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In Anno 2070, there are three factions the player can choose to take advantage of.

Eco Faction
Eco logo

The Eco Faction is based around keeping the Ecobalance positive and living in harmony with nature.They are slower at gathering resources than the Tycoon faction, but their production has less negative effect on the Ecobalance, which also has a stronger effect on eco farms. The energy generation of the Ecos is primarily achieved using renewable technologies, such as wind farms, therefore they don't need natural resources such as coal to generate electricity.

Tycoon Faction
Tycoon logo

The Tycoon Faction expands quickly and efficiently, at the cost of the environment. Their industry affects the Ecobalance greatly and they have fewer ways of improving it. Tycoon Ecobalance buildings can not improve the Ecobalance above 0, they can still gain bonuses from a good Ecobalance but these bonuses are smaller than for the Eco faction. Their citizens and farms are less affected by a bad Ecobalance. The Tycoon faction relies on fossil fuels and therefore uses significantly more coal and oil than the Eco faction, it is also particularly specialized at war, able to build the Colossus and Nuclear Missiles.

Tech Faction

The Tech Faction is based on the sole purpose of progressing scientific discovery, many of the remaining scientifc minds of the changing world have gathered under Professor Doctor Salman Devi to create the technologically progressive faction of S.A.A.T.

They provide technologies for both the Tycoon and Eco factions. The most important are the Ark and E.V.E..

They can construct research laboratories, build submarines and colonize underwater plateus. Their economy relies on resources only found underwater.