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An external tool is a piece of software that works with Anno 2070, but is not part of the game itself.

Mobile applications[]

There is an Android App providing some help while settling your islands.


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An assortment of calculators has been created. These can tell you how many production buildings you will need to satisfy the demands of your inhabitants, or how many of your inhabitants will ascend to each class, once all demands have been satisfied.

Fan-made tools[]

Anno Designer[]


This application provides tools to build layouts and export them as images.

Project page:

Author: ZackSchneider (talk)

This project is now being actively updated by other developers within the community. It now supports all Anno versions from a single executable, and has new features being added regularly.

Please see here to download an up-to-date version of Anno Designer:

RDA explorer[]

The game's data is packaged into a number of .RDA archives. You can find these in your installation folder. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\anno 2070\maindata\Data0.rda

Mrboese has created an RDA explorer, that allows to you view, extract and modify the contents of these archives. It was created for Anno 1404, but also works on Anno 2070's archives.

Download page:

See Modding for more information on the RDA file organisation.

See Also[]

  • Development Pages: a place on the wiki where programmers here can freely communicate about any tools being developed for Anno 2070 (since we know that the official forums are evil).