediately until "Research Money" option is available. Then accept a risky investment with as much money possible (haven't tried the other options yet). You will receive extra (large) amounts of balance over the next 2 hours. The total money you are receiving as income from the deal provides more than the money invested. (Sometimes earned a few million from 10k deal although lost around 8k from it but then I got millions). Not really an exploit but a tip rather. (I'll put the date here just in case a patch in the future might not make this work: December 2011)

Technically, you can use this with all NPCs, but the worst person to invest with is Strindberg, when I gave him an Investment of 28,000, he only gave me 535$. Sokow is the second best NPC to do this with, but Bartok has the longest Invesment period, so she is the best.

Infinite Building Materials (Item Duplication)[]

This exploit involves multiple saves and your ark. When you have obtained a fair amount (10+ or it's not worth it) of the material to clone, save your game and move the materials to your ark. Once it is in your ark reload the save you made and when you are back you will find the items are still in your ark. You can cycle multiple times from a single save, if you want the same resources. Works with the 1.02 patch and 2.0 patch.

Also works across maps (at least continuous) if you use the exploit then start a new map, as long as you start a new map but don't close/open the entire game. This allows you to "technically" not cheat, or potentially to cheat on a game you are hosting without demonstrating a suspicious load pattern.

Note: this only works on Continuous games with Arc storage enabled.

Infinite Income and Licenses[]

This exploit requires the above item duplication trick, and the ability to buy shares. Instead of cloning materials, clone the most valuable modules you can find. First load the modules you want to clone onto a ship next to the ark and F5 quicksave, then load them from the ship onto the Ark. F9 quickload and you'll have all the items back in your ship as well as on the ark. Load the new items from the Ark onto the ship, quicksave, put them back on the Ark, quickload, and repeat. Add more ships to the storage fleet or use a nearby warehouse for extra cloning power.

For unlimited licences take some of your now hundreds of cloned modules and sell them to a 3rd party vendor, but keep in mind the limit is 9999. Keep a few stacks handy to replenish stocks any time you need.

For enormous income, store the cloned modules in a warehouse on an island you own shares in. The value of the modules is added to the value of the island, and it's possible to get each island's dividend value to over 60,000 with 999 of one type of module stored there. Dupe a few different types of valuable modules and your income values are virtually limitless.

Discovered on patch version 2.0

Another Way to earn tons of license points fast without doin anything above is to buy items from either Yana, Devi, or Thorne and then go sell them to Trenchcoat. He will pay you more for the items then what you purchased them for. Using the price drop feature on Hiro Ebashi will allow you to purchase items even cheaper. Using the Overtime feature on Trenchcoat will allow you to do several runs back and forth to the closest NPC so you can get as many points as you may need.

Career Points[]

Just before you complete a world event, save it. Then complete the World Event, get the career points and reload the save you have made and complete it again, etc.

-No Longer Works-

Extra payment[]

Load a ship full with one type of good. Sell ONE stack to a NPC, and you will be paid for the other stacks as well, like you sold them two. Only works with full ship, so you will have to replenish the sold stack afterwards in order to repeat.

Note: at Jan. 2013, it does no longer work.

Black Smoker[]

A black smoker's timer can be ended prematurely by using a Fine Chemicals module that can researched at the Laboratory. The metal deposit that appears will be random, but will become available immediately. The metal deposit is randomized when the item is used, not when the island is settled, allowing you to save before using a Fine Chemical and reload to get the desired deposit. Technically an exploit, this can make all the difference on black smokers which would expire before you can acquire the deposit specific chemical.

Does not apply for Deep Ocean, since the Black Smokers function differently.

Trenchcoat's Licenses[]

Items purchased at any other trader can be sold to Trenchcoat at a 20% profit. A small trade fleet constantly shuffling items to Trenchcoat's ship can rack up thousands of licenses in mere minutes.

Doing so will also increase influence with Trenchcoat reliably.

Control Module Mayhem[]

The Laboratory Control Module can be used to dramatically boost the production output of an island. This production boost has the huge advantage of not requiring any additional raw goods, extra cost, or island resources; the extra goods are effectively free. Very powerful and unique chains can be created; for example 2 control modules (+50%) will allow 4 Basalt Crushers to supply 6 Smelters, providing a total of 9 chains output while only consuming 4 crushers worth of basalt. The bonus applies to all facilities that produce a good, including mines which normally have no speed upgrades.

Note that even though a control module increases the yield per 'tick' of production, the time per 'tick' depends on placing farm patches. All farm fields are still required to maximize production. For example two vegetable farmhouses with one field each and 3 control modules (listed as 95% x 2) will still have the same output as a single farm house with 2 fields (listed as 115%), as only 2 fields are operating either way.

Things get more intense as ecobalance causes production to tick at a faster rate. A +75% speed boost from max ecobalance, producing +75% goods from 3x control modules will actually produce at 306% capacity, instead of the 250% listed on the building.

But the mayhem doesnt stop there, because if you have the Deep Ocean Expansion and at least 1250Genuises along with either Tycoon Engineers or Eco Engineers, you will be able to have not just 3control modules, but 6 of them. This means that your production buildings will be able to produce goods with 306%capcity, and all your farms, if the ecobalance is at maximum, to be able to produce goods at a whopping 386%, allmost 4times faster than a regular farm. This can further be increased by installing some modules in your Ark which increases the global production, depending on which faction the production build is for, and what upgrades you have, your able to increase the production EVEN further. There will also be periods where you will be able to increase the maximum production capacity EVEN further, and thats when the results of the senate voting results in a faction offering a increasement in production is elected, at which point you will receive up to 5% production bonus.

NOTE: The control Module only lasts for 30mins game time so to keep this up you'd have to produce x amount of control modules per 30mins. 30mins game time isn't really that long so 6 modules = $12,000 Credit, 120 Modules & 90 tools.. If your tech's can keep that up and the extra production is worth it then sure.

Control module : +25%: 30:00 Monitors all running processes... [1] 2,000 ·[2] 20 ·[3]15

Control Module Mayhem - The Second Generation[]

NOTE: This exploit has only been discovered in a savefile with more than 600 in-game hours played and may therefor not work every time its tried out.

This exploit is similar to the one above, but takes it to the next level. It has been discovered that upon attaining 600ingame hours played, in some cases, the game will start to lock on to certain aspects. One of those aspects is upgrades in the warehouse. Even though an upgrade has expired, such as the control module, its effect may still be present in the production buildings. Because of this, multiple control modules can and will in fact stack their effects upon each other, resulting in a total production output of a whopping 400% by installing a second row of control modules. Upon expiring, their effect never goes away, at least for the upcoming 24hour which is what the current savefile are running at after the exploit was first discovered.

Screenshot0184 redigert for Wikien

By using this exploit, this Coal Extractory is able to produce coal at a whopping 400% efficiency. No mods has been used to achieve this, it was discovered by accident after the previous control modules expired without the effect expiring as well.

Ebashi Ship Discount/Replenishment[]

When you take a Colossus and send it to Hiro Ebashi and then use the depth charge ability, you will damage the submarines he has for sale. The damaged subs will be offered at a slightly lower price. A second hit will destroy the submarines he has for sale and will be instantly replaced with new subs. You can use this to force Ebashi to offer Deep Sea Hunters since he usually only offers T38's. Hiro Ebashi's base is indestructible and using the depth charge on the ships he has for sale does not lower your reputation with him. But, however, you could sometimes get a small influence deduction with Tilda Jorgensen, if she is in the sector.

Unlimited fuel[]

If you send back your planes to the airport, then ask them to go to another location immediately when they land on the airport, they will actually move so quickly that they continue to be on the ground. They are moving like normal planes, sounds like normal planes, but they don't run out of fuel.

This exploit had been removed from this article before, but this IS possible, at least when Patch 1.05 works.

As of Patch 2.0, this exploit no longer works, because Ubisoft has changed the warfare in the game which has also changed the way the aircrafts takes off and lands, which makes this exploit useless.

Indestructible NPCs[]

If you destroy a Nuclear Power Plant belonging to a NPC, that NPC will become impossible to defeat because of the ruin this creates. This exploit can be avoided by avoiding destroying a nuclear power plant directely, with other words, destroy the depot thats supporting it so that its destroyed along with the other buildings supported by the depot once the depot is gone.

In Deep Ocean, it is also possible to remove the ruin with a Hostile Takeover, but that is a fairly expensive (and lengthy) option.

Double the fun![]


Exploit? Glitch? Or just a error in the game?

If you play the Power Games mission and defeat Keto and Hector, there is a slight chance of experiencing an exploit which makes it possible to add them to a session twice instead of just once. This will result in 2 pirate bases for Hector, and 2 Anacondas (Uncertain as it has never been provided solid proof for this, but theres 2 timers so there should be 2 Anacondas as well) Like shown on the picture...

Note: This exploit only works if you choose the difficult continuous game, where as Hector and Keto are pre-added to the session, than you may be able to add them one more time if you remove some of the original NPCs. Also note that you can only do this right after exiting Power Games after having defeated Keto and going straight to the game session and creating the Difficult game.

Commando Ship Mayhem[]

If you buy a command ship from your Ark, and then quickly (you only have a few seconds) move your Ark to a new destination, the command ship will be "locked" inside the Ark. You can then buy one more command ship. If you are able to do this just right, you're able to buy endless of command ships from the Ark, but 3 is what that was attained during a test run of this exploit. Do however note, that the more commando ships you buy, the less time you will have to move the Ark to a new destination. This works with the 2.0 patch.

Also note that this exploit also works with the T38 Ocean Glider purchased from the Ark. So far, its proved that its possible to buy up to 20(!) ships at once, but it requires you to move the Ark very quickly. If you do this enough, you will be able to build a strong and powerful navy without even having to produce any munition. This gives you a HUGE advantage when fighting against other human players and dont want to waste money on building munition plants. Also note that the price on a command ship from the Ark is identical to the cost of a commando build in a ship yard. The only downside about using this method is the painstakingly slow speed at which you can build commando ships, but will still help you have an advantage early in a session.

'Cause I can't wait for the building achievement![]

If you build a building for which an achievement exists, like the Water Off! achievement for building multiple hydroelectric power plants, there is a kind of nasty exploit. If you demolish the depot supporting the building (the building must become neutral for this exploit to work), and then build a new depot so that it brings the building inside your influence area, thereby making it yours again, the building will count as a new building, therefor increasing the count on the building achievement for that building. This makes it very easy to obtain the building achievements, like Water Off!.

Piece of cake[]

In the final mission of the campaign you can buy hijackers from Thome to hijack F.A.T.H.E.R.'s ships. They will have a shield item with 15.000 hp and 50.000 regeneration, that means that it will recover to full capacity almost immediately. Just watch out that you don't EMP your own ships when you attack F.A.T.H.E.R.'s ark...

I need the goods![]

If you buy some Shipment deliveries from Trenchcoat (available when you have 30 influence points with him), set up some trade requests in a desired warehouse and than click the Delivery Service button in the upper right corner of the warehouse, you're able to order the goods at ALL times during that session, even when Trenchcoat is not in the sector. This can be used as a significant advantage if you play against a human player and that player destroyes your production chain. You are pretty much able to order all kind of goods, but do however note; it will cost you to do so, but it will keep your population from leaving at least for a short time so that you have a chance of rebuilding the production chains that were lost.

Stay AWAY from my backup-island![]

If you first settle one island as your main island, and then settle an island right next to it and have the warehouses lined up with each other, you are actually completely free to have these 2 islands without any problems, if you do it right. Because if you have some +30% attack range upgrades for all military buildings on one of the islands (you can buy this upgrade from eg. Dr. Tori Bartok for a few houndred licenses) the attack range of your harbour turrets will become so large, that they can without any problem cover an extra island instead of just the one island they're built on. With 5 +30% upgrades (to have so many of them, you require the Deep Ocean Expansion, but the upgrade itself is available without the expansion), you are pretty much immune to any enemy attack if you build enough turrets. Do however note that it's difficult to pull off this exploit as there are only a few islands that are perfectly lined up with each other which makes them ideal for using this exploit.

For the main article about defences and strategies for defending an island, see Defences.

For the main article about Defence Turrets and how to fully take advantage of this exploit, see Harbor Defense Turret.

Change items sold for free[]

Simply buy any items from the NPC you don't need and sell it right back to it. Then check back a while later and the NPC will have restocked new items in their place. Especially useful for expanding NPCs since the cost of changing it normally is shared across islands.

This can be combined with the Trenchcoat trick above to actually gain Licenses this way.

Black And Dirty thats ME![]

If you're able to either buy or hijack a oil tanker, you're able to use to pull of a dirty trick on your enemy. Simply sail the Tanker to the enemy island, and make sure something is around to shoot it and sink it. When it sinks, the oil will literally ruin the enemy's fisheries, as the oil slick that follows will decrease the production rate of the fisheries to 25%, which could prove disastrous to any player that hasn't built up any resources in storage. This gives you a huge advantage if your goal is to eliminate that player. The result is that you can declare war on the player, and destroy any ships trying to fix the oil spill. The result is that you have pretty much made a dead-end for the player, as he or she will be unable to clean up the oil spill, which results in the stored fish eventually being used up. This means that the population will start to starve, and eventually move out, which results in the player's economy being devastated. You can use this to easily wipe out the player's most important resource, if you're lucky enough to find a Oil Tanker and hijack or buy it. Further, you can also walk your way around any White Flags the enemy player should try to use to avoid having the cleanup ship destroyed by simply building a Firebird and do a bombardment on the ship, at which point the player is pretty much doomed.

Instant Full Health[]

If one of your warehouses or depots are under attack and are losing health points, upgrading the building will completely replenish the building's health points. This will not make your warehouse or depot last forever, but will at least buy you some time to send defence units to fend off the attackers.

Please note that this only works if the building is upgradeable, you have all the building materials required to upgrade the building, and that its NOT burning when you try to upgrade it. It's also worth to note that this exploit will be more effective if you have upgrades in the Ark which increases the hit points of your depots and warehouses.

Closed "ex-Harbor Area" by Quay Wall[]

Build 1st Port Authority on very west of coast. Build any coastal building (like Fishries,Offshore wind parks) in its Harbor Area. Surround it with quay wall, but keep a space on east side.

Build 2nd Port Authority on east of that space.

Because of 1st Port Authority, you can't fill up the space with quay wall. Demolish 1st Port Authority and build Depot to cover Fishries.

Fill up the space with quay wall. All done, You can demolish 2nd Port Authority.