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Exporting for almost 100k

This page's purpose is to provide information on NPC's buying prices. Find out most profitable exporting goods and trading partners. Only the following NPCs were compared: Rufus Thorne, Yana Rodriguez, Prof. Salman Devi and Trenchcoat. In most cases producing & exporting is more profitable than not producing a good at all. This of course requires the production buildings to operate at full capacity at all times.

Special Trade Offers[]

The four main NPC Trading partners in the game will have special trade offers as follows. Special offers' price is usually approximately 50% higher than the standard selling price.

Rufus Thorne[]

  • Plastics, 89 credits per ton
  • Luxury Meal, 192 credits per ton
  • Jewelery 407 credits per ton

Yana Rodriguez[]

  • Communicators, 72 credits per ton
  • Pasta Dishes, 183 credits per ton
  • 3D Projector, 482 credits per ton

Prof. Devi[]

  • Functional Food, 213 credits per ton
  • Rare-Earth Elements 330 credits per ton


  • Liquor, 12 credits per ton, 100% increase on standard price
  • Diamonds, 168 credits per ton, 93% increase on standard price
  • Fuel Rods, 657 credits per ton, 92% increase on standard price

Trenchcoat will give approximately 20% bonus to the standard selling price also on any other goods that you sell to him. This makes him the Best Buyer in every trade deal other than Special Offers.

Export Table[]

The following table will tell you how much income per minute you can make on exporting different goods.

While making the table the following assumptions were made:

  • The maintanance cost of a building is in credits per minute
  • The output of a production building is in tonnes per minute
  • No maintenance costs of ships or construction costs were taken into account

Standard price refers to the price of the good that an NPC (other than Trenchcoat) will pay for a ton excluding Special Offers. Best buyer is the NPC that gives best price per ton of goods. That will be the Trenchcoat in every deal excluding Special Offers due to the selling price bonus of 20%. Profit factor tells you how much better the price is from the best buyer compared to the standard price. Production chain maintanace cost refers to the total upkeep of the buildings to produce a 100% production chain of the good. The used output values were taken from Game Data source (Patch 1). Best Profit per minute is calculated as follows: Output per minute x Best Buyers Price - Maintanance costs. If you export all the goods that of the specific type that you produce, then you can directly add the Profit to your Global Balance assuming the Global Balance is in credits per minute.

Note that your profit per minute will change accordingly with your productivity bonus or penalty as well as by any influence on your production building maintance costs. (PF x Output per Minute x Selling Price - MCF x Maintenance Costs, where PF is a Productivity Factor and MCF is a maintanance cost factor).

Anno 2070 Trade Calculator (beta) Note the calculator isn't fully complete yet

The following table contains all the Special Offer goods and some of the other most commonly exported goods.

Export Table
Icon Goods Standard Price Best Price Profit Factor Maintanance CostsUpkeep cost Output / min

Best Profit / min

Rufus Thorne - Special Offers
Plastics Plastics 60 89 1,49 Oil Driller 75 2 103/98
Oil Rig 80
Luxury meal Luxury Meal 128 192 1,50 150 2 234
Jewelery Jewelery 272 407 1,50 170 1,33 371
Yana Rodriguez - Special Offers
Communicator Communicators 48 72 1,50 65 4 223
Pasta dishes Pasta Dishes 122 183 1,50 120 2 246
3D Projector 3D Projector 322 482 1,50 590 2,67 697
Prof. Salman Devi - Special Offers
Functional food Functional Food 142 213 1,50 80 1 133
Rare-earth elements Rare-Earth Elements 221 330 1,49 160 1,34 282
Trenchcoat - Special Offers
Liquor Liquor 6 12 2,00 5 1,5


Diamonds Diamonds 87 168 1,93 60 1,33 163
Fuel rods Fuel Rods 342 657 1,92 110 0,5 219
Trenchcoat - Other Goods
Carbon Carbon 143 172 1,20 113 1,33 116
Kerosene Kerosene 88 106 1,20 105 2 107
Concrete Concrete 36 43 1,19 37 2 49